Park Upgrade In East End

From Mayor Finch:

Newfield Park upgrades to include barbecue shelter and splash pad

Newfield Park in the City’s East End will get a facelift with the addition of a barbecue shelter and a splash pad-children’s play area, funded by the City’s Bridgeport@Work capital improvements plan.

“Newfield Park is the center of recreational activity for the entire East End community, and their friends and relatives. The barbecue shelter will give visitors a place to seek shelter from sun or rain, and the splash pad-children’s play area will give kids a place to cool off on hot summer days,” said Mayor Bill Finch.

“The members of the East End NRZ worked together with the City to come up with the additions to this heavily used park,” said Lillian Wade, president of the East End NRZ. “We want to thank the Mayor for helping us get this accomplished for our neighborhood.”

“These projects will be a great addition to Newfield Park,” said Councilman James Holloway, D-139. “As the representative for this district, I know how important this park is to the well-being of the neighborhood.”

“Newfield Park is the heartbeat of the East End neighborhood, and is used almost daily, whether people are playing horseshoes, baseball, basketball or walking on the track,” said Ted Meekins, president of the East End Community Council. “With the addition of the barbecue shelter and the splash pad, it will make the park an even more welcoming place for everyone. We want to thank Mayor Finch and Public Works Director Charles Carroll for their assistance and hard work in helping make this happen for our neighborhood.”

Construction on the barbecue shelter is expected to begin this fall and will cost $57,500. It will be installed next to the horseshoe pits and adjacent to the playground. The splash pad construction is slated for Spring 2012, and is estimated to cost approximately $150,000.

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  1. This is great, maybe we should have a one-year term for mayor. Just think about it, we had almost four years of nothing being done in this city and then primary time is approaching and Finch & company are spending money like drunken sailors.

  2. I think this is great for the neighborhood and the entire community. Isn’t this the park across the street from Derecktor Ship Yard? I hope the mayor doesn’t ruin the park with a huge green sign kissing his own ass about what a great job he has done. Did your advisers assume the entire city were a bunch of bumpkins who cannot see through this crap? In the North End by Testo’s one of those green signs has disappeared and on Madison Avenue a few blocks up somebody painted the sign white and posted Rottweilers for sale. Those signs are annoying and sign pollution and a very self-serving display of arrogance. This is great for the neighborhood but Finch is too full of himself and the signs at the tennis courts and wonderland of ice are just huge and embarrassing. The voters have to wonder, if this is what Bill Finch has done at the end of his four years, what amazing things Mary-Jane Foster will do. September 27th will decide. Just for the record, the garbage in the streets is not invisible just because a few roads were paved. Blowing your own horn is hilarious. That is your job, to improve the quality of life for the city.


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