Bill, Joe, John And Mary-Jane

A lot of buzz out there about former Mayor Joe Ganim positioning to reclaim his old job. Some pols say he’s definitely going, others say they’re not sure.

No doubt Joe’s itching to get back in the game. He’s a competitor gravitating toward the pull of redemption. Lots of baggage to overcome. Joe’s hearing the calls of many old friends in politics and some of them on the city payroll. I still think Joe will be guided by family considerations. If he gets the green light he’ll run. If not, my guess is he returns to the relative solitude of the Ganim family compound in Easton. Meanwhile Mayor Bill Finch urges to tighten up support through politically connected hires (hey, I need your help, want a job?) and banging the phone to raise money. One area Bill is disciplined in is raising dough. Generally, when an incumbent asks for financial support the person on the other end of the line says yes. (What if I say no? I might not get a building permit!) So it goes.

But the possibilities are intriguing. I’ve never had two candidates that I formerly managed go at it. For almost 10 years I managed Joe’s campaigns. For several years including 2000 and 2002 I was Finch’s chief strategist including two successful State Senate runs. I’ll be no one’s hired gun in this mayoral cycle (the electorate is safe) but I’ll enjoy pontificating along with you right here on OIB. Joe and Bill were never close. If Joe gets in I see them sharpening their teeth against each other.

Now throw in announced mayoral candidate John Gomes and possible candidate Mary-Jane Foster into the mix and you create alternatives to the past and present. Gomes is in full-blown campaign mode, Foster is raising money in an exploratory stage poised to make a final decision about getting in as a candidate in a few weeks. Six months until a Democratic primary.



    1. Odds???

      If Foster really wants change she needs to throw her support to Gomes. Together they will take down the machine and change Bpt for the better. As diverse as the city is, Gomes speaks that language.
      What amazes me is how many calamarians say they are true Squids, but yet call and donate to Gomes. Can you say both sides of the fence?

      As a former Caruso supporter and worker, I never saw that before. Even octopussies pay taxes and need change. When they get into the voting arena, only they and the man upstairs know who they really voted for.

      1. “Only they and the man upstairs know who they really voted for.” That statement is true, but anyone who wants to know who has given to a campaign and how much can find out by going to the Secretary of State’s website.

    2. Great question, Mojo. Depends if Joe shows some contrition. Depends on the fundraising of Gomes and Foster. Can they raise enough to compete? Both must build a profile. If Ganim gets in it creates a fascinating dynamic. My sense is Joe would take votes from Finch. The nostalgia I hear for Joe is from voters who experienced progress that they do not see now. Does the nostalgia outweigh the baggage? Finch will have plenty of money to make his case. The latest budget issues, placing city hall for sale, borrowing to pay bills, cannot be good for Finch, but as the incumbent he can trot out a bunch of election-year rhetoric that could stick with voters. If the opposition cannot articulate a clear alternative the turnout will be low and that benefits Finch who should be able to produce the base party vote by virtue of his incumbency and spending advantage. We’ll see.

      1. If Joe gets in the race, two things will happen.
        1. Joe will receive safe-money.
        2. Finch will receive less money.
        Guys like Sal and the boys will cut two checks.
        If Joe runs will he run a full slate?
        Will Joe split the DTC in half?

  1. Ganim tried to privatize the city, Finch has had discussions to privatize the city for the bailout revenue. No one knows where Mary-Jane stands. Gomes is a huge union supporter and if you are a union worker and believe in the democratic way, Gomes is the only answer.

  2. Perhaps what we are looking for is a “positive vision” for the City going forward that accepts the past glories (Arsenal of Democracy period) and its current situation: lots of people, including many homeowners with lots of needs and without significant personal wealth; relatively small land area and taxable Grand List, dependent on major infusions of revenue from State for continuing our educational system locally and from State and Feds to work on basic development including capital infrastructure.

    For whatever reasons you ascribe (and there are many opinions for certain), the City continues to flounder or fail in annually significant economic development.

    Which candidate has a vision to work through the good and difficult in our current situation and can share it with the voters to earn their trust and support? Can it be done in an open, accountable and transparent manner? Those words would imply change from today! And which candidate is democratic enough to invite responsible citizens to participate in governance through numerous volunteer and elected responsibilities with competency and integrity? Confidence in staying the course and dealing with shared pain then becomes endurable. The alternative is chaos and trading away whatever is left of permanent worth in the City for short-term gain.

    1. BEACON2 // Mar 11, 2011 at 7:00 am
      to your posting

      You picture a Bridgeport that could be ours.

      You will see John Gomes work towards your goal … as candidate and as mayor. Your goal and mostly all of Bridgeport’s goal. We have to cut away those who would sabotage this effort.

      It is an exhilarating thought that all the components you mention are right before us. Come help us …

  3. Unions. I don’t get it. Why do we need Unions in the City of Bridgeport. The FD “negotiated” wage agreement was agreed with complete and total disregard to any expectation of revenue availability to meet the forthcoming obligation. Who in their right mind would demand things that don’t exist and would acquiesce to such demands fully aware there are no resources to pay for them? Fools rush in and taxpayers foot the bill.

    No to unions and therefore no to GOMES.

  4. Regarding the “negotiated” agreement, variously described in different places. What is the real cost of it? Yes, there are changes in actual salary, deferrals of certain previous rights, increases in contributions to very costly health benefits, and retirement plan changes, but what is the bottom line for the City? In present value numbers? For all to see? And will that be available to the City Council to review? And does the City Council need to ratify it? And will there be a discussion?
    I apologize in advance to Local Eyes for asking too many questions near the end of a posting for his delicate sensibilities, but if enough folks do not follow the process and use the opportunity to expose the facts, we are complicit in continuing our own problems, and that is a real shame.

  5. There are many questions with this settlement.
    1. Does the money in the present pension fund get transferred to the new pensions system?
    2. What will be the city’s contribution for the firefighters to the CMERS pension fund? Do the firefighters still pay 8% for their pension?
    4. Do the firefighters now retire with pensions that are a result of their last 3 earning years?
    5. What is the total cost of the wage increases to the city?
    To answer 1 question the CC must ratify this contract.
    To the other questions will the CC hold discussions on this settlement? Doubtful as these lemmings do what they are told to do.

    1. town committee // Mar 11, 2011 at 9:21 am
      to your posting …

      You won’t mind if your incisive money questions are ones we use as an example of the concern Bridgeport citizens have about the money decisions that come from 999 Broad?
      Check this out. Can a new incoming administration put that contract back on the table?

      1. If the city and the union agree to reopen the contract then it could be done. The city would have to offer the union something better than they have to reopen this deal.

        1. Who are you kidding TC?
          The city and unions reopen contracts daily. It’s called union concessions.
          The Fire Union negotiates and agrees to raises in future years and the city will renege on them when those years roll around.
          If John Gomes is a union guy why would his spokesperson even be asking this question?

          1. First of all I don’t know where you received your knowledge of union contracts but you are wrong in your assessment. The city cannot renege on the raises once the contracts are passed by the council. The city can come and say if you don’t reopen the wage portion of the contract there will be layoffs. The union can tell the city no and the city could close a firehouse and lay off but they still have to pay the raises. It happened when I was on the job in the ’70s, we said no and the city laid off 6 firefighters for a few months. We did not give in.

  6. Imagine the sad state of affairs when you are afraid of not getting a building permit. All the more reason not to give to the incumbent. Broad Street Bullies!

    “Generally, when an incumbent asks for financial support the person on the other end of the line says yes. (What if I say no? I might not get a building permit!) So it goes.”

  7. Call Ernest “T,” he’ll help you out.

    BTW … I asked Ernest to comment on his viewpoint regarding the Tax Anticipation Note Crazy Finch and his Calamarian Cronies have congered up which puts our fair city further in debt. So far “u cazz’.”

    1. Ernie Newton owes you nothing! People who demand answers instead of asking questions are surely flunking adulthood and yahooy is no exception.

      btw, that’s Mister Ernie Newton to you.

      1. Listen, IT.

        I cannot call Ernest “T” Mister. The title connotes respect. It is derived from the Latin, pseudofoniculariate MASTER suggesting an attainer of the highest level of skill. It just doesn’t compute in this instance.

        1. yahooy:

          Your knowledge of the language is impressive; your understanding of life is not. You’re an unqualified snob.

          Worse still, you’ve upset Mojo!
          We can only hope he shows pity on your sad and dirty soul.

  8. A few things you forgot Lennie:

    1) Let’s not forget Chuck “Fang” Coviello and the 7 votes he will take away from Finch. (Addendum: Coviello never actually graduated from Fairfield U., regardless of what he claims.)

    B) Finch is going to win unless the other contenders get together and put forth a unified front. History has shown this time and time again.

    B-1) See everybody tonight!

  9. Local Eyes:
    You have been rude & disrespectful in many of your recent postings. Like a schoolgirl who got her braids pulled, you respond like a crybaby. Tonight leave your attitude at the curb on your way in. It will be better than leaving your ass there on the way out.

    1. Local Eyes is an adroit, self-styled political virtuoso and I’m not talking orders from a half-baked, noise-making, ass-quaking, truth-faking newcomer like you.

      I’m tough on those who challenge me.

  10. “No doubt Joe’s itching to get back in the game.” At least according to Lennie.

    And that’s the problem with so many Bridgeport politicians. They crave the thrill of (running for) elective office thinking it’s a game, a sport, a hobby. Getting elected is a form of recreation that feeds their egos and compensates them beyond what their experience could justify elsewhere.

    Most don’t have a clue about what it takes to lead and effectively manage a good-sized business or non-profit organization. They’ve never met a payroll, negotiated with unions, developed a strategy, or analyzed a balance sheet or income statement. Never mind being able to articulate a vision and plan for governing a city with the size, complexity and stalled momentum that make Bridgeport what it is today … the largest and most fiscally challenged municipality in Connecticut.

    This city is at a crossroads. Looking back for answers won’t move us forward. Let’s hope this election brings forth the caliber of candidate(s) with the experience, talent, character and independence, to not only get elected, but also to lead this city toward a dramatically more prosperous future.

    1. Mayor Ganim’s term in office coincided with what some call the biggest boom in America’s history.

      Today’s reality offers different challenges.

    2. Bruce Hubler // Mar 11, 2011 at 5:12 pm
      To your posting

      Bruce, Exactly right.
      As Governor Malloy said, Connecticut is at the crossroad of opportunity and crisis.
      The same can be said for Bridgeport. We need leadership that recognizes this reality.
      You describe an ideal … one that Bridgeport has not seen in many a decade …
      John M. Gomes is my candidate of choice to meet the demands of a 21st century Mayor.
      I’m hoping OIBers really get going …

    3. As far as I am concerned, Joe Ganim is no better than Ernest “T.” Both are convicted thieves and acknowledged liars. Both insult, again, the very people from whom they robbed resources that could have been put to better use. No, boys. I think you both will see there are people in this town who will see to it any attempts on your part to seek elected office would not be successful. In actuality, all these guys would do would be to bring further discredit to our town by any form of arrogant bravado claiming “my people will bring me back.” Back to what? More bullshit and lies and thievery? No thanks!!!

  11. Former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim took a major step toward an anticipated run for political office when he paid the remaining amount due on a $150,000 fine resulting from his conviction on 16 federal corruption charges.

    Too bad we couldn’t make him liable for all of the money he stole from the taxpayers, all of the direct damage his bid rigging cost the taxpayers after he left town and the long-term negative impact his term in office has caused.

    Paying that back could make a major dent in the city’s fiscal hole.

  12. Local Eyes,
    “A truth-faking newcomer like you.” At best you are a pseudo-intellectual (google it). You are so mentally inferior you don’t deserve any recognition from anyone from the OIB website. I have met you publicly and you have the physique of a teenager. If you ever make the mistake of talking shit to me I will introduce myself during your beating.

  13. That sounds like a challenge to me.

    If I’m so mentally inferior, how come you’re quoting me?

    Intellectuals expose lies; tell the truth and have original ideas. Despite my low “poll rankings,” that’s why I belong here (shrug).

    What’s your excuse besides being buddies with LG?

  14. My close friendship with LG has nothing to do with this. I “quoted” your statement. Again, everyone else got this except you.
    Again I “Quote” you. “That sounds like a challenge to me.” Don’t make the mistake of challenging me on any level. Many people have regrets for having done that.

  15. Maybe religion and politics do mix. The OIB party at the theater was the best. If you missed, too bad! Without a “Doubt,” Lennie did a fine job mixing religion and politics in theatrical fashion.
    Among the no-shows: yahooy, Ernie Newton and Local Eyes.

  16. Well Bill Finch and company have done it again with the Bridgeport Fire Department and this latest contract that runs through 2014.
    This latest contract will cost the city taxpayers $2,719,437 in salary increases for the life of the contract. This does do include the automatic increases that goes to retirees. The pension obligation will push this contract past $3,000,000 in salaries. The average firefighter will receive a pay raise of $8,061 by the end of the contract. They have done it again.

    1. Do BFD retirees get an automatic increase?

      Where I come from that’s derisively called welfare.


      Because it provides something for nothing. BFD retirees are getting a free lunch. To get a monthly pension increase without any additional input is a 3-alarm fraud funded by Bridgeport taxpayers. I understand about SS beneficiaries so don’t try defending yourself. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      It all sounds very un-Wisconsin-esque to me.

      Now I know why you laugh at tinfoil price increases!


      1. Listen you moron I am not defending anything, I am putting this information out so people understand what is going on. They need to know your boy Finch is mortgaging the future and is also lying about savings.
        There is no fraud here, go look up the meaning of fraud, you idiot.
        Why don’t you do us all a favor and get involved in Trumbull’s problems, i.e. Federal investigations etc. You come on this page and talk about Bridgeport and really don’t know squat about the city.
        BTW how are things going with your at-home computer business?

  17. I have identified TC as a card-carrying, price-fixing, subsidized socialist who badmouths his provider based on a union contract and fragmented knowledge. While you’re calling me an “idiot/moron,” I’m challenging your patriotism.

    But to answer your question:

    The Exit27A Network continues to thrive ever since I gave Charlie Sheen that line about “Adonis DNA.” He loved it! Shallow guys need deep quotes.

    What Lennie calls a vocation, I call a hobby.

    1. You really are a jerk. Patriotism??? What the hell are you talking about? You said it, shallow guys need deep quotes. Look at your posts AH.
      It has to be a hobby for you because I doubt with your condition (NUTS ) you could hold a job in the real world. BTW so that you know, my pension is a very small portion of my income and what’s right is right. Of course you would not understand that.
      Seeing you like quotes I will leave you with one. “If you had a brain you would have two things to play with.”

  18. You guys have wasted space bantering back and forth instead of commenting on the real issues at hand. Finch and his crew are DESPERATE. You can smell it, you can feel it, you can taste it. They will do anything to balance (real or perceived) the budget with no tax increase and get themselves re-elected. They will worry about the aftermath later … all the way to the bank as they cash their $100,000+ paychecks. Finch WILL NOT honor any union contracts going forward. He has shown himself to be a dishonorable liar by negotiating in good faith and then threatening the unions with massive layoffs to get more concessions. He cannot be trusted and he must go. I like Mary-Jane, I like Gomes and I even prefer Ganim to Finch. But we cannot go another 4 years with this band of thieves and liars. We might as well sell our houses or just walk away from our mortgages … there is no hope or future under Finch … just more of the same.

  19. CHS: You are right, I don’t know why I responded to those posts. NO more. Finch is back loading a lot of contracts but it’s up to the unions to say enough is enough. I know that is very, very hard to do but it has to be done. The FD did it back in the ’70s. We did lose members for a period of time. It’s time for the unions to get politically active. Some members live out of town but it does not preclude them from working for a candidate and getting the vote out. You have to fight for your rights and to get rid of Finch. I have seen enough hand wringing.

    1. Police and Firemen do not pay into Social Security. They contribute a hefty amount into their pension fund. They also risk not coming home again … daily.

      You wanna know who has the best scheme going, look to your own politicians. Here is an interesting link, you SHOULD read … but I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t.


  20. CHS was honorary captain of the Joe Ganim cheerleading squad.

    As a matter of fact CHS and Joe Ganim are the only people who still believe he was innocent of all charges.

    CHS and Joe must come to grips with this before considering a run for pubic office.

      1. LE
        Here is an even shorter book.
        Title “Advice for Current and Former Mayors Thinking of Running for Office Again.”
        By Grin Reaper
        Section One
        Chapter One
        Page One
        The End

    1. Grin, I’m not a cheerleader for Ganim however I have eyes and ears and I hear and see what’s happening in city hall and in several districts. There is nostalgia for the Ganim years amongst city employees. The Fabrizi-Finch years have been hell with concessions, layoffs, incompetent dept heads and no vision for the future. The Ganim years were much better in comparison.

      There’s also growing support, albeit secretive, amongst some district leaders. Many are not happy with the way they’ve been treated by Finch and Wood. If they back a non-party-endorsed candidate, they risk losing their strength (and jobs). However, if they back Ganim, they get rid of Finch and still retain their positions. Mario can say whatever he wants publicly, we all know he maintained his closeness to Ganim over the past 8 years. If Mario thinks Ganim can win, Finch is toast.

  21. This is an open letter to all the intelligent contributors of OIB. I propose we completely ignore “Local Eyes,” the baboon. I would call him a horse’s ass but I like horses.

    He is an annoying obstruction to an intelligent interchange of thought from superior minds. He wears his stupidity like a shroud, supplemented by an aluminum helmet. Let this asshole wither on the vine with his dreams of Trumbull’s sewage as well as Bridgeport’s (Finch). If we ostracize this jerk we can discuss the important issues that are vital to the political future of Bpt. LE Bitch, be prepared.

    1. Anitesto, you’re ruining my image!

      (I had to wake up to this?)

      Some folks think I’m hip, cool and “with it.”

      But after your remarks, I might be doomed.

      Your sturdy and strong reputation will be my demise. I’m waiting for the OIB multitudes to echo your thoughts and complete my defeat.

      Until then, my thick skin’s too thick to surrender to your nasty barbs


  22. It shall be interesting to note that The Connecticut Bar Association thinks Joe Ganim unworthy. Yet Joe Ganim thinks he possesses the qualities and personal characteristics to lead this city as its mayor.

  23. Lennie, thank you again for the party and for the gracious step you took to introduce OIB folks to the Playhouse on the Green. Those who stayed for the performance of DOUBT, what was your sense at the end? Did he or didn’t he, or perhaps you’re not sure?
    Readers who missed the show should look to Sunday March 20, when DOUBT will be staged again for a 3:00 PM show with a talk with the director to follow up. Then you can go to supper and return for the Bridgeport premier of “Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned!”, a dramatic reading with 8 actors and 5 vignettes taken directly from court documents in the Diocese of Bridgeport versus Rosado case finally given up by the Roman Catholic diocese in 2009. Unforgettable dialogue that shows how Church leaders handled accusations, dealt with clergy abusers and stonewalled Church members with complaints. One night only!

  24. One of the qualities voters should demand in candidates for public office is the ability to exercise good judgment … regardless of the context or circumstance in which it occurs.

    Simply put, that means the candidate should have acquired enough “wisdom” through a variety of life experiences to understand the implications of their decisions, and the beneficial or negative effect those decisions might have for themselves or for others.

    It’s hard to imagine a decision to run for office by some prior city official(s) could ever be construed as an example of good judgment, or could ever benefit the image and long-term prospects for growth of the City of Bridgeport.

    1. It’s hard to imagine anyone who possesses the qualities that Mr. Hubler seeks, i.e. good judgment, wisdom, quality life experiences, would be capable of reaching the logical conclusion that running for mayor of Bridgeport is a good decision in the condition Finch will leave the city in.
      And that is the reason Mr. Hubler would never consider running.

      1. Grin Reaper // Mar 13, 2011 at 10:12 am
        to your posting

        Grin, I wouldn’t presume you don’t accept there are those in Bridgeport who would meet Mr. Hubler’s description for a Mayor …

        The City is not yet dead.
        You and I both know there are people in this City who want to see her saved, and they are very capable of recognizing the emergency treatment needed. Just as any emergency situation calls for, they would do what is necessary to save a very critical patient: assess the injury, stabilize and begin the healing. We have got to begin the process as soon as possible. Mr. Hubler’s profile is a person who can do this …

        Don’t be cynical Grin, you know what’s needed and who’s needed.

    2. Bruce Hubler // Mar 12, 2011 at 4:07 pm
      To your posting

      Bruce H.
      Excellent Bruce, an ideal that is possible for Bridgeport. We can provide the person, now the voters have to figure out why they would want better than they are receiving from the Finch administration.

      I’d say they would be happy to exchange disappointment and distrust for progress and hope.

      I think the good judgment of an educated electorate is not impossible in Bridgeport …

  25. Bruce Hubler writes the kind of semi-awesome posts that are always on-target because of his strong political bent.

    He’s also a tough act to follow and I like to keep things busy.

    For that specific reason this post is over. Now.

  26. Keila Torres did a nice piece on Joe Ganim in the Post today. Ganim made some good points about how Finch has mismanaged this city into the ground. Finch of course had no comment (and no clue). Wood could not refute any of Ganim’s statements (because he too has no clue) so he attacked him personally in typical Adam Wood nasty, arrogant, little-man fashion.

  27. I too read the Keila Torres article. Interesting dynamic.

    Ganim going after Finch, Finch’s crony totally trashing Ganim (full disclosure, Ganim shouldn’t speak about mismanaging funds–when funds went into Ganim’s pockets).
    Mary-Jane Foster more or less on the sidelines.
    And along comes an announced candidate John Gomes with a pull-off sticker and the taking of the high road “only in America” line–nice touch Mr. Gomes who has to have the goods on the Finch debacle in CitiStat discs and continues the high road.
    Gomes fundraiser was a sold-out-to-the-max event last night with over 400 people there, it was impressive to say the least.
    I for one wish Ganim would not use the phrase mismanaged funds–not a good choice of words for a convicted felon.
    Personally I wish Finch would ride off into the sunset and take Woods with him, and Charlie Carroll also, as the song says, “Time for a cool change.”

  28. CHS
    Get real. A former mayor who was convicted in Federal court on corruption charges, spent serious time in jail and who has yet to publicly acknowledge his guilt takes a shot at your boss and you would not expect your chief of staff to take one back???
    If Ganim supporters think this is a low blow then they should urge their man to stay out of the race because the mud has yet to begun to get slung.
    Hey Joe, why don’t you look in your underwear drawer? Remember testifying in court that you kept you casino winnings there so your wife wouldn’t find them?
    Maybe the missing fund balance money ended up there too!!!

  29. My fellow OIB Bloggers, harken and take careful heed.

    Yesterday in Bridgeport Federal Court a matter involving Blog Threats of Violence settled. The blog owner was sued by a blogger who was brutally assaulted after exchanging taunts and harangues with another blogger of opposing views. A physical confrontation occurred when the two met resulting in life-altering injuries.

    As is the case in criminal proceedings both parties were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. The aggressor was also charged with attempted murder because he brought a bat with him to the confrontation. In the criminal matter, the aggressor was found guilty and is currently serving 10 to 25 years at Fishkill.

    In the Federal matter heard in Bridgeport, a tort, the aggressor was sued for multiple millions and as a named codefendant, so was the blog owner.

    The matter settled shortly before a jury was impaneled for undisclosed amounts. The blog owner was determined to be at fault for failing to control the threats of physical violence and for not warning and then suspending those involved in the exchange of threats. We must all remember that our exercise of our right to freedom of speech does have consequences.

    I bring this to your attention because I have noticed an increase in the number and types of threats appearing in this OIB blog forum.

    I am particularly concerned with OIB bloggers calling themselves Mojo, Local Eyes and yahooy. Mojo seems to threaten any and all who are in disagreement. The latest is an exchange with yahooy in which Mojo blatantly suggests that yahooy be “kicked in the derby.” Coincident to that exchange Local Eyes expressed to yahooy that his life was in danger for aggravating Mojo. yahooy, as far as I can see, makes no threats. But he does have a knack for antagonizing his antagonists eliciting situations whereby violence is threatened. In the aforementioned Bridgeport matter the person who was so badly beaten was determined to have contributed to the violent act by persistent taunts and other dare-like postings.

    My message here is clear. Threats of violence in a public forum such as this blog are actionable in both criminal and civil courts of law. There is, in my opinion, too much displayed in OIB. I think the blog owner has to exercise more diligence. We do not know the amounts settled upon, but the hallway rumor mill suggest the aggressor agreed to $350,000 and the blog owner to $750,000.

    1. Stone, it is also important to keep in mind what is rhetoric and what is real. I view kick in the derby as rhetoric because I know the person who made the rejoinder. OIB rules and regulations are clear about what you allege. What you read here is tame to what is posted on other sites and what is heard on talk radio. Thank you for expressing your concerns. Duly noted.

    2. Understanding the legalese of OIB is what makes blogging here so much fun. Knowing that LG will never back me up adds a level of excitement equivalent to a casino.

  30. LG
    Stone Barrington brought up a very valid point. But my friend, I agree with you. The posters on OIB are far too civilized to act upon their rants & are merely blowing off steam. It is highly improbable we will ever have a “Jenny Jones” scenario. After all, we don’t all live in the same trailer park.

  31. Stone Barrington is the Paul Revere of blogging!

    For too long OIB has been the refuge of bloggers who operate while using multiple OIB handles.

    I encourage Lennie Grimaldi to adopt a
    ONE BLOGGER, ONE HANDLE policy today.

    There, I said it.


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