John Gomes’ Weekend

From Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes:

Events this weekend for the Gomes Campaign for Mayor of Bridgeport – 2011

Six-month countdown begins for Gomes Campaign

This weekend marks the beginning of the six months that remain until the September 13, 2011 Primary election for Mayor of Bridgeport.

John M. Gomes, Democratic candidate for Mayor, will launch a three-part countdown event starting Saturday, March 12th with a major fund-raising event at the Vasco de Gama Portuguese Club.

This will be followed with the second event on Sunday, March 13th: appearance in the Sunday edition of the Connecticut Post distributed throughout Bridgeport, with a front page placement of a special 3X3 color sticker advertising message from the Gomes campaign urging voters to “make their vote count.”

The third event of the six-month Gomes campaign countdown occurs on Monday, March 14th with the release of a Gomes campaign bus placards in the interior of fifty Greater Bridgeport Transit buses. Bus placards measure 11 inches by 28 inches and will be in color.

The spirit and the intent of the Saturday evening event will highlight the diverse groups of people from across the Bridgeport community of neighborhoods who are forming a grassroots coalitions of support. These coalitions are reaching far beyond the traditional routes of voter contact with the message advocating a change to the political system that has ruled Bridgeport for the past thirty years.

Several religious and community leaders will join Gomes at the event.

Approximately 300 tickets to the event had been sold and tickets can still be secured by calling Gomes Headquarters at: 203-915-4924

The Gomes campaign will continue to identify countdown events as the occur over the next six months.



  1. Wake up and see what’s happening Bpt, America experienced the Obama wave in 2008. The youth of Bpt and the fed-up taxpayers for change are going Gomes. As a union rep I can assure union workers you are safe and respected by Gomes. Gomes 2011.

    1. Union–Is Gomes going to actually get union support, or is that just an unverified claim? I’m actually interested to know (i.e. I’m not asking that to stoke up trouble)!

      1. 10thMountaineer // Mar 11, 2011 at 11:19 am
        to your posting

        As I have been working with John since April 2010, I will tell you John M. Gomes today is NOT claiming union support.
        Anyone else claiming such hasn’t informed John and as you all know, say-so isn’t fact. Some individual union members have indicated their support, but that isn’t a union.

        As you may already know, one Bridgeport union invited Gomes to a holiday party; Gomes paid for his ticket and the day before the party, the invitation was withdrawn.

        John also met with Union President Peter Carroll.

        John has made the outreach to each of the City unions.

        Let it be very clearly stated though, John claims no union support.


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