Barr The Door–Tony’s Scrap Metal Fundraiser For Mayor

Tony Barr goes metallica

How about Tony Barr for the Scrap Metal Party? The Democratic Town Committee member from the Upper East Side posted images on his Facebook page wading through some heavy metal. When he forms his candidate committee for mayor, he says the first order of business is selling scrap metal at his first fundraiser.

Maybe he’ll invite fired Deputy Director of Public Facilities Joe Tiago for a special guest appearance. Joe was sent to the scrap heap by the city for his accused role in scrap metal for cash deals. He’s challenging the termination. We suggested Joe as his campaign manager.

Nope, responded Tony, “I want it to be Maria Pereira.”

That thud you just heard was the self-styled piranha of city politics slamming the door on his offer.

Barr and Pereira have had their share of exchanges in the political arena and court room.

Now, what could the Scrap Metal Party raise at a fundraiser? Hmmm, how about $30k to reimburse the city for all that missing cash? Hosted at The Scrap Metal Barr.



  1. Lennie, April Fools’ jokes were supposed to be told yesterday. Even a fool knows the difference between scrap metal and stored construction equipment or scaffolding. An even bigger fool knows that it is illegal to offer or take anything in return for campaign contributions. The smartest thing he said was hiring Maria Pereira as his campaign manager as that will at least get him much more that 20-plus votes.

  2. Let’s see if State Senator Dennis Bradley will as loyal to Tony Barr with Barr’s run for mayor as Tony Barr was loyal to Dennis Bradley in Bradley’s run for the State Senate. Tony Barr was Dennis Bradley biggest supporter, where ever Bradley was campaigning there was Tony Barr taking pictures filming Bradley’s events and posting it on Facebook.

  3. Ron Mackey, Tony Barr is a huge supporter of Dennis Bradley as well as I. I know most Ganim supporters support Bradley and the great job he is doing in Hartford. I do not think anyone including Tony Barr expect Dennis Bradley to support him. I believe Bradley is loyal to Joe Ganim. I do not think anyone can instigate Tony Barr into ill feelings for Bradley. Tony Barr has every right to run for Mayor. Even if he only got a handful of votes the 2 “other candidates ” will suffer.

    Do not under estimate Tony Barr. He does have a support group out there, Unfortunately for him, Most of those people still love Joe Ganim.
    I understand the Mayor was outstanding today giving the State of the City.I am very disappointed I was not there. I was not invited t go and I had much work to do today. I will say however, from what I heard he hit a home run and even if the Ct Post continues their maligning of Bridgeport and the Ganim administration. Joe Ganim moves forward doing what he does best, Promoting and marketing the best the city has to offer.

    Tony Barr should be careful, even though tongue and cheek, He may ruin that beautiful suit. Posing with all of that construction material.

    Reminder to all- Brewport in Bridgeport- always a fun place to go- is the place to be April 9th for a Joe Ganim fundraiser. . $250.00-$500.00. Not sure why his Fundraisers are always on the Jewish High Holidays or in this case my mom’s 91st Birthday, 🙂 but I will be there and of course there will a nice Celebration for Mom. Shen Yun 🙂

    I can’t wait to read the paper tomorrow. I am certain that even though I was told by numerous individuals that The Mayor was brilliant at the University of Bridgeport this afternoon, I expect the paper to take a shit on Bridgeport and the administration. That is very sad. All Bridgeporter’s pay the price for negative , unnecessary press.

  4. Congratulations to Chicago for having two strong Black woman running for Mayor. And the winner is……. Lori Lightfoot a former federal prosecutor. Chicago the largest city in the United States to be headed by an openly Gay Mayor. African American and Gay. You go Gurl! 🙂 lololololol

    1. Steve, of course you and Ganim’s other employees are going to say Ganim did an amazing job at UB. What
      are you going to say, that he did a poor job?

      I honestly have never found him to be a compelling speaker.


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