Barr: Make Me Health Director, I’ll Get Qualifications Later

Nothing like Tony Barr-speak. In the Facebook video above the Democratic Town Committee member praises City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez’s recent OIB commentary, We the people have settled for too many crumbs.

Barr also asserts he wants to be city health director, hire me and I’ll get the qualifications later, in a jab at the Board of Education tapping Michael Testani superintendent of schools even though he’s not certified for the job yet. The state has granted Testani a waiver while he secures the certification.

Barr promises to apply for every single city job opening for which he’s unqualified to fill on the proviso he’ll become the goods.

Grab a refreshment and check out Barr-speak.



  1. Tony Barr, you need to ask your buddy and your main man who you have been a loyal supporter for all of his campaign, Dennis Bradley. Senator Bradley should be able to hook you up.

  2. Why do DTC members refer to them as elected “officials?” You are elected members of a partisan political organization. You are not elected officials.

    Every elected official is referenced in the City Charter. There is no reference to the DTC.

    A 15 minute diatribe that is all over the place.

  3. *** What would you expect when it comes to Bpt. city government, politics, district town committees, DTC & RTC, city council, BOE, and the rest of the city circus members & fans. *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

  4. It’s comforting to know that we have extremely capable people tracking that trail of crumbs for us… (It’s a commendable, cooperative, “Me, the People” effort!…:))

  5. Haha,just watched the latest CC meeting,Maria was on fire.What is really interesting is the comments that the mics pick up from the others while Maria or others have the floor.For example,Lydia Martinez whispered to Joe “Now she’s going to argue”,when Maria and Aidee were going back and forth with each other.Then when Maria told Castillo to “pay your taxes”.haha.Just an observation though,those council members are so used to doing whatever Joe and Anastasi directs them to do,that when Maria questions things,they all act outraged.Keep it up Maria.I doubt you’ll get anyone to work with you,but at least you’ll keep them on their toes.

    1. I like Mark Anastasi as a person. We both live in the Thomas Hooker Precinct and we can stand at the polls the entire day and get along no problem.

      My issue with Mark is that he is a complete political hack and does exactly as told. He will make baseless assertions and issue legal opinions not based on the law, but what is in the best interest of Mayor Ganim, the administration and /or City Council leadership.

      He constantly hovers around me and tries to give me guidance. The reason he hovers around me is because I am the one who is most likely to conduct independent research, be prepared to challenge assertions, reports or opinions. I know Robert’s Rules of Order and the Freedom of Information Act inside out.

      Joe Ganim does not Chair the City Council Meetings, Mark Anastasi does. Mark Anastasi is constantly speaking, giving Mayor Ganim directives, shuffling over to me to proffer his opinion.

      Mark literally followed me into the lobby of 45 Lyon Terrace after our last meeting adjourned. I had to tell him to get away from me.

      He approached me after a meeting last week to say “I never thought I would see you make an error with Robert’s Rules of Order.” I said “what error was that?” I knew exactly what he was referencing. The “error” benefitted my objectives. He startsed explaining the error and I explained that I knew it was incorrect, but it’s not my job to educate the co-chairs on Robert’s Rules of Order. I then exited the room.

      I can tell you that after three City Council meetings that Joe Ganim does not read a single document in preparation for our meetings, not even the agenda.

      While the meetings are in progress I am internally appalled because as a whole the body does not understand the very City Council Rules they voted to approve, Robert’s Rules of Order or the Freedom of Information Act.

      Members speak out from their seats without being recognized, they interrupt recognized speakers, they have made motions to enter executive session in violation of the Freedon of Information Act, they are treating referrals as a Consent Agenda item which it is not, and Mayor Ganim is often texting on his cellphone instead of remaining engaged and Chairing the meeting appropriately.

      I have not pointed out any of these violations during the meetings, however that is about to change.

  6. Harvey,

    I requested and was assigned the floor. While I was speaking Castillo was mumbling and talking crap from his seat which is an absolute violation of Robert’s Rules of Order. He is just so desperate to get out of every meeting as soon as possible. He was taking shots at me from his seat and I told him to pay his $15,000 in medical insurance co-pays. He went on workers compensation when he worked for the Housing Authority which means he did not receive a paycheck from the City. Workers Compensation pays the employee directly which means the employee must pay their insurance portion directly to the City from their Workers Compensation payments. The Housing Authority should have terminated his insurance once he was 60 -90 days in arrears.

    He has $15,000 in unpaid insurance payments which means Bridgeport taxpayers are footing the bill. I define that as theft from taxpayers.

    Shortly after that he stood up and walked past me and started talking more crap while the meeting was in session. He spun his finger in the air and said “you are going to be spinning here by yourself over the next two years.” I said ” pay your taxes.”

    I have attended 7 meetings with Castillo. He has attended 6 of those meetings without a single piece of paper in his hand. Not even an agenda. He does not read a single document, minutes, and more.

    He is an absolute rubber stamp and certainly not Einstein.

    I encourage the public to attend Tuesday’s meeting as I am drafting prepared remarks.

    I was unaware that Lydia Martinez was mouthing off, but that is to be expected. Afterall she is at the point that she simply waddles around City Hall. Let’s remember Jessica Martinez has been serving on her 137th Town Committee illegally. Does anyone believe that Lydia Martinez didn’t know Jessica Martinez no longer lived in her district?

    I am finishing my research on two additional school board members. I have already filed comprehensive SEEC complaints against former school Board member Dennis Bradley, Chris Taylor and Jessica Martinez. I have a another SEEC complaint ready to filed for a fourth school board member.

    Once I am done with the school board the first City Council member I am going to research extensively will be Alfredo Castillo. And when I research an elected official I give it my all.

    I always say I don’t start it. If someone wants to start with me and disrespect or marginalize me then I am ALL in.

    I am NOT backing down from these unethical, corrupt, immoral, dishonest, unintelligent “I’m in it for myself and what ever I can get out of it” individuals.

    I have been given reliable information that Aidee Nieves’ sister has been hired and working at 999 Broad Street earning $100,000 per year reporting to Communications Director Rowena White.

    I gave the tip to Brian Lockhart and Lennie. Let’s see what they discover.

    You know who provided the tip? Two members of Ganim’s administration.

  7. Something else I noticed, Mary Lee or Rev Mary Lee, she didn’t want to be bothered and refused to be placed on any committees, yet when Maria was asking questions, and Joe was visibly getting agitated, Lee was the first one to say to Joe that if he wanted to dismiss the meeting she is “ on his side”.I would bet at that point, Mary didn’t even know what the discussion was about…. Now on to Joe, most every CC meeting I watch, Joe is running them like he has a plane to catch. He rushes things along, and it obvious it’s the last place he wants to be. In my opinion, it just shows that he doesn’t respect the council,and knows that It doesn’t really matter what their opinions are on anything, he’ll get the council to vote his way in the end regardless…. One more thing,when Maria was making her valid point about voting on financial settlements without any information on the $ amount of the settlements because no one on the council were given any paperwork on them like they are supposed to, Not one of the other members said anything, they all sat there and were ready to vote to approve anything Joe told them, regardless of not knowing the details. I will say though, at least Ernie stepped up and agreed with Maria, Ernie made his point, but obviously didn’t want to make to many waves and anger Joe, after all, he will be running for State senate soon, he doesn’t need any problems with Joe & Mario, but at least he said something.

    1. Harvey,

      Joe Ganim runs the meeting like he is being timed with a stopwatch. The goal is to get in and out as soon as possible. He is completely disengaged.

      We receive a one page settlement sheet that simply lists the case and states the settlement amount which is “$20,000 or more.” How outrageous is that? Nardozzi’ settlement cost $180,000 out of the gate and will cost taxpayers another $10,000 – $60,000 in legal fees.

      We know one of the other settlements was at least $45,000.

      The City Council voted on approximately $300,000 in settlements with only 6 of 20 members having any direct knowledge of the details of the litigation, the risk factors associated with litigating the matter, and the cost to their own constituents.

      If that isn’t a rubber stamp exactly what is?

    2. Ernie did state it was unfair to those City Councilmembers that do not serve on Miscellaneous Matters because they cannot enter executive session during their committee meetings to ask questions and receive pertinent information in order to make an informed decision on litigation matters.

      However, Ernie did vote for all three settlements. Your actions need to match your rhetoric.

      1. Maria
        I wasn’t going to respond but since you started this. We as Council members use to be able to sit in on committees We didn’t serve on. Our Miscellaneous Matters Committee which deals with all resolutions or petitions asking for refunding of taxed or other monies or for money damages etc. Remember it was always allowed that members of the City Council that didn’t serve on certain communities could attend those meeting and ask questions. Remember it all changed when you and The Honorable Judge LOPEZ filled a complain against the miscellaneous committee Now only Members of that committee can only attend so you should thank yourself. Now we must trust the Chairman and committee or contact our city Attorney’s office for the information. I contacted our city officials and got the information I need.

        1. Ernest,

          I will never feel guilty for joining Judge Looez in filing a FOIA complaint which was upheld on the most critical points.

          The B & A Committee, with SIX City Attorneys present, flagrantly violated the FOIA.

          Neither Judge Lopez nor I were ordered to attend FOIA training. However, ALL the members of the B & A , with the entire City Attorneys office strongly being urged to attend, were.

          Ernie, I thought your comments were great. I appreciated your input on the matter. I just wished your vote reflected your commentary.


          1. Maria
            It wasn’t meant to be a guilty or not guilty it changed the way non committee members could attend the miscellaneous committee meeting . I vote yes because I got the information I needed. I didn’t need to caucus. The point I was making is You help change the rules you are now complaining about.

          2. Ernie,

            Your statement is not accurate. The FOIA, which governs executive sessions, was being violated all along.

            Judge Lopez and I did nothing to change the laws that govern executive sessions. The FOIA Commission ruled that an existing law was not being complied with and had to be adhered to going forward.

            So, Ernie, if you have all the information you think you need in order to make an informed decision; is it your position that your colleagues that do not have the information needed to make an informed decision and that have important questions they need answered should be denied the opportunity to enter Caucus or an Executive Session to obtain the information they NEED to make an informed decision that impacts their constituents and taxpayers?

            I would never even consider denying one of my colleagues answers and access to information they are entitled to in order to make informed, sound and responsible decisions.

  8. Harvey, you shouldn’t be surprised at Mary Lee because she has no shame in admitting that her head is up the ass of Mayor Ganim which she wears proudly. She’s the damn fool that said the Black woman isn’t Black enough to be the Mayor, yet the white man from the suburbs is Black enough! If she marched during the Civil Rights movement it was with Bull Conner’s and his gang of thugs!

  9. Harvey, it’s really strange to read about Maria being so upset with the way that Mayor Ganim runs council meetings because this is the way Ganim has always done business and Maria got what she wanted she didn’t want change and again Maria got what she wanted, Joe Ganim along with Mario Testa.

  10. If Tony Barr wasn’t Tony Barr Maria would love him. Applying for jobs he isn’t qualified for but asking for a waiver and promising he’ll get those qualifications later is right up Maria’s alley. But because HE did it she can’t accept it.

    1. Bob,

      What the hell are you talking about? When did I EVER support appointing an uncredentialed or unqualified individual to any position?

      Have you been picking and eating mushrooms out of your backyard?

        1. I read the post. You are intimating that I would be fine with someone with a similar lack of qualifications as Tony Barr being appointed to a high level position, however I am totally opposed to Tony Barr because he is Tony Barr.

          Are you eating marijuana brownies?

          You “take a chill pill.” You are always starting crap with your nonsensical bullsh_t.

          1. I am not assuming anything. YOU have to make everything about YOU. Grow up. Good luck to the Other 19!

  11. Ron
    I already pointed out that Ganim promised three committees in November and has already forgotten that. He will not appoint members of the public to Boards and Commissions because it diminishes his power.
    But these same people who did not vote for Marilyn because she didn’t qualify for the WFP either didn’t bother voting or worse yet voted for Ganim because he wouldn’t make this same type of mistake are totally disingenuous.

  12. Ron and Bob, like you two guys I’m sick and tired of hearing these fools complain about Mayor Ganim and Mario because all of these fools threw away their opportunity by not voting or voting for hucksters like Jeff. Shut the fluck up and deal with the Mayor that you supported by acclamation because you got what you wanted, Not Senator Moore!

  13. I,I,I I,I, 46 times in posts on this subject Maria used the word! In fact in her response to Harvey she used the word I 23 times which leads one to believe that she has narcissistic tendencies and that she has embraced the politican lingo quicker than most thought she could or would. A perfect fit for an imperfect woman?

    1. C’MON MAN, “everybody knows Maria is NOT a team player, it’s all about Maria, there’s no “I” in the word TEAM. Maria will not accomplish anything for her district, the 138th because she can’t form a coalition because they can’t trust her.

  14. RONDON: You are a guy with a very narrow, shallow view of the world. It’s really sad that you can only see a black-and-white world full of bogeymen whose only agenda is to oppress RONDON… And you are obviously terrified of women, of any color (black or white, for you …) that don’t exhibit any reliance on your approval/input or deference to your Savior complex…

    (Maria; I’ll see you at the next CC meeting.🙂 Maybe RONDON will come to actually enjoy a first-hand experience concerning the political machinations currently “setting up” Bridgeport for the future…)

    (…Momma don’t take my Kodachrome away…🎶🎵🎶…🙃)

    1. Jeff, what the hell are you talking about when you said, “come to actually enjoy a first-hand experience concerning the political machinations currently “setting up” Bridgeport for the future…? Jeff, please take your meds.

  15. C’mon Jeff, a narrow, shallow view of the world, a black-and-white world full of bogeymen and terrified of women? REALLY! You’re a typical white man with a God complex.
    I’m making guns! (I’m God! Oh, God!)
    I’m making bombs! (I’m God!)
    I’m making gas! (I’m God!)
    I’m making freak machines! (I’m God!)
    Birth control pills! (I’m God!)
    Killed Indians who discovered him! (I’m God!)
    Kill the Japanese with the A-bomb! (I’m God!)
    Killed and still killing Black people! (I’m God!)
    Enslaving the earth! (I’m God!)
    Done went to the moon! (I’m God!)
    I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God! I’m God!
    Spelled backwards it’s dog!

  16. Simply apply for the position. Find a consultant firm and have them pass your resume. I am a teacher, when I wanted a new job, I did not talk about it I just applied.

    1. There should not be any doubt about how far out of touch Stephanie Thompson is with her bold statement, “Tony Bar is a nice guy,” there is absolutely NO reason to respect or listen to ANYTHING she writes. “Tony Bar is a nice guy.”

  17. RONDON came through with his answer to my post — true to form, with a narrow, clouded, essentially incorrect interpretation and inappropriate response… He exhibited the same failure to understand and appreciate the larger picture that has consistently put his chosen mayoral candidates on the losing end of their failed campaigns’ efforts (despite abundant $ and volunteer assistance…).

    1. Jeff, you wrote, (Maria; I’ll see you at the next CC meeting. Maybe RONDON will come to actually enjoy a first-hand experience concerning the political machinations currently “setting up” Bridgeport for the future…)
      The term Political Machination is used to define an act of plotting or planning in the world of politics in order to achieve something.

      DON, Jeff and Maria want you and myself to watch their candidate, the newly reelected mayor, Mayor Joe Ganim and his 18 votes on the City Council “setting up” Bridgeport for the future…) act of plotting or planning in the world of politics in order to achieve something with the future of Bridgeport with the Political Machination. They like respect the well run political campaign during the Democrat primary that their candidate ran. Again, congratulation Jeff and Maria for your candidate winning and the future of the City for the next 4 years and keeping Mario Testa in power to support his efforts with absentee voting, you won and my candidate lost.

  18. Jeff, LMAO, Failed Campaign? I googled Failed Campaign and your picture came up. You got 27 votes in the last mayoral election and it’s my understanding that you have at least 100 family members that reside in Bridgeport. FAILED CAMPAIGN!

    1. Don, Jeff and Maria’s candidate, Joe Ganim, got reelected because he made the perfect campaign just like President 45 made the perfect phone call. Don, Jeff is a one trick pony, “gold coast,” “gold coast,” “gold coast,” and Maria will be a failure for her district, the 138th because she is NOT able to form a coalition of just 9 of the 18 council members to get any legislation passed, the only thing that will get passed by the City Council is what Mario tells the council members to vote for, so if Maria wants something to pass then she will have to ask Mario for his support.


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