Councilwoman Eneida Martinez: ‘We The People Have Settled For Too Many Crumbs”

East End City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez, who’s considering a primary challenge of State Rep. Andre Baker, takes aim at the hiring practices of the Ganim administration in this commentary.

As a minority woman and Majority Leader on the City Council I find it very distasteful that the minority community are labeled, judged, disqualified, talked about and considered non-educated by those we put in office.

How is it that the majority of the community here in the City of Bridgeport with a high percentage supported Joseph Ganim for Mayor, but cannot receive the same level of respect, acknowledgement and integrity when it comes to filling positions? This goes for employment positions, board positions, committee slots, etc.

We the people of Bridgeport have allowed too much disrespect; have settled for too many crumbs, and to say the least allowed to be treated as if we are all incompetent. Current pending open positions that need immediate replacement are rather left unfilled because the administration rather not fill the position with a minority whether it be a Hispanic or African American individual. Our police department has seen tremendous change and even accredited by the implementation of a Hispanic officer, this officer has again been given the boot and thrown back into the community, rather than allowing him to remain in the position and capacity he is in fulfilling and making changes to the cause. Are we ever going to wake up? The City seems to have a cycle of representation from outsiders that have no position either as an elected official or other capacity. These individuals just call the shots and orders to what needs to happen in Bridgeport. We must stand in full stance and stop allowing and accepting the conquering and dividing tactic to continue.

Council Members need to read the charter over and over until your position as an elected official is understood. We can put a STOP to the gambling that has become a day to day operation here in the City of Bridgeport. When do you say enough is enough? When do you stand up and respect yourself enough to not allow the disloyalty given by those that we place in office. There are outsiders who are controlling who these positions should be filled with.

It is my understanding that certain shot callers DO NOT WANT _______ to return back to Public Facilities.

It is my understanding that certain shot callers DO NOT WANT _______ to be hired as the HR Director for the BOE.

It is my understanding that certain shot callers have requested that OFFICER ______ be removed from his current position in the Chief office and placed back onto Patrol.

It is my understanding that certain shot callers DO NOT WANT _______ to be the new Health Department Director.

Currently we DO NOT have a TAX ASSESSOR. WHY??? The right person has not been found yet by the shot callers?

Councilwoman Eneida Martinez – 139



  1. Correct me if I’m wrong Lennie, but I’m wondering why the urgency now when in fact Ron Mackey and I having been saying this same thing for years in this form and others. The chief architect of Black and Latino exclusion in the city of Bridgeport government is and has been Mayor Ganim and yet almost ALL of our Black and Latino politicans and District Leaders have been cheerleaders for exclusion and are complicit by supporting a Mayor that hasn’t given a Damn about us since his return! I’m glad that you speak to this now Councilwoman Martinez, but what the HELL took so long. Why now or Better Later Than Never?

    1. Don, almost ALL of our Black and Latino politicians and District Leaders in Bridgeport are so used to getting crumbs from the pie that they have forgotten that there’s whole damn pie out there but the are scare to demand a slice of that pie. The record speaks for itself, Joe Ganim after serving prison time makes the decision that he wants to run for his old job as mayor, so what does Joe Ganim do, he goes to the annual “Emancipation Program” a day of celebration nationwide for legally ending slavery, at East End Baptist Tabernacle Church with Rev. Charlie Stallworth as the pastor. The stage was set for Joe Ganim to give his come to Jesus moment, at this service (IMA) Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and the NAACP install their new officers. What happens afterwards Ganim is elected mayor but it was still business as usual, Joe Ganim in the beginning of term as mayor always runs to black churches a month or two before the Democrat primary and the rewards for the black votes which is Joe Ganim’s base and all they get are crumbs.

      As for the City Council, there are 13 females out of the 20 members and I have not heard anything from Councilwoman Martinez about the City NOT hiring any Latino, Black, White or brown WOMEN to be firefighters in 12 YEARS, these are careers that changes people entire life but not one word from any female City Council member. Councilwoman Martinez, power must be taken, Frederick Douglass said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

      1. Ron, do you attend city council meetings? Do you go to community events outside of your church that is so “non-political” yet have an opinion on every political matter? Did I see you at the racial profiling event? Where you at the MLK event? Where you at the community police event? Are you mentoring young boys and girls to be fire fighters? Are you mentoring anyone? Come on man! Stop moaning. Do something for the community!

  2. Enedia Enedia Enedia your words are eloquently written! Here’s where I take issue. You have supported Mayor Ganimn as long as I have relocated here from West Haven. I’m with Ron and Don, why NOW have you come to the realization Joe Ganim has systematically disparaged the Black and Latino Communities? I’ve watched our ELECTED OFFICIALS TURN a BLIND EYE to the needs of their districts and constituents concerning the quality of life issues we are subjected to on a daily basis.

    I will speak to the East End because this is where I reside currently, 4+ years. After 15 years, I relocated back to BRIDGEPORT on 6th Street. Unbeknownst to myself at the time, a street filled with criminal activities. I witnessed many drug sales and a man shot in his head and latter died.
    Rest in Peace has become a clinche in Bridgeport and the East End. It’s filled with gun violence citywide.
    I became actively INVOLVED immediately on the East End Community Council under Ted Meekins Leadership in 2015.

    You and Ernest Newton criticized me and try to belittle myself, questioned my sincerity of commitment to the East End and Bridgeport.

    I’ve stayed TRUE to who I am and where my allegiance is, (God 1st then Community!) I’ve sacrificed my time away from my daughter and family. I was met with hostility from you and Ernest. I still engaged, almost to my personal demise. I crashed and burned advocating for the East End. Most time while you and Ernest took the photo ops.

    I will not discount your community engagement, you were here longer than I and after my 1 year heinous.

    My question, for all the years of service between you and Ernest combined over 30 years, WHY does the East End, on the Stratford Ave side, look like a world war two zone? Our streets are FILTHY and our air quality has to be detrimental to our health. You nor Ernie support the other community members when their programming benifits the East End and the Bridgeport Communties. There’s a click of people to wchich you pledge your allegiance via the East End.

    I have bought to your attention and Ernest, my concerns about the FILTH we live in.
    In my opinion, I’m met with hostility. Why? I’ve heard many things and witnessed the backlash because I don’t support Joe Ganim as a Mayor. I disagree with his approach to Leadership and his governance tactics. As you have so eloquently stated in your commentary and I agree, he DOESN’T seem to care about the Black and Brown that give their VOTES to him, FOOLS!!

    We begged you and Ernest Newton NOT to support Joe Ganim for ANOTHER 4 YEARS and SHUN PARTY Politics and STAND WITH WE the PEOPLE. You’re on video mocking our plea with sarcasm and laughter. Ernest told We the People he will support whoever he wants too. That’s his right.

    It was at that moment I made up MY MIND, I WILL NEVER AGAIN support you or Ernest in your political desires to remain or advance as my representation in City of Bridgeport Governance for District 139th East End.

    The Hypocrisy in this commentary is yet another jab in the gut for myself. Joe Ganim has NO RESPECT for the leadership of you or Ernest. He’s shown you both by currently showing up LATE for the Christmas Tree Lighting. By the way, I bought it to the attention of Leadership via Facebook.
    The East End WASN’T on the original schedule of the Citywide Tree Lighting activities. You nor Ernest noticed the disrespect.
    Joe Ganim NEVER bothered to show up for the Santas Last Stop on the East End. There was a theft that could have stolen the Christmas Spirit for many of our most vulnerable children and famalies. Thank God, what the enemy ment for harm, GOD had a ram in the bush. We the People made it happen!!

    So I have to call you out for your party ALLEGIANCE OVER WE the PEOPLE. It’s NEVER been We the People consistently. It’s to you and Ernest Newton’s advantage WITHOUT US, the People, that you turned your backs on.
    NOW you have a desire to run against Andre Baker who has been a consistent LEADER unblemished with SCANDAL in his personal and PUBLIC life.
    You and Ernest Newton have blocked and agrued with We the People on Facebook and elsewhere.

    So NOW that you BOTH NEED WE the People to advance your political aspirations, MY VOTE is a resounding NO!

    Recently I asked the City of Bridgeport and MY ELECTED OFFICIALS to support The East End Community clean-up. It was a NO from ALL INVITED. Is this Community? I have enough respect for you both but in my humble opinion this commentary is a political ploy to gain community support to advance both your political aspirations.

    You BOTH SUPPORTED JOE GANIM FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS? LOOK at the decline in VOTERS HOPE for CHANGE. It’s at an all time LOW because YOU and Ernest Newtown SUPPORTED CORRUPTION!

    It’s a little TOO LATE to call Joe Ganim out for the CRUMBS. He’s served these crumbs throughout his political tenure. You and Ernest were the benefactors, not We the People.
    So DON’T look to We the People’s Support for this NEXT ELECTION. Hopefully, the East End registered VOTERS will FOLLOW ME and VOTE NO to Enedia or Ernest…

    Wanda Simmons

      1. Ms. Wanda
        Let me Start by saying Councilwoman Martinez and Councilman Newton has and will always fight for our community. You have shared your opinion. You choose to support a Republican and that’s your right If it’s alright for you to support a Republican we have a right to support who ever. The people of the 139th District support us over well melee 1013 votes for me and 1000 votes for Councilwoman Martinez and about 200 plus votes for your Republican candidate. Just remember you ran twices in 2017 and lost both times. Many great thing are getting ready to happen in the Eastend with our civic block. please do me a favor i don’t give a damn what you thing. You don’t need to worry about who we support or don’t support. Like i said before BEAT ME AT THE POLLS!

        1. If yall DIDN’T have the illegal absentee ballots on your side. I WOULD BEAT YOU BOTH hands Down!!!

          And the crowd roars💯💯💪💪💪😘😘🌼🌼🎉🎉🎶🎶🌷🌷💯💯

          1. Wanda
            I BEAT YOU! GET OVER IT! YOU COULD HAVE RUN THIS YEAR! Wanda NUMBERS don’t LIE! You had the working families party endorsement and you lost worst than you did in the primary, Wanda you had two shots and lost both times that should tell you something.

  3. Councilwoman Martinez and Newton I would like to see both of you put in as much time in bringing attention to the businesses in the East end, having seminars for business management, store front beautification, accounting, increasing credit awareness and marketing. These are the tools that the current businesses need.
    The proposed plaza is in the works, lets help the present businesses and residents. I know you can do it as both of you spend endless amounts of energy promoting yourselves on Facebook and Twitter. little having to do with improving the living conditions of the people you represent. Your self photos do not promote your residents. Start promoting successes within your neighborhood that happen every day the same as the both of you promote yourselves every day.

  4. Enerida Martinez’s Response To Ms Simmons and I Quote
    “Wanda Simmons You have every to voice your opinion,just as well as i do. You love love writing a book on social media seeking attention to make a name for yourself, I don;t have to do that. Let’s go back to when i first met @Wanda Simmons which i didn’t meet as a community advocate,or concerned citizen,I met Wanda because she had issues on Sixth St where no one was helping her,right Wanda? I met Wanda through Dawn Spearman, and i took immediate action to her needs she had going on. I got you pass your issues right Wanda? Wanda let’s talk about the school items you were collecting when you did your adopt a class project. Who was it that dropped off $ 150.00 Worth of school supplies to Wanda. Wanda let’s talk about the constant issues at the food pantry that have transpired throughout the last couple of years, who has been the fighters in taking action to maintain the food pantry open, and making sure that the landlords are paid. Wanda let’s talk about the American Legend, who took the initiative to stop the forecloser. Wanda your attacks has been personal toward Ernie and myself, since you Ran for city council, you tried everything then, it didn’t go in your favor,and you are still trying. Wanda i still acknowledge you, i treat you with respect, and i have Never failed you when you have ask for assistance. Wanda you yourself have stated a lot of things on how people have used you to do dirt, they have turnt they backs on you, etc. Wanda Was it not Enerida & Ernie that you were asking to get you a job with the city of Bridgeport? When we were finally able to bring you in, you had just started your job with People to Places Right Wanda. Was that your battle, you simply wanted a Job with the City? Was it not Eneida and Ernie on 12/25 that presented to santa last stop, made a few calls and it became a success for the community? Was it not Eneida and Ernie that shut down the violence on Stratford Ave to better the quality of the community. I can go on and on Wanda,but iam going to allow you to keep Waving your pom poms as you seek social media attention. I made a valid Statement and point, and i am following through with it, I can careless who is with me or not. Have a blessed day. I know my stance, what i do and don’t do”( This is my Partners response to Ms Simmons

    1. Councilwoman Martinez’s Response to MS Simmons and i Quote
      Wanda Simmons i made nothing personal, I didn’t share the reason why i helped you, I could of put all your business on here but that’s not the purpose of this. You have serious issues, Wanda that you need to work on and that’s why you are not my friend or Ernie’s on FB. As far as Andre Baker goes that’s your saying. Did you hear it from my mouth directly? Hello! I don’t have to create anything more than what i have, and for the record you didn’t put me or Ernie in any seat because you voted REPUBLICAN remember,that was your choice in front of DUNBAR School.Have a great day Wanda. You have a lot of time to Waste, Why not Volunteer and do something worthy of your time than trying to keep the light shinning on social media. Please GET A LIFE Ernie and Enerida Have a great LIFE” and I Quote”

  5. Ernie Newtown you’re a cheerleader of what?
    The both of you have embarrassed the city of Bridgeport with your UNETHICAL and salacious behaviours.

    Scandal after scandal. Postings of strip club parties, domestic disputes with others people husbands, fighting publicly with your constituents on Facebook and most recently your public outbursts againt VOTERS who have legitimate concerns about you both.

    Ernest Newton it’s rumored you smoke crack in the East End. I don’t know you as a crackhead but somebody does. You BOTH play political allegiance over We the People.

    NEITHER of you can be TRUSTED as Council Representatives because as soon as you are called out on your bullcrap, y’all get butt hurt and tell confidential information about those you are supposed to assist as Our Community Representatives.

    BOTH of you are two of a kind. You do just enough to keep the East End and the Bridgeport Community ENSLAVED and misinformed.

    When’s the last time you had a fundraiser for YOUTH Programming? When’s the last time you had a Community Cleanup in the East End? You BOTH should be embarrassed that your District 139th is FILTHY ! You haven’t SUPPORTED the Orcutt Boy’s and Girl’s Club. This is a much needed RESOURCE in the City of Bridgeport! Why?

    There’s very little effective YOUTH Programs in the way of activities for our children and families outside of the Raphola Taylor Center on the East End or the City of Bridgeport. Work on that!

    For the combined number of years you both have served, 30 plus , the Stratford Avenue side is depleted of BASIC necessities to be considered a VIBRANT neighborhood..

    As I have said on Facebook, it must be the appeal of strip clubs and bars that keep you so popular Enedia because outside of your public image there’s not much else you’ve offered our children and families.

    Ernest Newton our black young men are dying at the hands of gun violence. What have you put into place besides boring community forums with no action plan for the community to embrace or implement? None, Nada, Zilch!

    Where’s the combined $18k you both receive as a community stiphen? When’s the last time the both of you tried to shakedown a Moore supporter in the City Hall Building?

    You both are a class act. Unfortunately, it’s our Children who will suffer because of your false pretense of advocating for them.

    Improve our quality of Life in the East End & the City of Bridgeport CT. Come up out of the SWAMP! Bridgeport is Better Than This!

    It’s my hope, the East End Voters, VOTE you BOTH Off the DTC, (by the way it’s a CONFLICT of INTEREST for you two to serve on the Democratic Town Committee)

    No ELECTED Officials SHOULD HOLD any DTC SEATS!!! Self seeking and self serving politicians you BOTH ARE.. Time to RETIRE you BOTH .

    You both have LOST the TRUE meaning of PUBLIC SERVANTS!

    Drops the mic, 🚶 the stage, and the crowd roars again!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎶🎶🎶🎶🎉🎉💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👌👌👌👌🎵🎵🎵

  6. Let me address ANOTHER ISSUE. You threatening to put my business out in the public, just make sure your house is in order FIRST.

    Let me tell MY OWN Narrative, actually I’m on my second book. There’s Nothing about me that I’m ASHAMED of. I’m naked and not ashamed.

    Me voting for a Republican, oh yes I did. The Dr Josiah was definitely a better candidate than the both of You on the East End.

    Maybe I should change my party affiliation and we both run against you. You’d see how many democrats would vote Republican.

    It’s to your benefit I have no desire to be a City Council Rep. My political aspirations are on a higher level than the both of your characters will allow you to go.

    Tamika Davis called you out on Facebook and I have to AGREE. You’re messy and a battered woman. Go seek professional help, you bleeding on me and I haven’t cut you.

    Ernie seek drug addiction intervention if you are actually the crackhead the streets say you are.

    I ALWAYS heard the streets DON’T LIE👌👌💯💯😢

    1. Wanda Simmons
      I see you are trying to take a page from Councilwoman Maria Pereira. Wanda would you like me to take another Drug Test to prove you wrong. I see this has become personal to you, your hate towards Councilwoman Walker and myself shows that you posses no skills what so ever to Lead anyone. I will be in touch with, The NAACP, which I served as 3rd Vice President under the leadership of Rev Michael Williams President of the local branch at that time. I see all you are trying to do is keep our people divided. Its a shame that you can’t let go the election is OVER get over it. I will share this with the EASTEND NRZ leadership on why you aren’t fit to leader anyone. The Eastend with it new civic Block is on its way, New Library, grocery store, restaurant, with New Housing to be build etc. Remember after you got beat twice running for city council you left Bridgeport and moved to hamden,ct. Now you come back talking loud ain’t saying nothing. The Voters in the 139th said NO to WANDA SIMMONS a three time loser!

  7. Lennie
    I want to apology to OIB and ask Lennie to Delete my last post about Ms Wanda Simmons.
    I am an Elected official. Lennie once again Please delete my last POST!
    Thanks Ernie

  8. Ernie,

    I just want to be clear that I never referred to you as a “crack head.”

    I referenced your past drug use after you repeatedly referenced my need to take “psych meds” for approximately 6 weeks.


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