Air Ball! Tate George Charged In Ponzi Scheme–What Does This Mean For His Proposed Development?

Afternoon update, includes Finch response: Former UConn basketball star Tate George, part of a development team for the planned Seaview Plaza retail center for the East End, surrendered this morning to federal authorities in connection with an alleged investment fraud scheme. See Justice Department news release below followed by Mayor Bill Finch’s response, Mary-Jane Foster’s reaction and the development announcement that appeared in OIB two years ago. The mayor says George’s role in the development relationship was primarily public relations. If that’s the case it wasn’t emphasized in the announcement two years ago. And gee, if George’s role is public relations, the latest revelations show he’s doing a hell of a job.


NEWARK, N.J. – C. Tate George, former NBA basketball player and the chief executive officer (CEO) of purported real estate development firm, The George Group, surrendered this morning to federal authorities for allegedly orchestrating a more than $2 million investment fraud scheme, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

George, 43, of Newark, surrendered in Newark to special agents of the FBI and postal inspectors of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) on a criminal complaint charging him with one count of wire fraud. He is scheduled to appear this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Patty Shwartz in Newark federal court.

According to the criminal complaint unsealed today:

George, who once played for the New Jersey Nets and Milwaukee Bucks, held himself out as the CEO of The George Group, claiming to have more than $500 million in assets under management. George pitched prospective investors, including several former professional athletes, to invest with the firm. George represented to these prospective investors that their money would be used to fund The George Group’s purchase and development of real estate development projects, including projects in Florida, Illinois, Connecticut and New Jersey. George represented to some prospective investors that their funds would be held in an attorney escrow account and personally guaranteed the return of their investments, with interest.

Based on George’s representations, investors invested more than $2 million in The George Group between 2005 and March 2011, which he deposited in both the firm’s and his personal bank account. Instead of using investments to fund real estate development projects as promised, George used the money from new investors to pay existing investors in Ponzi scheme fashion. He also used some of the money for home improvement projects, meals at restaurants, clothing and gas. In reality, The George Group had virtually no income generating operations.

If convicted, George faces a maximum potential penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

U.S. Attorney Fishman praised special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Michael B. Ward, and postal inspectors of the USPIS, under the direction of Postal Inspector in Charge Philip R. Bartlett, for their work in the continuing investigation.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Kelly of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes Unit in Newark.

The charge and allegations in the complaint are merely accusations and the defendant is considered innocent unless and until proven guilty.

If you believe you are a victim of or otherwise have information concerning this alleged scheme, you are encouraged to contact the FBI at 973-792-3000.

This case was brought in coordination with President Barack Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. President Obama established the interagency Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force to wage an aggressive, coordinated and proactive effort to investigate and prosecute financial crimes. The task force includes representatives from a broad range of federal agencies, regulatory authorities, inspectors general, and state and local law enforcement who, working together, bring to bear a powerful array of criminal and civil enforcement resources. The task force is working to improve efforts across the federal executive branch, and with state and local partners, to investigate and prosecute significant financial crimes, ensure just and effective punishment for those who perpetrate financial crimes, combat discrimination in the lending and financial markets, and recover proceeds for victims of financial crimes. For more information about the task force visit:

Finch response:

“Simon Konover Development Corporation, an affiliate of The Simon Konover Company, is the principal member of the Seaview Plaza development project in Bridgeport and the moving force behind the development. Simon Konover Development Corporation does have a limited business relationship with The George Group solely with respect to the Seaview Plaza development in Bridgeport and The George Group’s primary role has been to provide public relations for the project. The Simon Konover Company has a stellar reputation as a competent developer in our state with over 50 years of history, having earned a reputation of having the highest business standards. On behalf of the Port Authority, I have spoken today with James Wakim, President of The Simon Konover Company, and have been assured that they will give serious and swift consideration to examining their relationship with The George Group. Mr. Wakim stated that they are surprised and dismayed by the revelation and will take all appropriate steps. I have also spoken with Port authority officials and have no reason to believe that this revelation would do anything to impede the progress of this project.”

Foster response:

Democratic Mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster today said Mayor Finch cannot hide behind Simon Konover on the Seaview Plaza deal.

Foster stated, “Mayor Finch and Donald Eversley have demonstrated one more time why we need a change of administration in Bridgeport. Today’s revelations regarding Tate Georges’ ponzi scheme show that Eversley and Finch were asleep at the wheel. They announced a deal with the George Group and did no due diligence. Tate George had no money to invest in this project and the City would have known this if they did their research.

In addition, how long has the City known that Tate George was being investigated? Is this the real reason there has been no progress on the Seaview Plaza deal? The mayor once again has been caught lying to the East End residents and the city at large.

As Mayor this level of incompetence and deception will end and we will put together a team of professionals that actually brings jobs and economic development to this wonderful city.”

From OIB two years ago, Tate George development announcement:

Mayor Bill Finch and Economic Development Director Donald Eversley announced a development agreement with the Simon Konover Company and a partner company headed by Tate George, former UConn basketball star, to revitalize a piece of the old Carpenter Steel site in the East End.

This is the first significant economic development initiative Finch can call his own. Let’s hope Tate performs a little more magic than the last hoop star that announced a big deal for the city. See Finch news release below:

The Simon Konover Company and The George Group LLC Chosen to Develop Seaview Plaza

Joint Project by Bridgeport Port Authority and City of Bridgeport to Yield Retail/Commercial and Public Access for former Carpenter Steel Site

BRIDGEPORT, CT (September 10, 2009) – The Bridgeport Port Authority and the City of Bridgeport have selected a proposal by The Simon Konover Company of West Hartford, Conn., and The George Group, LLC of New Jersey & Florida to develop the remaining unused 15.8 acre portion of the former Carpenter Steel site into a 152,000 square foot mixed-use commercial/retail center.

The announcement was made during a press conference today in the Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall Annex, 999 Broad St.

Located at the intersection of Stratford and Seaview Avenues in the City’s East End, the project, to be named Seaview Plaza, is expected to generate hundreds of new jobs, provide a home for both existing and new Bridgeport businesses, generate significant tax revenues and lease fees to the Port & City, and add much needed retail services to the adjoining neighborhoods.

“This is a great day for Bridgeport and the East End,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “This project will restore both first-class retail and waterfront access to a neighborhood that has been deprived of both, for many years. We’re pleased to have two very enthusiastic development partners put their stamp on this part of the City.”

The Seaview Plaza plan includes an anchor grocery, pharmacy, a waterfront restaurant, a gas station & convenience store, and opportunities for multiple smaller retail and commercial/office uses. Also planned are a waterfront park for recreation and fishing and a community center.

“This is the fruit of a year-long planning process and a competitive Request for Proposals, with great input from the East End NRZ committee and the state of Connecticut,” said Donald Eversley, Bridgeport’s Director of Planning & Economic Development, who coined the name “Seaview Plaza” and programmed the overall concept for the development. “The visibility, desirable location and easy access from I-95 will also give the development a citywide and regional draw to help ensure its success.”

The Connecticut Departments of Environmental Protection, Economic & Community Development, and Transportation were all instrumental in shaping the uses for this site that was until recently considered as a location for a container barge shipping operation.

“Too often, retail and commercial development overlooks under-served urban communities and markets,” said Simon Konover, Chairman of the Board of The Simon Konover Company. “Many developers tend to build in suburban areas and miss the opportunity to strengthen our cities by putting underutilized properties back into productive use, and supporting smart-growth strategies that create sustainable communities. Our effort seeks to change that model.”

“While we intend to deliver a first-class retail and small office center to serve the city’s needs, we want to create a model that provides business opportunities, jobs, community open space, and a place for the neighborhood to shop and enjoy,” added Tate George, the principal of The George Group. “We believe that our project will play an important role in helping create a development that will serve both the financial interests of the city and enhance the social fabric of the community.”

In the coming months, the Bridgeport Port Authority and The Simon Konover-George team will negotiate a land development agreement, setting out all the parameters for the development. Once the Port Authority Board of Directors approves the plan, The Simon Konover-George team will undertake a local and state permitting process, which is expected to be completed by early next summer. During that time, the developers plan to reach out to national, regional and local retailers, seek their commitments for space, and close financing on the deal. Construction would begin immediately thereafter, and plans are to open the first set of stores by late summer 2011.

“We are excited about Bridgeport and appreciate the leadership shown by Mayor Finch, Donald Eversley and Port Authority Chairman Denis O’Malley,” said Konover. “And we believe retailers will feel the same way and make this a success for everyone in the community.”

About The Simon Konover Company

The Simon Konover Company and its affiliates have developed and managed retail centers, commercial buildings, market-rate apartments and affordable housing facilities throughout the state and across the northeast. Current projects include a new retail center in Holyoke, MA; the Dye House mill reconstruction in Manchester, CT; and a multi-use center with retail, office and residential components in East Lyme, CT. For more information about The Simon Konover Company, go to

About The George Group

The George Group (owned by former UConn basketball star Tate George) is presently developing projects including Baxter Terrace in Newark, NJ; the Targeted Neighborhood Abandoned and Vacant Properties Restoration Project in the West Ward of Newark, NJ; and the Arcadian Gardens site in East Orange, NJ. For more information about The George Group, go to



    1. Simon Says!
      “We are excited about Bridgeport and appreciate the leadership shown by Mayor Finch, Donald Eversley and Port Authority Chairman Denis O’Malley,” said Konover. “And we believe retailers will feel the same way and make this a success for everyone in the community.”

      Konover went 1-3 on this shot. And this was supposed to be an economical development “bunny.”

  1. Tate George gets called for Charging!

    I’ve been calling this guy “Tain’t George” for almost 2-1/2 years. This project has been in a Four-Corner Stall since its beginning. The Bridgeport Port Authority should change its name to the Bridgeport Tort Authority. They screwed up to the tune of $1.2 million with Ferry Company, Derecktor is yelling cut and now this Ponzi scheme. Let’s see how BPA spins this with some more Nunnsense.

    All this Clean and Green Brownfield Hullabaloo for this project was really about George’s cleaning of the green.

    The home office of OPED is located in New Rochelle.

    Wood and his Caravan of Thieves are now calling Foster donors questioning why they gave to her. How do you spell coercion? W-O-O-D.

    1. … and for the record, I’ll guess they do not read the articles in their own newspaper. Otherwise, the Post could have never endorsed Finch. If you look closely at the Post endorsement, it ends with ROTFLMAO.

  2. This must all be a mistake!
    The states are high for George. It’s not a good sign for an administration when the feds pinch a person with close ties to it–Paul Pinto.

    “… surrendered in Newark to special agents of the FBI and postal inspectors of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) on a criminal complaint charging him with one count of wire fraud …”

    Remember what I posted two weeks ago about “wire fraud” and how the Citizens for Excellence in Government PAC documents indicate potential “wire fraud” violations among others? What do you think is going to happen? SEEC is a four-letter word that scares no one. But Feds–it’s a whole different story. You got mail!

  3. Oh my f’n Lord!!!
    Please get this guy Finch out of the city.
    If this is not front page of the CT Post and calling for an in-depth investigation into this scam, then they truly are in bed with Finch.
    All we have heard from the Finch Administration is what a wonderful deal this is and how it has been delayed due to bureaucratic red tape due to problems with the STATE DOT, with the STATE DEP and Federal EPA. Now the truth comes out. They have no money!!! FRAUD and INCOMPETENCY again raise their ugly heads in Bridgeport’s development plans.
    Please make him [FINCH] go away, please, please, please.

  4. This is another fine mess you have gotten us into, Finchie (OLLIE). As Lennie said, this is one Finch can call his own, but Finch is probably saying no this one was Fabrizi. Wood is saying didn’t Foster drive by on 95 when we made this big announcement? We will blame her, she was in the neighborhood or close for a few minutes. I wonder how many more fine messes Finchie and Woody (Laurel and Hardy) have gotten us into.

  5. We must win, Finch is tripping on Wood’s dick at this very moment. I saw Finch with Adam’s arm up his ass and Finch’s lips were moving but Adam was talking, early American texting.

  6. I love this city and I will do what I have to do with reservation. I’m going to call Lydia and tell her I want to enroll in her Absentee Ballot Course, advance course today. I still have a few days I can do it her way. No I’m an honest person and Bpt is too great a city to again soil its name and maybe, although Lydia has claimed she is a teacher, she may misunderstand me and think I said advance intercourse and I no can do.

  7. The dysfunctional Port Authority, the incompetent CAO, the disappearing Director of Economic Development and Nunn of these did any financial background check on Tate George’s company besides looking at his website???
    Oh my God …
    I can see where a disgruntled investor in Tate’s scam will be looking to sue the city. Bridgeport did more to promulgate this Ponzi scheme than any other entity.
    How the hell does this happen???

  8. And what does Mayor Finch have to say???

    Mayor Finch to City Employees
    2:24 PM (20 minutes ago)

    Harbor Yard Sports and Entertainment is hosting a kickoff party on October 5th for all of our partners, sponsors, suite holders, etc. They are going to be providing food, prizes, meet the team, get autographs, etc. If you would like to attend please RSVP, Thomas Morris at 203-345-4822 or email him at

    Pluck you, Finch.

  9. I wonder how much money the city has already spent on this project with Tate and Simon. I am sure the city is into it for high six figures. Mary-Jane, you better ask the tough question now or Bob Walsh, you’re still on the council, there has to be some big money already spent by city and state, wonder if we are part of ponzi. Did Finch and Nunn do their homework on checking his credentials and his letters of credit before we invested? Because I’m sure the city handed over money to some quasi-city agency like BEDCO or Port authority and its leader Nunn. Better call the FBI.

  10. “This is a great day for Bridgeport and the East End,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “This project will restore both first-class retail and waterfront access to a neighborhood that has been deprived of both, for many years. We’re pleased to have two very enthusiastic development partners put their stamp on this part of the City.”

    “… We’re pleased to have two very enthusiastic development partners put their stamp on this part of the City.”

    “… two very enthusiastic development partners put their stamp on this part of the City.”

    “… development partners put their stamp on this part of the City.”

    “… development partners …”

    Come back next week and I’ll tell you if I found the words “public relations.”

  11. This is proof positive Finch hasn’t really developed anything in the city on his own. This was a simple deal he and his ever missing and clueless economic development director Eversley screwed up royally. Now Finch is making some half-assed excuse he wasn’t really dealing with the Tate group. That’s not what he said in his press release. Clueless, pure & simple.

  12. This is not what FINCH said last week in the newspaper. When he was talking about 35 million dollars for minority-owned companies, TATE GEORGE was mention as a partner in the EAST END development project. NOW FINCH says he was a PR PERSON for the project. I’M sure TATE GEORGE didn’t TELL THE FEDS THAT! ONCE again FINCH LIED TO THE EAST END COMMUNITY!


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