AB Queen Lydia Martinez And Her Flock–The UB Student Factor–Where Do You Vote?

Noon Update: Town Clerk Alma Maya reports 756 absentee ballots had been returned to her office by Friday morning. Maya’s office has been swamped with absentee ballot work, meowing from a variety of candidates running in Tuesday’s primary and media knuckleheads like me asking for information. To Maya’s and Democratic Registrar of Voters Santa Ayala’s credit, they’ve both been responsive to OIB requests for information.

With a couple of days left before the Tuesday primary it appears her office will receive nearly 1000 absentee ballots, the goal of Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa who’s supporting Mayor Bill Finch. State statute provides her office with authority over processing of absentee ballot applications and the issuance of the actual ballots. They are returned to her office and then in the early evening of primary night her office will turn them over to Ayala’s office, per regulation, for the actual vote count of the ballots.

Maya says the majority of absentee ballot action is coming from the East Side districts 137 and 138. Yes indeed, the 137th District is home to the city’s absentee ballot queen City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez who faces a spirited primary challenge from mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster’s slate. Lydia, for years, has hosted a tempting I-do-for-you, you-do-for-me operation for her constituency. She wines and dines them, escorts them to community affairs and at the end of the gig, lo and behold, out pops absentee ballot applications for “my peoples” to fill out. Does this cross the line? Of course. But you gotta catch her in the act. And then if they need help filling out the actual absentee ballot, Lydia will more than oblige, damn state law that forbids her from doing so. But “my peoples, my peoples” need help, she protests. Lydia has been well schooled through the years and she’s added a touch of her own. So it goes in city politics.

The 138th District is home to the East Side Thomas Hooker and JFK Campus precincts where Finch and his 2007 primary opponent Chris Caruso ran just about even. Most of the AB action in that district appears to be in the JFK precinct. If there’s one precinct the mayor wants a solid showing it would be JFK, named for his political idol. The mayor should come away with a handsome absentee ballot lead come primary day. Most of the absentee ballot pros are supporting him. The larger question is how close can the Foster forces stay to the Finch AB operation? And where can she cut into Finch on the primary day machines?

One area to watch is the Roosevelt School precinct, home to South End voters, where Finch defeated 2007 primary opponent Chris Caruso. The turnout was just 17 percent. The Foster forces have registered more than 100 University of Bridgeport students this week. Roosevelt is the territory of District Leader Mitch Robles, a Finch supporter. Mitch has a mighty good track record for winning his district. What Mitch cannot control is an energized student voting populous. If Foster’s operation can drag the kids to Roosevelt School, a few blocks from the campus, Roosevelt will be in play for Foster. Seaside Village, a cool community hamlet near Seaside Park, Marina Village housing project and a small portion of downtown residents also vote there.

There’s some confusion out there, as always, about where folks vote. If you want to know check out this site from the  Registrar of Voters Office: www.bridgeportct.gov/RegistrarofVoters/Pages/districtlookup.aspx

Stay tuned as we head toward Tuesday.



  1. Martinez should be in jail. Here is a women who has submitted close to 300 absentee ballots, nearly 40% of the total for the whole city.
    She has submitted a great many of these ballots from one building. She almost got caught the other day when she was collecting absentee ballots. A tenant called MJF headquarters and also called the PD. The PD searched the building but could not find Martinez who I bet was hiding in a tenant apartment.
    If all the people in this building were going to be away on election day they could close down the building.
    It’s time for the state to step in and investigate this charlatan.

    1. How does Lydia get into these buildings when there are clear “No Soliciting” signs posted? These seniors are not homebound; they are perfectly capable of voting in person. Lydia is spitting in the face of the law and no one is stopping her.

  2. Off topic–disappointing article in the Post today about Adam Wood. The reporter should have talked to some City employees. He would have gotten the true story about Adam.

    1. The reporter did speak with a lot of employees regarding Adam but everyone was afraid to use their name and the reporter could not use anonymous quotes. No one wants to be tortured and fired over speaking with the newspaper and that’s what this mayor’s team does best.

  3. The mayor is personally calling City employees and asking for their support. Sounds like a desperate man. BTW, the employees are telling the mayor yes with full intentions of voting for Mary-Jane.

  4. Easy enough. Follow her, park in front of her house, catch her with the goods or going into senior housing. I can’t believe there is a place big enough that can hide that big ass.

  5. AB’s, theoretically, should mimic the popular vote. I’ll bet the AB’s she gets will be 90+% for Finch.
    It’s not the people who vote who have the power. It’s the people who count the vote who have the power.
    There are no controls in this matter. She should be arrested for voting law violations. Soliciting on behalf of AB’s should be illegal. It’s up to the voters to request AB applications.

  6. Last evening in a spirited conversation downtown regarding the outrageous fraudulent actions of the Finch campaign, the question was why the FBI has not been involved in investigating these allegations. The response is simple. No one from the Foster team has made a complaint to them.

    Las Diablas Ayala and Martinez are spitting in our faces. Ayala adds to her strategy of deceit by sending out polling place announcements with the wrong addresses. Martinez is allegedly camping out in senior housing distributing AB forms and is further alleged and allegedly admits to assisting in their preparation.

    I’m disgusted with the length the Calamarians will go to preserve their way of life at the expense of mine.

    Mary-Jane Foster must win this primary. Our future depends on it.

  7. I saw that lady parked on the side of that building of East Washington Avenue where she was talking to people when I drove by. I believe someone should pay a private investigator to catch this chick! It isn’t as easy as camping out to get her, but a professional who thinks like them will catch them. She knows what to look for not to get caught. Maybe even pay someone who can play a role to help her to make her fall for the bait. Usually those who want to catch them won’t know the strategic moves to do so because they don’t think as crookedly (if that is even a word) … They aren’t that smart, usually crooks and criminals aren’t and thus the reason they eventually get caught! Patience and a good investigator would catch this so-called fiend. Good Luck To All!

  8. City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez belongs in a jail cell for what she’s been doing. Perhaps having a close call with the Bridgeport Police Department will give Ms. Martinez pause. And Santa Ayala ought to be removed from office. That Bill Finch, as mayor, did not immediately call for her resignation is a fairly strong indication he gave tacit approval to and/or directed Ms. Ayala’s activities.
    An informed source told me the machine is going to get into serious trouble over mishandling absentee ballots. Add that to the growing list of legal problems faced by DTC operatives and the Finch campaign. Absentee ballot fraud, misuse of campaign funds, money laundering, Democratic Registrar of Voters Santa Ayala’s rejection of Mary-Jane Foster’s qualifying primary petition based on the flimsiest of grounds, voter disenfranchisement over the state’s takeover of the BOE, the list goes on and on. Anyone considering a vote for Bill Finch ought to consider the following: There are a number of open investigations into unethical behavior on the part of Mr. Finch and his subordinates. Forensic accountants employed by the State Elections Enforcement Commission are examining the financial records of Finch’s previous campaigns for public office and his relationship with Bill Beccaro’s political action committee, the ironically named People for Excellence in Government. (Mr. Beccaro’s aged parents are listed as chair and treasurer of the PAC, an indication People for Excellence in Government is a straw operation.) Bill Finch donated $46,000 in unspent funds left over from his ’07 primary fight against former State Rep Chris Caruso. Much of the money has been paid out to Finch and his chief cook and bottle washer Adam Wood and their respective wives, paid out in highly questionable reimbursements. That amounts to a wash-and-fold operation. The SEEC is going to take a dim view of it. Mr. Finch will be counting himself lucky if he is merely forced to resign from office. Santa Ayala and Lydia Martinez ought to go to prison for their complicity in ballot fraud.

  9. LM has tenants working for her in that building. They have been working that building since May. She preys on the most vulnerable–seniors. She is also working at Hall Commons. Both locations have filled out over 20 ABs. I understand the son of the councilman in that district is also going around knocking on doors.

  10. This is gonna be a stupid question … but what does a councilman (woman) get paid that they find it so important to keep the job? What other reasons, I don’t get it … they act like fools trying to keep the jobs and I’m trying to figure out why, ’cause it’s evidently not because they like working for the public. I tried searching the city website, but no luck on the info … any info for this uneducated soul is greatly appreciated.

    1. Just Amazed,
      The City Council members have no salary, pay or compensation in the normal sense of things for assuming the responsibilities of their elected position. This makes them no different than elected legislators in most towns and cities in Connecticut.

      There is one direct financial button they can push. It is claiming their “official expenses” relating to their position against a stipend that applies equally to each Council person. The sum of $180,000 has been included in the City budget for years now, so dividing that sum by 20 Council persons indicates $9,000 is held available to reimburse each Council person each fiscal year.

      Reporting on that stipend has been subject to CT Post articles in years past. Council people travel to other US cities and claim registration, travel, hotel, meal and miscellaneous expenses BUT PROVIDE NO REPORT TO THE CITY TAXPAYERS ON THE RELEVANCE OF THIS “EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE.” Local expenses for postage, etc. are sometimes reimbursed also. And the Post has shown how some legislators have cleaned out their accounts with a “charitable contribution.” That uses your tax dollar to benefit their charity. Is that what property tax dollars were collected to perform? Not open. Not accountable. And certainly not transparent! The IRS has rules as to what may be taxable, reportable, deductible and I am not expert on that. But some department in the City has the info and can share the info if they wish (or wait for a Freedom of Information request). What type of tax form or 1099 needs to be issued and when may also receive an answer.

      Some Council persons do not use the funds at all. In light of this, perhaps the funding should be reduced by our Mayor next year in the proposed budget? It still can be spread evenly among the 20 as covered in regulation, but perhaps the 50% cuts Finch hit various departments with ought to apply here equally? Failure to address this line item is just another example of “gutless,” selfish and ignorant behavior by those who keep silent. And when only $100,000 of the $180,000 line item is spent by Council members, do taxpayers get an accounting for the $80,000 balance? No, it just becomes available to the Mayor and OPM to re-allocate. Get the picture? THERE’S NO BUDGET RUSH, TO CUT FUTURE SLUSH!

      New Haven legislators have a stipend system I have learned but it is set at less than $2500. I guess it costs more in Bridgeport? It sure does for taxpayers.

      People who run for “unpaid public representation” should find the rewards of overall public respect, trust, and affirmation sufficient, in my opinion. What continues to bind Bridgeport and its potential is the continuation of a political culture that provides clubhouse rewards and recognition to people who can win office when turnouts are lighter; and voters favor popularity more than integrity and competence; and who fail to deal with vote recusal in face of conflicts of interest as well as fail to comprehend and tell the full story of how decisions are reached in the City. The failure of the Mayor to do anything in four years about a City Charter and ordinances he sees as irrelevant in present times is just an additional signal of broken structures and governance. Change? Reform? It is in the voters’ hands. Time will tell.

      1. Thanks, Beacon, really appreciate that info … I just try to make sense of the messes these people make and they just don’t seem worth it to me … Thanks again.

  11. Lydia has had six husbands. She is jealous of Rose Hoyt, who can no longer service Mario. It’s simple, she wants to impress Mario so she can get in his pants so she can get the sausage and meatballs. What is a woman with 6 ex’s to do when there is a man, although he smells of basil and garlic, walking around not being serviced?

  12. LM’s son was arrested for running a house of prostitution some years back. God knows where it all ends. We have to drive a wooden stake through the heart of these vampires on Tuesday.


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