Finch Rolls Out Endorsements

From the Finch campaign:

State Democratic Leadership Endorse Finch for Mayor. Former U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT4) today endorsed Mayor Bill Finch in his bid for reelection.

Fellow mayors, Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, Pedro Segarra of Hartford and John DeStefano of New Haven have also endorsed Mayor Finch.

Additionally, Mayor Finch has also received the endorsements of House Speaker Chris Donovan (D-84), House Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey (D-88), Senate President Don Williams (D-29) and Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney (D-11).

“I am honored and proud to receive the endorsements of such highly regarded and respected lawmakers,” said Mayor Finch. “They have a proven track record of working hard for the residents of Bridgeport and our state. I’d like to thank each of them for their support as we continue to move the city forward.”

To date, Mayor Finch’s reelection has received endorsements from the following:

· Connecticut Post
· Attorney General George Jepsen
· State Sen. Anthony Musto
· State Rep. Auden Grogins
· State Rep. Ezequiel Santiago
· State Rep. Charles “Don” Clemons
· State Rep. Charles Stallworth
· City Council President Thomas McCarthy
· City Council Member Susan Brannelly
· City Council Member Martin McCarthy
· City Council Member Denese Taylor-Moye
· City Council Member M. Evette Brantley
· City Council Member Howard Austin
· City Council Member Michele Lyons
· City Council Member AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia
· City Council Member Warren Blunt
· City Council Member Richard K. Bonney
· City Council Member Angel M. dePara Jr.
· City Council Member Manuel Ayala
· City Council Member Lydia N. Martinez
· City Council Member Robert P. Curwen Sr.
· City Council Member Richard M. Paoletto Jr.
· City Council Member James Holloway
· City Council Candidate Leticia Colon
· City Council Candidate Rev. John Olson
· AFSCME Local 1522 and AFSCME Council 4
· Carpenters Union Local 210
· Connecticut Laborers’ District Council
· Fairfield County Building Trades
· International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
· Iron Workers Union Local 424
· Sheet Metal Workers International Association (SMWIA) Local 40
· Uniformed Professional Firefighters Association of Connecticut
· United Food and Commercial Workers Union
· United Union Of Roofers, Waterproofers And Allied Workers Local 12



  1. Endorsed by the likes of Warren Blunt and Marty McCarthy? Wow, I’m impressed. A couple of guys elected to serve the public interests of the people of the city of Bridgeport (all of ’em, not just the members of Mario Testa’s inner circle of hell) and they cheated on their taxes. Ezequiel Santiago and Lydia Martinez? Get real. Those two mutts have been engaging in absentee ballot fraud. Sue Brannelly? She’s out of the loop, by her own admission. Auden Grogins? Oh please. Chris Dodd? He’s another sharper.

    All in all, a truly standup bunch of folks.

    1. I am hesitant to refer to them as a pile of scum. I may use that term after MJF prevails on 9/27.

      I will say this: the people endorsing Finch in general and the public office holders elected to represent the people of the city of Bridgeport (Hey Marty and Sue, remember us? We live here.) can be described as having their own agendas. A few of the current members of the City Council are tax cheats; a few of them physically assaulted Cecil Young, a elderly handicapped man and self-styled community activist, assaulted and wrestled him to the floor of the council chambers. Shame on the lot of you, beating up on an old man. Sue Brannelly is by her own admission “out of the loop.” Lydia Martinez? She barely avoided arrest the other day. Let that be a warning to you, Ms. Martinez. The BPD will not show any favoritism because of your City Council status. You’re a crook, plain and simple. It is my sincere wish you get knocked out by the Foster-endorsed City Council candidates. Ezequiel Santiago? Who the fuck are you to collect absentee ballots from known Foster supporters? You sir are an asshole. Auden Grogins wants to be a superior court judge, just like daddy. Chris Dodd would like all of us to forget his lack of oversight on the U.S. Senate Banking Committee led to the subprime lending crisis that caused the economy to implode. State House Speaker Chris Donovan (D-84), House Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey (D-88), Senate President Don Williams (D-29) and Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney (D-11) all ought to mind their own goddamned business. They haven’t done anything to benefit the common good of the people of the city of Bridgeport. Jim Himes I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Were it not for the corrupt political machine that is the Bridgeport Democratic Town committee he wouldn’t have been able to hold his own against the country club Gold Coast GOP. Anthony Musto? I contributed to your campaign coffers and voted for you. Now you’ve blown it. Last time I make that mistake. Too late to demand a refund. I just won’t vote for you in the future. That goes for all of you. When the time comes, the Bridgeport Kid is going to dig up every cubic yard of political dirt. Your re-election is not a sure thing. Endorsing Bill Finch for another term is going to come back and bite you in the ass.

    2. Both Marty McCarthy and Sue Brannelly have the worst attendance record on the City Council !

      Sue Brannelly told the CT Post she was out of the loop–when it came to crime in Black Rock, too bad we all can’t live on Sue Brannelly Street.
      It’s time for a change!

      1. What are their attendance records there, Jim? Or Fluck? or cupcake? Which personality are you today?

        Hang on–
        You are slinging mud without the facts, today you are Ronin, my bad.

  2. Is it any surprise the puppets are endorsing Finch? Our council members have never gone against him, not a pair of stones amongst them.
    Having Dodd endorse you is like getting the kiss of death from that asshole. DeStefano just got his council candidates rejected, I suggest he concentrate on New Haven. This is a pitiful list and I am glad they aren’t endorsing MJF.

  3. These endorsements don’t mean a thing. They are made by political flunkies or uninformed union executive boards. The rank and file union members did not make the endorsements and they are the ones who live and vote in Bridgeport. One example is the CT Laborers in Hartford who gave an endorsement yet the rank and file, who have suffered for 3-1/2 years under this dictatorship, are voting for Foster.

    I don’t know how Finch can possibly win. I polled by Bpt facebook friends and co-workers and my friends, family and neighbors. Didn’t find one Finch supporter–not one. Even the ones who I doubted are supporting Foster.

    The latest news releases about the Tate George ponzi scheme and the continued absentee ballot fraud just enforces the incompetence and lack of morals and integrity of this administration. They are finished and they did it to themselves.

  4. The good news is I do not think anyone would be impressed with the endorsement by any of the council members and I am embarrassed by a few whom I do respect. It is a pathetic political move by the sitting elected Senators and congressman as they will end up with Mary-Jane Foster and there will be bad blood. Finch is the incumbent and you’d expect these endorsements. It is the endorsements he has not received, The BEA Teachers Union, The Bridgeport Police Union, The Minority Business etc. Mary-Jane Foster has been endorsed. Chris Dodd, Jim Himes, Anthony Musto. An Endorsement from them is equivalent to an endorsement from William Hyland. Oh, who is William Hyland? He is a name picked out of the phone book. He lives in Greenwich and I have never heard of him. That’s the effect these endorsements for Finch will have on the public. The council members. GET real, they are having their people vote for Foster. Can you feel it? The wind of change!!!

    1. How about the support of former Peoples Savings Bank President David Carson? His support would be greater than the entire BRBC (Bridgeport Regional Business Council). It is the local endorsements that resonate with the people. An endorsement for Finch by a former U.S. Senator should go over big like a lead balloon given the last scandal he was involved in during the housing crisis meltdown and his special treatment getting low mortgage rates while the people in Bridgeport were receiving their foreclosure notices. Imagine, to lose an election after all of those endorsements would really suck! Get out the vote, baby!!! Hopefully, Tuesday will be sunny and mild. The people want change NOW!

    2. You know what is really impressive, 134? What is really impressive is the council members who jumped to the endorsement of Row B. For simpletons like me 🙂 it shows they are more concerned with moving Bridgeport forward than just attaining “council status” … Love me some jumpers!

  5. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Chris Dodd left the Senate of the United States in disgrace just like his father. Dodd Jr. was one of the major reasons for the real estate mortgage debacle in the U.S. His father, Thomas Dodd, was censured by the Senate back in the 1950s.
    And this is endorsing Finch … hmmm.


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