Yo, Let’s Get Some Primaries, Plus: Troll’s Reelection

Here we are, last day of April and I’m wondering what City Council members will be primaried in September.

We know that OIB friend Andy Fardy, that growly pol from the Upper East Side, is poised to run in the 138th District held by veteran council members Bob Curwen and Rich Paoletto. I’ve attempted to reach Rich several times to find out if he’ll seek reelection. Rich, you out there?

So maybe Andy aka Town Committee (it’s okay he outed himself) will give us an update.

It would also be a hoot if another OIB friend big Mojo (Ralph Mojica) sought election to the seat he lost in a primary in 2007 in the 131st district where District Leader Mitch Robles is king. One thing’s for sure, if Mojo decides to run, don’t expect Yahooy to serve as his campaign manager. Ya think Mojo would accept an endorsement from the Gay Marriage Club of America?

Arguably the most capricious political district in the city is the 137th with that familial discord (or have they made peace) between State Rep. Andres Ayala and his Uncle Tito. Andres’ town committee slate got smoked in March of 2008, and then Andres turned right around and dominated his reelection primary just five months later. The council members there are Maria Valle and OIB friend Daniel Martinez. Hey, Danny, what’s the gossip on the East Side?

I also checked in with Bob Troll Walsh, councilman from the 132nd District, who quickly dismissed rumors he may not seek reelection. If anything, Troll is sharpening his teeth, as he explains:

“I will run again in an effort to protect the city that I love from the mayor that I don’t. At that point I don’t see myself running again. I do not expect to be challenged in my re-election effort. However, if I am I will run the fiercest campaign that I ever have. I will kill myself to regain the seat simply because I believe that I will determine when it is time to step down or the voters will decide for me. But I will not allow anyone to think that they can bully me out of this seat.”

Troll, tell us how you really feel!

Poop Update

You thought I’d forget about my weekly poop update? Nah. The Connecticut Post has finally caught up to the story about Trumbull looking at building its own sewage treatment plant rather than entering negotiations to join the regional wastewater authority with Bridgeport and Monroe.

Trumbull’s development has come courtesy of Bridgeport’s sewage treatment system. Monroe wants to tie into the Trumbull line connected to Bridgeport. Sewers equal more development that equals more tax revenue.

From what I hear, Bridgeport officials don’t think Trumbull will actually go through with building its own plant. They see this as a negotiating strategy by Trumbull to get a better deal to join the regional authority.

But if Trumbull does pursue its own plant it must secure a discharge permit from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Gee, where does Trumbull want to send its treated shit? That’s the tricky part of inland sewage treatment plants. No Long Island Sound around Trumbull.

Hey, maybe Trumbull should talk to Shelton about sending its treated shit there? They could build the plant in Nichols. Wouldn’t that be fun?

News release from Bridgeport Housing Authority

$33 Million Redevelopment Project unveiled in Bridgeport

The Bridgeport Housing Authority (BHA) and the Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development took the wraps off their $33 million redevelopment project at the former Park City Hospital site Tuesday. The partnership will produce 110 affordable housing units at the newly named development, to be known as “The Eleanor” and “The Franklin”.

Park City Hospital will be renovated into two different and completely separate facilities in the single building; an apartment complex for low income and disabled households known as “The Franklin” and a second complex in the tower known as “The Eleanor” for senior citizens. Both complexes will provide on-site supportive services designed to meet the needs of the residents. The $33 million project uses nine different funding sources and is one of the larger development projects in the city in recent years. The project satisfies three priorities: housing for the elderly and disabled; helping to prevent homelessness; and providing social, health, job-training, educational and other support services designed to keep people successfully housed.

According to Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, “the Park City Hospital project is a prime example of effective collaboration. This partnership between the City of Bridgeport through our HOME funds program, the Bridgeport Housing Authority and the Women’s Institute has resulted in the construction of 110 units of supportive and affordable rental housing that will be available to those who need it most – senior citizens, homeless individuals, and the under-employed working people of the city of Bridgeport,” said Finch. “We will continue to pursue and support projects that move us closer to our goal of ending homelessness in the City of Bridgeport.”

In early 2006, in response to the overwhelming number of applicants on its waiting list for one bedroom apartments, the BHA issued a competitive request for proposals for a project that would turn the former Park City Hospital building into a facility of permanent housing for senior citizens and disabled persons who were coming out of homelessness. From the different responses received, BHA selected the non-profit Women’s Institute for Housing & Economic Development as its development partner and co-sponsor. “This event marks a major milestone in the development of this important housing project,” said BHA Executive Director Nicholas A. Calace. “For me, it is an opportunity to thank the stakeholders and participants, and there are many of them, for the tireless work that they performed to bring this initiative to construction. It gives me a great deal of optimism that a project of this magnitude that required total cooperation from numerous parties could actually be built,” Calace said. “What truly amazes me is that we went from concept to construction in less than four years! All of those who were involved should be proud of their hard work and perseverance, and I look forward to working with all of the partners in future endeavors.”

The Project’s completion helps satisfy BHA’s obligation to replace some of the housing from the former Father Panik Village. All 110 units in the new facility count as replacement housing units, bringing the number of required units down to 140 from the original 1,063.

Loni Willey, Executive Director of the Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development, is particularly pleased to have brought a vacant building back for the purpose of affordable and supportive housing. “This is a very exciting project for us,” said Willey, “and will serve so many who would not otherwise have a secure and supportive place to live. I feel very privileged to work in partnership with stellar people and organizations in Bridgeport.”

South End Groundbreaking
South End Groundbreaking


  1. I don’t understand why Rich can’t seek re-election just because he was promoted to a supervisory position. Warren Blunt is a supervisor and he is on the council. Tom McCarthy is the Deputy of Labor Relations and he’s the council prez. What makes Rich so different?

    We certainly could use some new blood on the council. Gone are the days when actually qualified people, like Stafstrom, Mulligan and Grogins, would serve. True professionals don’t want to go through Mario and then if by chance they win, don’t want to deal with the council cast of characters. Talking to some of them is like talking to … well it’s like talking to Mojo. Forget about it!

    1. *** Talking is one thing, blogging disrespectful comments behind a secret website name about people in general over a difference of opinion is another! You like to dish it out but you seem not to be able to handle it yourself when it comes back @ you! What’s going to be the excuse when everyone you’ve been badmouthing finds out who you really are? *** Time will tell! ***

  2. That’s funny. I had no idea Mojo is actually Ralph Mojica. That confirms things. I have always thought Ralph Mojica was too dumb to hold public office. Certainly the ignorant rants of Mojo support that opinion. It’s scary though. The way the people of Bridgeport vote, even a shithead like Mojica could be elected. In this case, voter apathy is a far more serious disease capable of destroying our city.

    1. *** Don’t pretend like you never knew it was me, Peckerwood! What public office have you ever held since you’re so fucking smart? Also, personal opinions are not gospel nor written in stone so why does it bother you so much when someone disagrees with you over an opinion? You’re just another wannabe, behind a fake website name that talks the talk on the web but too afraid to walk the walk in real life. And when I find out who exactly you are, I will show you exactly what walking the walk means here in Bpt.! *** Time will tell! ***

  3. Lennie: I am running for the council and in the process I have picked up a partner in long-time resident Ann Barney a mother of six who is the newest member of the 138th TC.
    I originally got interested when it was put out there Rich Paoletto was not going to seek reelection because of a job promotion. From what I am told he is now awaiting a ruling from the city attorney’s office. You know how that goes with Anastasi.
    Ann and I are running because we feel that our district has been ignored by this administration and the Fabrizi Administration.
    We plan to register new voters in this district, something that has not been done for quite some time. If elected we plan on establishing web communications with the residents, keeping them informed on public meetings and things that pertain to the neighborhood. We plan on face-to-face meetings with constituents that call with problems.
    We will be looking to clean up the district and get rid of unregistered cars and trucks. We will get roadways up here paved or find out why they are not getting paved. Our roads up here look like they have been shelled by mortars.
    We are the forgotten district; no commissions, no boards are populated with anyone from the 138th district.
    Having been born and raised and having spent 65 years in this neighborhood I remember what we used to be and know what we have become. Having coached Little League and Babe Ruth for almost 35 years I know many of the people and their children in this area. I am retired and no longer coach baseball but feel I can help the residents of the 138th district.
    Growly? Lennie where the heck did that come from? Grumpy maybe. The one thing that the residents of my district can count on is I will always give them an honest answer to their questions. If I can do it I will if I can’t do it I will tell them and I will tell them why I can’t do it plus I will do it face to face.
    It will be interesting, I spoke about change on this blog since it started now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Speaking of money, we will NOT use the stipend of $9,000 offered to council people for expenses.

  4. Good luck, Andy. I hope you stay strong and continue to speak up for what is right. This city is so dragged down by politics and unqualified leadership. Someone needs to truly clean house. Every mayor says he will, then when elected backs down. The council has to get more involved and make the tough decisions that the mayors are afraid to make. People like McCarthy and Curwen are too indebted to Mario to do anything. The people blogging about Rosemarie Hoyt can attest to that. She has been ineffective for years but the council won’t touch her because of Mario. That’s just 1 example. There are many.

  5. Nice to see the Editorial Board of the Connecticut Post come out with a strongly worded piece on City Attorney’s office and zoning rewrite matters. Something smells fishy and it ain’t coming from the Pequonnock River.

  6. City Hall; Thanks for the kind words. I will always give a straight answer to a question I am asked. That has gotten me in trouble in the past. I believe in the truth and sometimes the truth hurts but that’s how I have tried to live my life. The people of the 138th can count on the fact that I will be there for them at all times.
    I want to dispel one rumor that’s all ready raised it head. The rumor is that I am running to avenge my wife’s non-reappointment to the P&Z by mayor Finch. There is nothing further from the truth. I am not going to spend untold hours campaigning just to settle a perceived score. I will vote for Mayor Finch’s policies if I think they help the 138th and the city. I will vote against them if I think they don’t benefit the district or the city. I will have a valid reason and an alternative when I vote no on an item.
    Ann Barney believes in the same things I do and we will do a good and honest job for our district and for the city.

  7. I’m basking in the glow of fame; I finally got my fifteen minutes’ worth (or thirty seconds, however long the video clip was). I was interviewed for a story about the ospreys nesting atop the Fairfield Police Department’s communications tower.

    Love to stay and chat a bit more but I’m off to the salon for a wash & style and a manicure–must look good for my public.


  8. The Oracle of Ospreys!

    The Kid looked great on WTNH last night. I was disappointed that he didn’t break out his guitar and do a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On A Wire”.

  9. Mojo is ultra cool. Here’s why: Talking is one thing, blogging disrespectful comments behind a secret website name about people in general over a difference of opinion is another. Well said.

    My “blog-rep” is plummeting. Example:

    Last week I had a parade thrown in his honor (wink) and this week yahooy calls me a jerk. Phooey yahooy.

    JBR calls me a class A jerk and promises to ignore me. Isn’t that like getting overlooked by a mad gunman at the mall?

    My enemies are countless while my friends are few. But that’s alright–I’ve had special training that enables me to overcome this harsh terrain. My thick skin doesn’t wash off with soap, either.

    1. *** Well said L/E, you know why? ‘Cause your not a phony “I’ll suck the bologna pony” conformist dreamer! You tend to look @ both sides of an opinion or rumor story; wait a bit ’til more facts surface, then make your own decision on whether you agree, disagree, or just remain neutral on the entire matter. And you don’t back away, just because everyone else doesn’t agree with your opinion. *** You know it’s sort of a built-in human arrogance to feel that oneself is always right & can do things better or have most of the correct answers to life’s problems! Our world is not perfect, so life as we live it is not perfect. We can only hope to do the best in life with what we have @ those moments, with hope & a prayer that maybe someone or something will benefit from it in time. *** As a famous cowboy once said, “I’ve never met a man I didn’t like”. However, there were probably a few he’d like to kick in the rear! ***

  10. My 2 cent’s worth not that anyone should care … Ayala’s slate did not get smoked, they got robbed at gunpoint by masked men and women … Fardy will do good ‘cuz he seems to care, maybe too much … Danny Martinez needs to worry about his health as you only have your health when it comes down to it and he is a good person who should take better care … and Mr. Mojo needs to stop lowering himself and take the high road as I am sure he is a good person also …

    1. *** Thanks B/F but your opinion on the low road is a bit off, especially after some of your past blogs in time where you have also “lowered yourself” as you state. Some of these bloggers feel they have all the answers to all our problems & when not agreed with, while hiding behind a fake website name, think it’s okay to disrespect other bloggers with their spineless comments. They give it but can’t take it themselves as you’ve read on this forum. It’s simply academic what I’m doing, like a clock, what goes around, comes around! ***

  11. I’d be surprised if anyone agreed with me 100%. That’s why this is called a pluralistic society, right?

    I work with/compete with gays on a reg basis. They’re among the most affluent/educated segment of our society but sexuality is never an issue (some are outspoken; others remain quiet). But, it’s results that matter.

  12. Lennie, thanks for referring to me as an OIB friend … I am not one to post and/or read this site much; however, I was told my name was on OIB today, so here I am.

    In regards to the ’09 Elections gossip column, I have been informed the 137th Town Committee has no interest in considering endorsing me as a candidate. And if that is truly the case, I respect their decision.

    As a first-term City Councilman, it has been a true honor to serve my community and the residents of the City of Bridgeport. I acknowledge that I am not perfect and may have made some poor decisions or moves in my first term. However, through serving and doing, comes the learning experience. I have learned a few things since November ’07 and have a lot more to learn.

    It would be an honor and privilege to continue serving the residents of the 137th District.

  13. Lennie; Thanks for the mention in your column. Ann and I have received over a dozen telephone calls of support & encouragement. These calls came from many people that Ann & I knew but did not know well. The positive response to our running was remarkable. Thanks.


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