Write-In Tutorial 101 By State Elections Lawyer

Ted Bromley, an attorney with the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State, explained how the write-in process works during a Wednesday night forum at the Bridgeport Public Library. At left is former State Rep. Chris Caruso who shepherded election reform when he served in the state legislature. See video above.

State Senator Marilyn Moore on Wednesday announced she is challenging Mayor Joe Ganim as a general election write-in candidate after losing a close September 10 primary.



    1. BREAKING NEWS: Bridgeport Board of Education member Maria Pereira submitted the paperwork required to be placed on the ballot for Mayor of the City of Bridgeport in November. Maria Pereira is running as a write
      -in candidate joining Marilyn Moore who is running as a writr-in too. Here’s the twist, Maria Pereira started the process of changing her last name to Mereira from Pereira. The Secretary of the State ruled that this is legal and accepted Maria’s paperwork. This will create a big problem. Maria and Moore both have the same initials of M. If voters write MM for example, who gets the vote? Back to you Lennie!

      1. Joel will you please copy and paste the paperwork so you can PROVE your accersions to the OIB readers that this isn’t a false report.

        This offense is punishable by the LAW and only absentee ballots can give you a win👀👀👀😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂

  1. I am currently sitting in the School Building Committee meeting.

    City Council President Aidee Nieves requested that the School Building Committee consider spending approximately $1,500 of municipal taxpayer funds on a separate dedication plaque for James Holloway to be placed at Warren Harding High School.

    The new Harding High School is approximately $300,000 over budget which must be paid 100% by our MUNICIPAL tax dollars, and there are city council members supporting spending another $1,500 of MUNICIPAL taxpayer dollars on a separate plaque for an individual that has not been on the City Council or School Building Committee since December 2017.

    A Warren Harding High legend, John Bagley, was on the school board on the School Building Committee and Chair of the Facilities Committee when the vote was taken to build the new Harding High School on the GE site.

    Sauda Baraka and Howard Gardner were also on the school board and served on the School Building Committee.

    None of their names are on the Warren Harding High School dedication plaque.

    We don’t have MUNICIPAL tax dollars to fund 20,400 students’ education, but we have approximately $1,500 for a plaque for Holloway.

    Every member of the School Building Committee voted to look into pricing on this plaque except Joe Sokolovic.

    That includes Marcus Brown, Christina Smith, ACTING Superintendent Mike Testani, Ken Flatto and more.

  2. How is Maria’s post relevant to the topic: “Write-In Tutorial 101 By State Elections Lawyer.” Oh that’s right, create a distraction to voters to the write-in effort for State Senator Marilyn Moore.

    1. Someone who knows how to use the media needs to make this hit the news on a national level. Look at what meat and potatoes this story would have. Felon mayor, complicit elections staffers and election commission members; a town clerk with issues in the past that should have been a disqualifying factor in that position. Then they could get into the whole Perez appointment thing as well as the continuing saga of the FBI probe. The guy brought in to “study” the police department issues. Where’s that report? The people running and elected in districts where they did not actually live. Etc etc etc.
      Bring in the Feds. It’s the only way to start cleaning things up. There have never been any real repercussions on anyone when wrongdoing was actually found. Look at the AB issues in the last Defilippo/Herron/Keeley matter as an example. Look at ALL the issues reported over the past few years. Nothing happens and all the same people…”whores”…. are still in the same positions.

  3. Maria,
    Does Aidee Nieves know the total funds spent by the Board of Education on Daycare or School Transportation in the last FY 2018-19 by the Board of Education? Answer 1: $11 Million in July and August only; Answer 2 Over $20 Million;
    Why is that relevant, you may ask? Because they are responsible for all types of oversight. and if they wish to honor one of their own, no matter how small the sum, perhaps they will look to the combined $180,000 of Stipend funds to commission a placque? Last year they report indicates that some $30,000 of the $180,000 remained unspent by June 30, 2019.
    I have my own reasons for being not being excited about raising tribute to just one citizen and having the BOE pay when its members, without pay or stipend, volunteers all, are not so recognized.
    Does the City Council President understand that the method of recording, advancing and neglecting for the most part to have contemporaneous recording of business expenses for CC to be reimbursed, called for by Ordinance, hid $100,000 or more of such expense from City reports? Why will the Nieves Council like the McCarthy Council preceding her not cause the City financial process to FOLLOW, RATHER THAN ANTICIPATE ORDINANCE LANGUAGE? Time will tell.

  4. “Bridgeport Rhonda Latham wanted to support state sen. Marilyn Moore last week but instead – under pressure from an absentee ballot heller – voted for mayor Joe Ganim”

    WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! This is down right wrong and disgusting!!!!

  5. “I did not want to vote for Ganim” said the 67 year old east side resident. “These people push you into voting… and they do it for you”

    LAWD HAVE MERCY!! Somebody needs to go to prison!! This is so sad

    1. Don, you notice that Maria doesn’t say anything bad about John Ricci’s best friends and supporters, Mayor Joe Ganim and the head of the DTC, Mario Testa. Maria trying to divert from the write-in campaign for mayor for State Senator Marilyn Moore but Marilyn Moore has nothing to do with her but Mayor Ganim and City Council President Aidee Nieves do but nothing bad is said about Mayor Ganim.

  6. I’m writing in MOORE…..
    After the scandal of this elections abuse and fraud maybe she won’t have to be a write in candidate…

    Which ever way I sticking with MOORE for Mayor

  7. Bridgeport is great. Let us all work together. I like the way things are currently going. Maria, you are doing a great job. Ron and Don are all talk. Trust me I saw Don last year at Pastor Bennett’s church and much like Moore act like he was better than people. Look at how Don and Ron talk to people. Child please.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, so you have no problem with the way Maria dogs a black woman who was full elected by the voters or about what Rev. Mary Lee said about State Senator Marilyn Moore by saying that she was not “black enough.” You as black woman have no problem with others disrespecting another black woman.

      1. Don,

        Let us talk about how you tried to dog and degrade a black preacher. Remember a few months back? I guess he wasn’t black enough either. Since you showed little respect. You are a hypocrite. Stop trying to make this about a black woman. I am a black woman and you will never be or understand being a black woman. Thank you.

        1. Stephanie Thompson, I don’t think that it’s wise for you to go back to Rev. Herron Gaston.
          The Rev. Dr. Herron Keyon Gaston, associate director of admissions at Yale Divinity School, is senior pastor of Summerfield United Methodist Church on the East Side. He also serves on Bridgeport’s Civil Service Commission. Stephanie Thompson, Rev. Gaston asked you to stop bringing up his name as you were trying to make some kind of case about nothing. I had post an news article from a Florida newspaper where Rev. Gaston made a made a few comments about Bridgeport and President Obama but his comments were not made public here in Bridgeport.Pastor Gaston: Rev. Gaston first appear in public here when this came out “Flabbergasted And Appalled By Newton’s Stop And Frisk Proposal.” Don and myself had already spoke out again Ernie Newton’s comment and Rev. Gaston came out with his comment and we questioned him on what type of history did he have in Bridgeport. Rev. Gaston is a good man but it was you Stephanie Thompson who took things to another level where Rev. Gaston had to ask you to back off.

  8. Mackey, I told you that supposed woman is a ghost who’s hiding behind the cloak of a Black woman. If I indeed acted like I was better than you I realized you were my color and not my kind.

  9. Don,

    I asked you for a meeting. I tried to meet you at the diner and you did not come through. I was at the my alpha event at Bennett’s church. I saw you there. All you do is ride around in your mecedes and smoke cigars. You are old and tired and need to give it up. I am telling you. You and Ron, all ya’ll do, is keep up stuff and stir the pot. Explain how Maria is disrespecting a black woman? If Moore has a problem with Rev. Lee she should go and talk to her directly. This is not the first time we as “blacks” have heard that phrase. We said that about Obama thorughout his presidency. Didn’t we? That just means that not all black people feel that that person identify with the “average” black citizen. I do not know Moore personally. Like I said, my two daughters supported both candidates and that is fine. What does Rev. Lee’s comments have to do with the Mayor. Stop blaming the Mayor for conversations we need to have and fix between ourselves. I am a realist.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, you are a true hater and a haterof your own black community and especially black women. Stephanie Thompson are you aware of the “Witness Project?”

  10. Mackey, as you know this ghost knows nothing about me. I wasn’t at the meeting Casper alluded to nor have I ever smoked a cigar in my life. I do have a Mercedes or two, but who’s counting?

    Mackey, what the ghost doesn’t understand is that some Black folks know and understand just how offensive you’re not Black enough is and how hurtful it can be. We ALL never said President Obama wasn’t Black enough, just those among us that were unenlightened and/or white people! Which are you Casper?

  11. Ron, call me what you want. I don’t have anything to prove to you. I am a black woman who grew up in Bridgeport. Do you know the more than 85K people who live here? How arrogant of you to think that you should know everybody!! You and Don are haters. All you all do is keep up trouble and are so negative towards everybody. Let us talk about how much division you all create in the BLACK community, since you two know everyting that is supposed to be BLACK.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, what the hell are you talking about, “do you know the more than 85k people who live here?” I asked you a question that you didn’t answer, do you know what the “Witness Project” is? This the exact same bullshit that you bought to OIB when you flew in before. You are the whitest black person who has appeared on OIB. You are a true ghost who flews in then disappear.

      1. Only those who have passed away can have a ghost and your correspondent is alive and vibrant as her latest post!
        She doesn’t owe you any answers. Maybe your correspondent doesn’t respond to belligerently-delivered questions, either. Try making a statement first.

  12. So do people really think ganim won the election fair and square after that article by the ct post??? More won on the machines by hundreds of votes and now we have people saying they filled out there absentee ballots with ganim when they did not want to vote for him. Bpt is corrupt!!! Like we would say in the hood corrupt AF!!!! you can google AF to find out what that means!!!

    1. Of course they do. A win is a win according to them..

      The losers are crooks, liars and thieves!

      We’ll never understand their mindsets.
      We are incompetent remember because we are Moore supporters.

  13. “another woman, a resident of the P.T. Barnum public housing complex in Black Rock who asked not to be identified, felt pressured into voting for Ganim. The woman said she had no reason to vote absentee because she could have gone to the polls in person. But a ballot came in the mail.

    Shortly after the ballot arrived, a person knocked on her door and offered to help her fill it out, the woman said, noting that the visitor stayed with her as she voted and pointed to the bubble next to Ganim’s name as the one to fill in.”

    “People are, like, not being fair,” the woman said, adding she wanted to vote for Moore. “We just want them out of here,” she said of the many advocates who were asking residents to cast ballots.

    I would not be surprised if the FBI comes in town to investigate this who situation.

  14. People getting absentee ballots they did not request and ganim people showing up for them to vote wow wow wow!!

    Another resident there, April Keitt, offered a similar story. Keitt said it didn’t feel right to fill out the ballot that arrived in the mail because she didn’t think she was supposed to vote absentee.

    “I thought that those were for handicapped people,” she said, adding that she only agreed to fill out the ballot after Wanda Geter, a Ganim supporter, knocked on her door and asked her to do so.

    Keitt handed the completed ballot to Geter, she said, however it was not received by the town clerk’s office.

  15. OIB Readers….many of you know that I address the City Council in the public sessions of the first and third Monday evenings each month…..then send each of the CC members a hard copy to their CC address…..and send to Only in Bridgeport (where they used to be quite regularly published)….and occasionally to the CT Post who posted one talk in August.
    On September 16, I addressed the subject of economic development in the City and the need for the community to consider and then to commit to intolerance for racism, indeed I suggest that we commit to ANTIRACISM as written by Ibram Kendi in his most recent book HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST. It seems that the subject has relevance for the conversation ongoing on this thread today, and many other threads recently. Peace.

    (TO CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS at Public Speaking on September 16, 2019 at 6:30 PM)
    Fellow citizens of Bridgeport…

    I am a Bridgeport resident and taxpayer for 32 years. I have been a financial sales professional since college some 55 years and still retain clients who care for my attention. I am white, a senior and a believer in public participation in governance. I am current Communications Director for the Greater Bridgeport Regional NAACP that has required me to relearn American History.

    My life has been filled with many other activities in the region as well as abroad. In the past decade I have paid attention to City governance with special attention to financial oversight. In operating combination the City Charter, the City Council process and practices and recent City administrations have maintained a status quo that fails to encourage economic development. Serious development happens in other towns, while our development gets news coverage, photo ops, and excitement, and then fades. Why is that?

    We may be a diverse community but we are not using all of our human resources particularly well. One possible explanation is racism, beliefs, systems and history that is not discussed, not learned, and not challenged, whether in:
    • Housing issues (public housing with ‘reasonable accommodation’ not fairly handled locally and in court with Department of Justice or private housing where since 2008 the backwash of bad financing decisions has caused major losses to minority communities with foreclosures).
    • Education where minority students of color are preyed upon by others seeking to exert supremacy through bullying; and yet, even when blood flows, those in authority with the responsibility to report and control “climate” infractions hesitate, question and ultimately underreport; students learn at an increased rate according to research when they relate to educators of similar color- but a poor City stays poor and unable to package attractive educational career opportunities
    • Public Safety? We have seen YouTube videos of inhuman behavior, defying any respect or professional training by officers. We have court actions against the City for such failures against citizenry as well as between officers and management. Nothing of significance to encourage public trust especially among the young has come to Bridgeport in terms of “community policing”. What good is “de-escalation training” when the people in blue, carrying weapons, have or hold beliefs similar to the now retired Captain who communicated multiple odious “racial comments” by text? What level of thorough investigation went into action to determine to what extent such attitudes and beliefs were present in other officer communications?

    Were I to ask who in this room is a racist (defined on page 13 as ‘one who is supporting a racist policy through their actions or inaction or expressing a racist idea’) would anyone care to raise their hand? If I were to next ask who in the room is an antiracist (‘someone who expresses the idea that racial groups are equals and none needs developing, and is supporting policy that reduces racial inequity’ page 24), how many hands go up? Unfortunately there are folks in the room, when confronted with such choice think and act like they are really non-racists, meaning no skin in this game. And Ibram Kendi in his latest book, How To Be An Antiracist, provides plenty of information for our community to read learn about and see where “antiracism” can attack the underlying ills of our City. That is something that one or more of Council committees might discuss, even hold public sessions on??

    Finally, you have heard me discuss “returning citizens” before. Where is your curiosity about where that subject is being dealt with capably in our City?? The Mayor’s Initiative for Reentry Affairs, a “second chance” program, where is it today? Hundreds are returning to the City from incarceration. To what effect?

    Is Myron Dukes the only “returning citizen” to be confronted on February 23 with a request to leave a free public Black History Month event held by the city at City Hall? Welcome? Why no word from Mayor Ganim? Chief Perez? Or the City Council member who wished him a public ban but with no explanation? Time will tell.



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