Paging Machiavelli–The Search For Write-In Candidate With Initials MM

MM may have some write-in company.

That evil genius Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez may be on to something when he writes tongue in cheek that Machiavellian establishment pols are seeking a candidate with the initials MM to register with the state as a write-in candidate for mayor to create confusion with State Senator Marilyn Moore’s write-in candidacy.

Joel Gonzalez
Joel Gonzalez

From Gonzalez in the OIB comments section:

BREAKING NEWS: Bridgeport Board of Education member Maria Pereira submitted the paperwork required to be placed on the ballot for Mayor of the City of Bridgeport in November. Maria Pereira is running as a write-in candidate joining Marilyn Moore who is running as a write-in too. Here’s the twist, Maria Pereira started the process of changing her last name to Mereira from Pereira. The Secretary of the State ruled that this is legal and accepted Maria’s paperwork. This will create a big problem. Maria and Moore both have the same initials of M. If voters write MM for example, who gets the vote? Back to you Lennie!

Pereira is not part of Gonzalez’s dreamy supposition, but there is a movement afoot to recruit a write-in candidate with initials MM. Moore lost a close September 10th primary to Mayor Joe Ganim whose political operatives aren’t taking Moore’s write-in challenge lightly.

Ted Bromley, an attorney with the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State, explained how the write-in process works during a Wednesday night forum at the Bridgeport Public Library. He told the group that MM would suffice as a vote for Moore because it satisfies the intent of the voter. But what if you have two write-in candidates with the initials MM? The intent would be uncertain.

And what if someone with the first initial M and last name Moore registers as a write-in candidate? Now It forces the name Marilyn Moore to be written on the ballot, or something close to that.

The plot thickens.



  1. Funny how this makes hot topic but no OIB
    Story about the current AB Fiasco uncovered by Hearst Media.

    I call it damage control.

    Deflect the REAL ISSUES, keep us entertained & fighting each other and STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION…

    MONEY keeps the machine going…

    Sad so many have allowed themselves to be used as goons all for the sake of MONEY, POWER and Prestige…

    Diffently a script of PURE CORRUPTION

    1. Wanda, there a few people on OIB who changing the topic off of the Marilyn Moore write-in for mayor but agree that I don’t understand why there aren’t more stories from past news articles about AB problems and where people were arrested and a number of people who were ordered to pay finds for their illegal action. There are a few people on OIB who complained about how Marilyn Moore’s campaign was run,yes it wasn’t the perfect campaign but with all of it’s mistakes and the fact Marilyn has not run in a Citywide election before Marilyn Moore did a helluva job because she is the first candidate to ever beat Joe Ganim at the election polls. Think about that, with flaws and all Marilyn Moore defeated Joe Ganim at the polls, yes Marilyn barely lost to Joe Ganim by 270 votes. As a write-in candidate for mayor in November Marilyn will have a whole another group of voters who will be able this time, they are the over 20,000 plus Independent voters who couldn’t vote in the Democrat primary. This voters are Independent voters because they don’t want to be tied into the DTC but they do vote in every election come election day in November. Now it’s to you and to me and everybody else who want real change to get their family and friends to come out to vote in November and write in Marilyn Moore’s name on the ballot to become mayor. Remember, Joe Ganim has already lost in his run to be governor over a year ago and now it’s time to send Joe Ganim back to the suburbs where he came from.

    2. You’re buying too into much into what the Ctpost reports. For example, you can vote by Absentee ballot and still vote at the poll. Let’s say I had voted via AB and marked the box ssyi g I’ll be out of town on election or primary day. If it turns out that I’m in town after all, I must vote at my polling place. The AB is not counted but the machine vote is.

    3. You don’t seem to know how OIB works. Lennie puts in a lot of time and pretty much gives the posters free reign. You can post links from the Ctpost and start a dialogue or a vitriologue here. Lennie is busy and it’s possible he will place a commentary on the Ctpost article.

    4. Hey Wanda, I posted this comment about the “current AB Fiasco uncovered by Hearst Media” on my FB pg. I’m starting to wonder. Do you think it could apply to anyone else?

      Are members of Bpt’s state delegation to Hartford and Democrats running for City Council going to weigh in on this issue – particularly those who represent districts that overwhelmingly supported Marilyn Moore.

      As a friend of mine often says, “Time will tell.”

      1. I’m not on Facebook.
        But that’s a good question..
        I believe they should.

        Maybe I’ll activate my fb account again… Maybe

        It was a good article just thought OIB would chime in…

      2. I would apply it to the save our library committee. Did they ever file their committee finance report with the town clerk or SEEC. Where did the money used for the campaign come from?

        See the minutes of the library board if your memory fails you.

  2. Wanda, that’s very kind of you to refer to them as political goons when in fact they are political whores who are bought and paid for every election cycle. Steve, Wanda, Ralph and Lydia are but a few who sellout our communities for a few pieces of silver. It’s strictly about the money as there is no Power or Prestige associated with selling out your community or its people for the benefit of the DTC.

      1. You don’t get it? As for Pereira changing her name and participating in the write-in process, that’s not happening. Goes to show you not to believe everything you read or hear.

        1. I definitely DON’T believe most of what’s written or hearsay on this blog because as I see it it’s mostly used to insult or belittle others.

          It’s more entertaining than informative to me.

          I did re-read where he said she wasn’t a part of it.

          I get it!

  3. Joel , I have a few!
    Manny Moutinho Maria Mereira Maria Malle Maria Zambrano Miggiano Mario Mesta Mark MAnastasi Mark Moughton Mark Mauretti Mark Mazniokas Mary-Jane Moster Mary Moran Max Medina Michael MeFilippo Michelle Myons Milta Meliciano Mitch Mobles Nancy MiNardo Nancy Myman Ned Mamont

  4. This just in . . . .

    Secretary of State to investigate Bridgeport absentee ballot fraud
    By Ignacio Laguarda Sep. 20, 2019 Updated: Sep. 20, 2019 2:16 p.m.

    BRIDGEPORT — Secretary of the State Denise Merrill recommends an investigation into absentee ballot irregularities uncovered in a Hearst Connecticut Media report published Thursday.

    “The allegations contained in the Connecticut Post story are serious enough to warrant a comprehensive investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Committee,” said Merrill, in a statement. Her referral now goes to the SEEC. “Although my office does not have authority to investigate allegations, we stand ready to assist SEEC in any way we can. I intend to use the full authority granted to my office to ensure that free and fair elections are held in Bridgeport, and across Connecticut, on November 5th.”

    In a letter from Merrill to SEEC Executive Director Michael J. Brandi on Friday, she states, “We are referring to your office certain allegations revealed by the citizens of Bridgeport during the Democratic Primary … Statements by members of the public raise concerns that should be investigated.”

  5. Joel Gonzalez
    I don’t even have to change my name.
    In fact my parents named every one of their children with the initials M M

    Unlike, Gueddes and Taylor, I admit to living in a neighboring municipality, and my Bridgeport address is a real residential zoned condominium, not a business address I pretend to live in.

    Alas, I contributed to Marilyn Moore’s campaign, I would not want to siphon a single vote from her. I’ll stay registered in Trumbull,

  6. Denise Merrill is doing as little as absolutely necessary in this AB”probe”.It’s common knowledge that most complaints sent to the SEEC take forever to be investigated.The probe won’t be concluded till sometime in 2020.Meanwhile Mario will make sure there is at least 1200-1500 AB’s filled out for Joe so that “they have it covered” in John Gomes talk.

    1. Here’s a fact: There used to be a time a few years ago, when SEEC investigations lasted as long as it had to take. The Connecticut legislature felt there was a need for “change” at SEEC. They eventually reduced the time period SEEC could take in Conducting their investigations. THEY ARE NOW LIMITED TO ONE YEAR. SENATORS ED GOMES AND MARYLIN MOORE VOTED IN FAVOR OF THE BILL WITH STRONG OBJECTIONS FROM SEEC. Why did Moore and Gomes vote in favor of such change? Because they didn’t want chump “change”; they wanted MOORE money. In the same bill, language was included to increase the minimum amount ($100) campaign contribution they could receive from contributors to $200.

  7. As a longtime OIB contributor for comedy as well as serious short subjects, I appreciate the extra light you have shed on SEEC changes by the legislature. Back in the day, investigations could roll on for more than a year before conclusion. Now a matter has only one year for investigation and report. Is it true that the matter and file are closed these days if the work is not complete within one year? Where are matters posted? Who supervises such a timetable? How many files have been closed without findings, incomplete or unsatisfactory by the person seeking assistance one year previously? Is there a process for a supervisor to extend for a short term? Time will tell.

          1. I found my records of all SECC complaints I filed. On April 15, 2014 I submitted at least 3 complaints and two have been decided. Complaint #2014-043 against Andres Ayala’s Committees still hasn’t been resolved or maybe SEEC doesn’t want to reveal their decision to the public. Yes, 5 years and 9 months and still waiting.

    1. Usually a hefty fine does the trick. One must first prove it. Read the SEEC commission decisions on complaints I’ve filed via the links above. You shall get a picture of what to expect with any complaints filed regarding the Sept 10, 2019 primary. Keep in mind that Marylin Moore limited SEEC investigations to just a year.

  8. The ghost of Machiavelli rejects Joel Gonzalez for creating FAKE NEWS and condemns Lennie Grimaldi for publishing FAKE NEWS.
    Reality will overpower their fiction. BTW, beware of his still-alive cousin, Marco Machiavelli.
    It’s a pity an innocent participant like Maria Pereira gets dragged into the political whirlpool.

      An attempt at humor as a change of tempo? A reading test for all OIB constituents to see how credible they are for whatever is aired? And then a “rejection” and “condemnation” for the writer and publisher? Isn’t that a bit heavy duty, LE? After all, what punishment, if there were a legal transgression in this case, would you be arguing for?

      Speaking of MM surrogates I seem to recall that back in the day MICKEY MOUSE was a candidate on occasion (along with Howdy Doody) and also MARILYN MONROE. Mentioned only because we are talking about politics and voting. And if the dead from some cemeteries in New England can still vote after their supposed last breath, why shouldn’t they “run” for office posthumously? In their campaign, at least they will utter no more lies!! Isn’t that valuable? Time will tell.

      1. JML,
        Surely, you jest.
        Sensationalism is the goal of the co-conspirators. My response is heavy-handed and deservedly so.
        I’m the self-styled avenger of journalistic misdeeds.

        1. OK, “self-syled avenger” as I asked above (previous to knowing which costume you intended to don, with or without a cape) what would you deem suitable punishment? Time will tell.

          1. Armed with nothing more than the words I choose, I avenge in ways that have little meaning. Simply put, no matter how many times I take the oath and don the cape, it’s not my job to administer penalties. It’s my job to keep getting better at getting better. Does that make sense?
            All is fair in love and blogging.

  9. Local Eyes, Maria Pereira isn’t that innocent. Set your eyes on the complaint she filed against Andre Ayala’s AB application crew and Alma Maya. There you’ll see the definition of “innocent participants”.

      1. She was an underdog in the primary and should have secured her spot on the ballot no matter what. She’s too incompetent to get 200 signatures for the endorsement of a party that wanted her. What makes her qualified to run the city when she can’t get a simple exercise like that correct, Wanda? Don’t forget that part. ELECT THE BASICALLY INCOMPETENT 2020!!

        1. Peter Slywka, why didn’t you say that about Bill Finch when he was the incumbent mayor and matter of fact Joe Ganim did the same thing as Finch, if Ganim had lost to Marilyn Moore in the primary he would have had to do a write-in campaign.

          1. I laughed my ass off at the idiocy of the Finch campaign and would have if Ganim made the same mistake. Point is I didn’t vote for Ganim and haven’t. My ire is pointed, and rightly so, at the Moore Campaign because I voted for her. It bothers me that SHE was incompetent because I wanted to vote for her again in the Mayoral Election. She obviously showed a bit of incompetence here, no? Why all the apologies for her? She almost certainly knew she’d lose the primary so why not make the WFP spot a total inevitability instead of the inept mess it now currently is.

  10. She WON!!! The Primary was STOLEN PERIOD….

    Hopefully jail time and fines will be given….

    She’s made HISTORY the FIRST canidate EVER to BEAT GANIM AT the POLLS!!!!

  11. The only strategy was CHEAT TO WIN…
    That’s ALL they KNOW but you will SEE it’s A NEW DAY!!!!

    Watch what I tell you! People are TIRED of being disenfranchised by this CORRUPTION and those that stand ideally by and do NOTHING but COWER!!!!

    MY SISTA is NO COWARD!!! She’s NOT kissing the ring or bowing to this corrupt system of oppression . for that SHE IS to BE RESPECTED…

    The only cowards are the ones who stand in the way of a chance of Good Governance…

    It’s easy for you cowards to sit behind a computer and try to slander a WELL ACCOMPLISHED and RESPECTED BLACK WOMEN…

    Why don’t you try something different and make a difference for the future of OUR CHILDREN and FAMILIES instead of spuing hate and division?

    Moore for Bridgeport!!!

  12. Peter I am disappointed TOO about the WFP PETITIONS…

    But to label her as incompetent that’s totally disrespectful!!! She DOESN’T DESERVE THAT!!

    For all we KNOW those signatures could be valid the way this is piling up… i wouldn’t put anything past these CROOKS…

    Over 100 signatures had to be invalidated and I’m just basing my point on whats been written…. I just want to see it for myself…

    a mistake DOESNT equal incompetence….



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