Will Malloy Sign Budget?

From Susan Haigh, Associated Press:

(Governor Dan) Malloy has until Wednesday to sign or veto the budget. If he does ultimately sign it into law, the bare-bones executive order the governor has used to approve limited spending without a state budget will be scrapped. Delayed state payments to cities and towns are expected to immediately start flowing again, likely heading off school closures, teacher layoffs, credit rating downgrades and more program cuts.

If Malloy vetoes the plan, state lawmakers will have to return to the state Capitol for a veto override session. They would need 101 votes in the House and 24 in the Senate to overturn the governor’s action. On Thursday, the budget bill cleared the Senate by a vote of 33-3 and the House by a vote of 126-23.

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  1. Lennie, I had given thought to what may happen next:

    My OIB prediction is that Dan (The Toy) Malloy will VETO the budget. The veto override session starts and the Senate vote ends in a tie 18-18. Then the tie breaker goes to Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman who will vote in favor (for approval). Nancy Wyman comes out like the savior/hero of the day or 130 days. On the House, 102 in favor (for approval). Nancy Wyman will then announce (sometime after the elections) that she is running for Governor of Connecticut.

    1. Needed to share this:
      “Secretary of the State Denise Merrill says people eligible to vote have until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday to register online.”

      This is the message you get when you try registering at 11p.m.:

      The State of Connecticut Online Voter Registration System is currently unavailable.

      System maintenance is performed from 11pm to 6am every day.
      During this time, you will not be able to access the system.


    1. Ron, unfortunately I was unable to attend the forum Saturday morning, but with Chris Caruso, Lisa Parziale and Rick Torres on the panel it was likely a mighty good conversation. If an OIB reader was there and wants to file a report, fire away.

  2. As part of the planning for this event on the part of Better Bridgeport and the other sponsoring organizations, I will note that over 70 people attended, which is a good showing in this community for a “dry topic” like the functioning of party sponsored Town Committees. Eric Alicea did an excellent job of keeping the five panelists moving as they answered questions from him initially and then from the audience.
    It was an opportunity for folks with actual committee and electoral experience like Chris Caruso, Lisa Parziale, Rick Torres, Sauda Baraka, and Vin DePalma to share history with those gathered. Lots of note taking and attention to the practical issues of assembling a District group to run in March of 2018.
    John Soltis made sure to call attention to the Library question that is on the ballot. The meeting was held in the Main Library and bagels and coffee/water were available. (Last year survey comments indicated that food should have been served and that was noticed. Also a bowl indicating that donations, “not dues”, could be contributed was available.) An election party on November 8 the evening after the polls close will be held at the Bijou theater. Meet and greet and a look forward to the next two years. What will happen after a year when nine of ten districts had primary challenges? Time will tell.

  3. Joel, I was disappointed you didn’t attend since you are well-informed of the stagnation, lack of motivation and to my surprise, how little potential participants know about the T.C. process. i.e., how do you get involved, what are the responsibilities of a Town Committee member, and so many other basic, elementary questions that should be available to those willing to get involved in the selection process of endorsing candidates for office, and engaging in party business, whether it’s the Democrats, Republicans or Working Family Party. People are starving for information, and I believe it’s by design that it’s not made available to interested people for fear that the ineffective, conflicted, incumbents will be replaced with the next generation willing to think independently and put in the work necessary to push them out. Lennie, this was an important forum directed to glean information regarding what the Town committee means and should be doing. I was shocked you didn’t take the opportunity to share your take on what occurred, the interest and questions being asked by attendees. You have become an important source of information to the large amount of readers OIB attract, your followers rely on you to share with them what the other sources of the media don’t. I know that’s putting a lot on you, but that’s what’s expected from the best.

    1. Lisa, anyone interested in learning can do it without leaving home. Knowledge is on just about everybody’s hand. Cell phones, computers, and the internet. The next step after the forum must be workshops to teach the art. Then after the workshop, we go on to the field. Test their will by going out there in the middle of winter, introduce them to ‘the BUG’ and try hard to get them bitten really good by the bug. I was bitten by the bug as a young child watching the election process in Puerto Rico. My father unaware introduced me to Politics, as I have stated here multiple time, I hate Politics, I don’t like being called or looked upon as a Politician. When we served on the council and spent those 6 years sitting next to each other, you wasn’t sitting next to or serving with a Politician. I am and will always be a Publictician. A Publictician first serves the voting public that elects them and everything else goes after.
      I want to build a Publictical Party as a Democrat.

      1. Joel what one must know about getting involved in Bridgeport will not be found on the Internet, however I agree 100% with you that forums and workshops should be made available. And, don’t you think the foundation of any political party should take the initiative and provide information as well as encourage willing people to become informed and involved if they have what it takes. You were fortunate to have a mentor in your Dad, and you were also an asset to the City Council, and you were a politician, like it or not, the day you ran for an elected office. You may hate politicians, sometimes I do also, but I’ll never give up trying, and snow and cold weather don’t hamper my motivation to keep trying.

    2. Lisa, I agree with your points but let’s be honest, between you, Bob Walsh, myself and othershave clearly spelled out the function, duties and the responsibility of the DTC. Yes, forums like the last one is very important and there needs to be more of them but this isn’t rocket science.

      1. You’re right as usual Ron, but you’d be surprised how many people, on the outside looking in, have no one or no place to go just to get the basics of getting involved. We started at a time when there were good leaders and mentors, we were lucky. We learned from the best and stayed with to whatever degree possible. I wish you could have witnessed how interested those people were. To them, right now, it is rocket science because their being intimidated by resistance from the status quo. I have so many things I want to share with you, it’s worse than ever, that’s why I’ll probably die trying to help. I’ll email you, forewarned is forearmed so I don’t want to say too much. we were pretty successful in the Council primaries, I don’t want to give away any plans for the turnover of the TC.

  4. That gutless punk Malloy won’t do anything, won’t sign, won’t veto he’ll just do nothing like his tenure as governor and let time authorize the budget.

    1. Veto proof. Unless other Senators and Representatives go along with Malloy and change their votes and go along to NOT override. Lennie, isn’t there a deadline for the Gov to veto or sign the budget and if he doesn’t act the passage automatically becomes official. The former Republican Governor did it at least once. “It’s not my budget, I didn’t sign it.”

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