School Board Candidate Forum Monday

A school board candidate forum will take place Monday 6 p.m. at Cathedral of Faith, 2319 Fairfield Avenue. From FaithActs for Education:

Meet Board of Education candidates from all parties and ask YOUR questions before the election on Tuesday, November 7! This event is free and open to the public. Invite your friends, families, churches, and neighbors!

The following candidates have confirmed their attendance:
Sybil Allen
Shavonne Davis
Hernan Illingworth
Chaila Robinson
Joseph Sokolovic
Chris Taylor
John Weldon

Grab a voter guide (available at, hear from candidates, enjoy refreshments, and get informed! Bring your families, friends, and children. Wear your FaithActs or Faith Votes shirt if you already have one. We can’t wait to see you there!

Bridgeport BOE candidates of all parties have been invited to this event. FaithActs for Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Bridgeport, CT that does not endorse any candidate or party. The goal of this event is to educate Bridgeport voters, and not to influence the outcome of any election. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at



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    1. Screw your idea Robert Teixeira. Did you stop to think how this will affect Speedy Gonzalez? For one, I’d have to go back to running through the woods to avoid smokey, tolls, and light cameras. Joe Ganim is the last person one should encourage to use electronic technology to generate revenue from car vehicle owners.

    2. LENNIEEEE. I found another RAT. Where’s the ghost of Stinky when you need him?

      “FaithActs for Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Bridgeport, CT that does not endorse any candidate or party. The goal of this event is to educate Bridgeport voters, and not to influence the outcome of any election.”

      RAAAAAT! Before this statement from FaithActs, is this:

      Grab a voter guide (available at

      When you click on the link, you arrive allot closer to the truth as to FaithActs’ motive. The first thing you will notice is the four Big Red squares the one on the far right is for “Rides.”

      I wondered, rides to where? It can’t be to the polls because,”The goal of this event is to educate Bridgeport voters, and not to influence the outcome of any election.”
      We political animals know what takes place during ride to the polls operations and there are plenty of news stories about this part of the get out the vote (GOTV) operation.

      FaithActs for Education
      Text 203-583-8573 / Call 203-868-0443 – Voting commitments, rides to the polls

      If you need a FAST ride to the polls, request that Speedy Gonzalez be the driver.

  2. A. That is why I said off topic. (top #ELS)
    B. It’s about the cash strapped State that funds the education. So in that regard it has everything to do with BOE
    C. This is why nobody cares about your views. Most of the time they’re invalid and unproductive.

      1. You of all people should know my ESL classes. Stop looking of some arbitrary issue to make your voice relevant. You stand of nothing but complaining and your comment show everyone. I said good day.

    1. Do you?
      A) They are not just car owners. They’re law breading.
      B) Tell Speedy Gonzalez to stop speeding.
      C) Dan Malloy is the last person I should encourage about my ideas because he’s not running for Governor, Joe’s running for Governor.,

    1. Maria Pereira, I not only did the work, I educated the OIB readers and voters. Isn’t it nice when I use peoples own words and writing against them? Wink.

      1. They may not be endorsing Maria? They state that they don’t endorse candidates at all. One thing is for sure, this press release/OIB commentary is solely intended to ‘take people for a ride’, literally. It’s not only intended to take people to the polls with a free ride. But take people for a ride as in LYING, FOOLING, and TAKING PEOPLE FOR SUCKERS.

          1. Be more specific with your question. Do I really need to by any clearer? I didn’t have to do much but, to point out the huge contradiction in this commentary sent by FaithActs. Have faith on the facts I’m pointing out here. Lennie Grimaldi needs to call these people and give us an explanation if anything.

  3. Joel, if I’m not mistaken FaithActs are charter school advocates so that ride would depend on what side of the street that you walk on with respect to this issue.

    1. Yes, Donald Day. But, to bullshit people or piss on their legs and tell them it’s raining? Anyone who says, writes, or maintains that they don’t endorse or support certain candidates and holds public meetings or forums to learn where the candidates stand on issues like the ones important to FaithActs, should immediately raise suspicion. Notice that there are candidates who did not confirm their attendance. Faithfacts, will make sure that as many people know who those candidates are to immediately discredit them or imply that they don’t care what the people in the forum thinks or want to know. What they are doing is political activity, they are fundraising, sponsoring forums, taking people to the pols, getting people to make commitments to vote, etc. Did or do they have a registered PAC with the State/SEEC? I will bet they don’t. Trump signed an executive order allowing this practice by non profits. They still must report political activities and register with SEEC.


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