Will Cops Provide Ganim Campaign Cover With Voters?

There’s a surreality to this mayoral election beyond OIB moments and this certainly is an OIB moment–when a lead federal investigator who sent Joe Ganim to the joint is now supporting his comeback for mayor. And a whole bunch of city cops as well.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

When he was an FBI agent, Ed Adams sent Mayor Joseph Ganim to prison.

Now the former G-Man is volunteering for his ex-perp’s comeback mayoral campaign–providing counsel and making sure, in his words, “everything is on the up and up.”

“Everybody deserves a second chance,” said Adams, who retired from the bureau not long after wrapping up the corruption probe that toppled Ganim in 2003.

And believe it or not, Adams is only one member of a new group that could be called “Law Enforcement for Ganim.”

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  1. Good thing the cops supporting Ganim don’t live in Bridgeport and do not vote. Law enforcement for Ganim, that’s a great name for a Ganim Super Pac. Well at least now that Ganim has announced, all the negative articles will get out of the way and will only be revisited three weeks before the election as great public relations is being generated by the Finch Administration.

    This will be the last time I mention Finch needs to support the University of Bridgeport. If he does not then fate will most likely fuck him and we will have to deal with a Ganim Administration and I will have to pay Maria and Howard. And the day after Ganim’s inauguration, life will move forward. Mary-Jane will go back to her position at the University and Mayor Finch will be banging his head on the wall saying why the hell didn’t I listen to Auerbach! Why! Why! Why!

    Only in Bridgeport. Wake me up!!!!!!!!!

    1. Steve Auerbach, I’m sorry to tell you this but “Bill Finch will never change his position about the University of Bridgeport, never.” It’s truly sad but that’s how stubborn Bill Finch is.

    2. Because here’s the list of people who did listen to Auerbach. Tony Musto, Mary-Jane Foster, Mary Moran, Rich DeJesus, Rev. Moales, Rich Paoletto.

      Stevie, you’re batting 0-6, thank G-D you’re on the Finch team!

      1. A friend and confidant to Moran. A workhorse for Foster, a supporter of Paoletto’s but did not condone his actions and glad he stepped down. Moales? DeJesus, I did not know his issues. My advice to Moran helped get her elected. Adviser to any of them? Not!

  2. I think it is kinda cute but more creepy that a former FBI agent would want to support a man he sent to jail. I think Ed Adams has a crush on Joe Ganim. Did he retire or just go off the deep end?


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