Finch Campaign Manager: Confident Voters Will Come To Same Conclusion As Jurors, Ganim Doesn’t Belong In Mayor’s Office

From Mayor Finch’s Campaign Manager Maryli Secrest:

“Joe Ganim is a corrupt politician who spent seven years in prison. His criminal activity has already cost the people of Bridgeport more than a hundred million dollars. Ganim’s failed investment scheme and sweetheart investment deal on the waterfront set us back years. We’re confident voters will come to the same conclusion jurors did: Joe Ganim doesn’t belong in the Mayor’s office.”

Ganim cost the city more than a hundred million dollars with his failed investment scheme: “Mayor Joseph P. Ganim gambled on selling bonds and making profits in the stock market, which fell a couple times before finally tanking precipitously in 2008, costing the city half of a $350 million investment” (Conn. Post. “Bridgeport seeks delay in pension fund contributions.” March 3, 2011. Link:

Ganim gave a sweetheart investment deal on the waterfront that set us back: “One of the biggest setbacks was a scandal involving former Mayor Joseph Ganim, who was convicted in 2003 on 16 charges that included receiving about $500,000 in bribes and kickbacks. According to federal prosecutors, a group of developers promised to raise $500,000 for Mr. Ganim’s anticipated gubernatorial campaign in exchange for allowing them to develop Steel Point” (Wall Street Journal. “Bridgeport’s Steel Point Nears Launch.” April 8, 2014. Link:

Ganim spent seven years in prison and repeatedly lied under oath: “A federal jury convicted Mr. Ganim in 2003 of 16 counts of racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, mail fraud, bribery and filing false income tax returns … The judge at his trial enhanced his sentence after concluding that he repeatedly lied under oath. After his release [from prison in 2010], Mr. Ganim started a business offering his insider knowledge of the federal penal system to other white-collar criminals” (Hartford Courant. “EDITORIAL: Court Right to Deny Law License to Ganim.” April 9, 2014. Link:



  1. “Joe Ganim doesn’t belong in the Mayor’s office.”

    AND … neither does Finch. His track record proves the voters only exist to elect him.

    That tells me where the votes of the faithful to Bridgeport should go. Mary-Jane Foster. Strong, capable, HONEST, educated, thoughtful, fair-minded, HONEST and lest we forget … HONEST.

    1. Everything Caretaker Finch is working on, someone else started.
      That’s why we call him Caretaker Finch, so show us where those 3000 jobs you created in Boomtown are, Billy.
      Show us where those 4000 housing units are in Boomtown, Billy!
      Or our long-overdue $600 tax rebate, Billy.
      All the new schools came to us through Joe Ganim and John Fabrizi. Not you!
      Lie after lie, as a matter of fact every new project Finch claims he started belongs to Joe Ganim!
      Finch hasn’t balanced the city budget in seven years, not once!
      He raised everyone’s rent and taxes for the past seven years.
      His plan for steel point is a bad joke, no one in business would ever wait 20 years for a return on their money, so why should the taxpayers of Bridgeport?
      Finch’s idea of a major project in this city is to put up a green sign on every corner, that proclaims a new paving project, or to fix up a tennis court, and then put McCarthy’s and a few City Council slugs’ names on it. Like hey! We’re working for you! You happy taxpayers!
      The only thing Finch is great at is raising our taxes and lying through his teeth!
      Why is it every one of Caretaker Bill’s future projects all come in after the Novembers 2015 election?
      The good people of Bridgeport know Joe Ganim, and trust Joe Ganim.
      No one can trust a liar.
      That’s why Bill Caretaker Finch will go the way of Tony Musto.
      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Billy!
      With Caretaker Finch, things are getting Bitter every day!

      1. Jimfox, you left out one of Finch’s key advisers, Paul Timpanelli, he needs to go back to Trumbull after he gets “counterfeit Bill” a job.

  2. When Finch was in the state Senate and one of his sons was still a UConn undergraduate, that duo got into a barroom fight following a basketball game at Gampel. Both Finches received accelerated rehabilitation for the incident, which involved punching a bouncer.

    1. Donald Day, and Ganim cost the city $100 million. Yes, we get that comparison. Joe is definitely the better candidate. What’s $100 million anyway? Apparently to his supporters, not a helluva lot.

      Let’s see, Joe Ganim raised $50,000 dollars and already announced. Mary-Jane Foster is still waiting for what????????? Can she even compete at this point for the Ganim dollars?? Oh yes, that $50,000 was the best he will do.

      1. And Finch punched a bouncer. Ganim didn’t punch a bouncer and neither did Mary-Jane Foster. Or did she?? Forget the $100 million, the punching of a bouncer is so much more scandalous, no?

        1. It shows the character of the man and how he raised his children. You don’t know the real Bill Finch. He is a nasty, vindictive liar. I am not name-calling. Those who know him know the truth.

          1. city hall smoker, you are so out of line no wonder you are anonymous. First, let me say it is so tiresome being one of the only Finch defenders on this blog but here it goes. You mention character and how he raised his sons? I have met his older kids during the campaign when I was supporting Foster. I do know they are smart and talented. I do know they love their Father. I have had his two younger sons on many occasions in the classroom at different schools. They are sweet kids. I substituted for Finch’s ex-wife Dr. Mastromonaco and she had the pictures of her boys all over the place. I think Finch is a good father based on his kids not to mention the time he finds to pick them up at school. I do not know Bill Finch to be a vindictive liar. I know many people who know him and like him. When I worked in the Moran administration, he was on the common council. Now city hall smoker, I can understand you do not like him. But let’s face it, this is politics. I think everyone has their own story. I think for a person like yourself, Mary-Jane Foster would be an excellent alternative. city hall smoker, if I have learned anything in politics it is you cannot please all of the people all of time. So you do not like Bill. He probably doesn’t like you. It’s all good.

    2. Mr. Day–accelerated rehabilitation is a far cry from a felony conviction. I may be presumptuous by saying this, but a bar fight doesn’t cost the taxpaying citizens millions in lawsuits. It’s again just my opinion, but if your son were getting accosted by a heavyweight bouncer, dare I ask if you as a father wouldn’t get involved in the fray?

      1. Godiva and Steve, this was posted to remind people we all fall short of the glory, a lot of people have skeletons in their closets. I personally support MJF in her run for new leadership, but I have dealt with Finch and he is not an honorable man and Bridgeport deserve better.

  3. Irony in Bridgeport?

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Ganim were to lay out effective governance reform were he to achieve sufficient votes towards Mayor knowing Brett has no defense in terms of this administration being open, accountable or transparent about money and many things?

    Remember the vote on Monday evening and the vote count? 10-8 against the abatement passing. Two votes for the Mayor were missing: Marella and Austin. Of course Howard Austin has a pattern of missing more meetings than the average Councilman and there is probably good reason. But had those two shown up, there might have been a tie in which case the Mayor votes! No problem. No frustration. No bobbling of the head. Perhaps team Finch will be doing more training or taking some vitamins or zinc to be present for roll call votes? Time will tell.

  4. Ms. Secrest forgot to mention how then-council member Finch stood up to Mayor Ganim and confronted him on questionable actions beginning with the Dewhirst property matter.

    But wait! I almost forgot. Then-council member Finch did nothing. In fact, he supported Mayor Ganim, eventually being rewarded with the position of Executive Director of BEDCO.

    1. I doubt Ms. Secrest forgot anything. I doubt Ms. Secrest wrote this statement.

      It’s likely non-Bridgeport-resident-highly-paid Brett the incessant Boaster or Adam Wood, about whom there are really not enough bad words to describe. In either case, paychecks depend on exercising selective memory.

    2. Tom White, thanks for making that point about Finch being given a job at BEDCO because that’s the only way Finch has ever gotten employment, somebody HAD to give it to him because he has NO marketable skills.

  5. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Mr. Finch wants to get down and dirty now? Alright then, be prepared to get it right back at ya. Many of us know what has really gone on behind the doors of 999 Broad Street, not to mention the inappropriate dealings at Tiagos.

    1. city hall smoker, do you actually have a job to do at city hall or are you just a snoop? You have the audacity to think any back-room dealings of Mayor Finch’s could remotely compare to the horrendous betrayal Ganim did to the city of Bridgeport enjoying the life of the rich and famous? You really have a need to put him back in office because Finch has had a fraction of this betrayal. The voters of the city are not ignorant. The Ganim sycophants however, that’s another story.

    2. city hall smoker, you are already anonymous, why not share the inappropriate dealings at Tiagos, which btw is a great place to go for cocktails before dinner at The Star of Istanbul. I do not mean the patronage job Tiago got. He is dating Mario’s niece for crying out loud. Do share the inappropriate dealings at Tiagos, you would be helping Mary-Jane Foster. There is nothing inappropriate Finch could do that would register as high as Ganim’s inappropriateness.

  6. Wasn’t Finch on the Council when these investments in question, but not proven, were voted and approved by Bill?

    Ganim may be a convicted liar, but Bill is a born liar.

    Anyone for some Foster Care?

  7. And just for a moment, has anyone who posts on OIB sat in on one or more Pension A meetings in recent years to see how much money of the initial $350 Million is left to pay retirees or their widows? How is the money allocated? How much is being contributed annually to meet the long-term obligation?
    Get hold of your anger at one individual over something managed by or depending on a fair number. If Ganim were trying to replace a pay-as-you-go pension system for public safety personnel, a decision was made, but twice in the first decade of experience markets tumbled. Don’t blame Ganim and Finch for market woes. However, what were the instructions from their advisers? Did they listen? Or were they more daring and took risks that proved unwise with money the taxpayer must repay over the next 15 years through the Police and Fire budgets of $30 Million per year. The public needs to become more informed. Ask questions and get answers? Play tough. Time will tell.

  8. Bill Finch is sooo scared of Joe Ganim, he has to put Ms. Secrest in to do his dirty work because Finch knows he can’t beat Ganim in a head-to-head election.

    1. Ron Mackey, Ms. Secrest is doing her job while Mayor Finch is running the city. Joe Ganim will do very poorly in the election as well as raising money. Sooo scared? Ya think? Really, Ron?

    1. city hall smoker, I do know on this blog that is the common belief. To be honest I will not argue that point. It takes a smart leader to surround himself with talent. From what I know, Adam Wood is a very smart man. I understand he ran Hillary Clinton’s last campaign, When Ganim was Mayor everyone said Mario Testa was running the city, look, it takes many people to run the city. Now I hope his advisers demand he embrace the University of Bridgeport before it seems like a last-minute gesture.

      JUST FOR THE RECORD, I do not believe there is one average city employee who has a clue what happens behind the Mayor’s closed doors. That is just ridiculous. Maybe a few leaks here and there but get real. Like I understand the Nob hill area of Bridgeport is about to get three luxury highrises by the park and the property has all been purchased. Did anyone in city hall leak that? No? Is it a good idea? I think so. I want luxury highrises everywhere there is life and beauty in this city. It certainly beats the Nob Hill Academy!

        1. Think in the vicinity of Virginia Avenue down to Pennsylvania. The former Buffet Fairway Restaurant, Community Bank, Auto Shop and … It does sound great.

        2. OlofsonD,
          Do not go to the bank with that inside info. The neighbors will most likely fight it until they realize their property values soar.

  9. Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager was Maggie Williams. You seriously thought a man who is being sued by his own father ran Hillary’s campaign?

    Adam Wood is a NO ONE known NO WHERE but here. And what he is known for here is not particularly pretty.

  10. Let’s not forget the moving force behind the plan for bonding the pension plans was none other than Finch’s bond counsel John Stafstrom.
    Maybe his spokesperson or campaign manager can explain if it were such a bad idea why did Finch reappoint this person to the position when he became mayor.
    I’m not sure if Finch is terrified of Ganim or terrified of being tied so closely to Ganim’s administration as the campaign goes on.
    I remember when Finch was running for State Senate and Ganim was mayor, Finch could not use enough photos of the two of them together.
    Now Fimch is acting like he didn’t even know Joe back then.

  11. And Stevie A, why don’t you ask Finch why his son was banned from that bar where the fight took place? After Finch tells you some lies come to me for the truth if you can’t figure it out on your own.

    1. Bob, you are kidding right? His son banned from a bar is an issue? Bob, let me make one thing clear early in the campaign. Any negative comment you have for Finch, you need not ask me to rationalize or validate. I am supporting Finch and I know on this blog I do not expect to meet like minds. I do not have a need to feel like I am part of a movement. I am happy for those anti-Finch people who are supporting Foster. I couldn’t rationalize supporting Ganim unless I were braindead, in total denial or promised the keys to the kingdom. Again, you want someone to explain the Mayor’s behavior, I would not be your point person. As for the Mayor’s older boys, I only know they are intelligent and accomplished and I would certainly not he pathetic enough to malign their issues that happened in their youth. Honestly, even mentioning the Mayor’s son is reprehensible.

      1. Steve Auerbach, can you truly rationalize Mayor Finch’s position on the University of Bridgeport? This is something Bridgeport residents are proud of and Mayor Finch is going totally against them. Steve, seriously this is hurting him so bad, there is nothing he can do to change it. So sad and Time Will Tell (JML).


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