Why Zoning Matters–Land Use Proposals Call For Big Changes

As East End activist Deb Sims notes “That’s why zoning matters.” Too often an auto body shop is shoe-horned into a residential area.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

City Hall is nearing the end of a rare comprehensive overhaul of its zoning regulations and associated map and will explain the draft proposals in a 6 p.m. teleconference Thursday.

… OPED said the new regulations also aim to: Maintain the scale of neighborhoods; allow “a greater mix of uses” in commercial corridors; bring artisans and small manufacturing to non-industrial areas; encourage more housing and more retail diversity downtown; promote other types of housing by expanding accessory dwelling units–often affordable apartments added to existing single-family homes; and improve the city’s public spaces/streetscapes and public waterfront access.

Anyone wishing to listen in on Thursday’s teleconference can first view the proposed changes at https://zonebridgeport.com/, then connect via that website or by phoning toll free 888-475-4499 or 877-853-5257.

“A resident or business may see something that impacts their property or development in their neighborhood further down the line,” OPED said of Thursday’s meeting. “Involvement now is key to what happens in the future.”

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  1. Zoning is fodder for active bloggers.
    How you zone determines how you live.
    I’m surprised this issue hasn’t come up long ago.
    Change the rules, change the game.

    1. Lest we forget, add councilman Michael Defilippo’s name to that list. He was Mario’s favorite son and had Willinger work in concert with OPED’s Lynn Haig to get Michael what he wanted. Well over 4 years of failing to get what he needed, they all worked in concert and figured out how to win by using the zoning board to change the law to fit their agenda. You know, just like any “average Joe” could have done under the same circumstances without any assistance from any of the above dishonest individuals. I love this topic when it comes up as I’m sure Defilippo does as well.


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