Senator Moore Applauds State Grants For Airport Rehab And Water Upgrades

From State Senator Marilyn Moore:

Today, State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) is celebrating a $7 million grant approved on the July Bond Commission’s Agenda. This grant announced by Governor Lamont will fund pavement rehabilitation on Runway 11-29, fence installation, as well as an environmental assessment and initial design of additional revenue-generating opportunities at Bridgeport’s Sikorsky Memorial airport.

“This major funding will not only enhance the physical appearance of the airport but further boost the economy and the experience of each passenger traveling to and from Sikorsky,” said Sen. Moore. “I thank Governor Lamont for his push to include this particular grant in July’s Bond Agenda. This will influence residents in our state to appreciate all that Bridgeport has to offer.”

In addition to the Governor’s announcement, charter operator Tailwind has received FAA approval to conduct scheduled shuttle service between Long Island, Boston, to New York City and the region–including Bridgeport’s Sikorsky Memorial Airport. This service will allow for more affordable one-way fares designed to reduce peak rush hour in the Bridgeport area.

Sikorsky Memorial Airport is a public airport in Fairfield County, Connecticut, owned by the city of Bridgeport.

Furthermore, Senator Moore is also excited for funding released by the State Bond Commission that will support vital public water systems in our state. Over $2.2 million dollars will be allocated from the Clean Water Fund State Account and will be disbursed to drinking water projects including the West Side Wastewater Treatment Plan in Bridgeport.

“Clean water is fundamental for a person’s health and our environment,” said Sen. Moore. “Residents in Bridgeport can now rest assured their drinking water will continue to be filtered and regulated and safe for consumption or recreational use.”

The West Side Wastewater Treatment project has been completed and Bridgeport has fulfilled its loan repayments. These repayments are typically used to pay debt service on bonds issued by the Clean Water Fund but due to the restructuring of the Fund, the money will be available for the purpose of meeting the state match for the Drinking Water Program.



  1. What’s good for Sikorsky Memorial Airport is good for Bridgeport CT USA..
    Airports are few and limited. Their value continues to rise. What Bridgeport needs is a private equity firm that can give Bridgeport instant millions and give Stratford a new taxpayer while making millions for itself. Tailwind Aviation is a step in that direction.
    I hear music in the distance.


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