69,951 Pages–Bradley Lawyer James Glasser’s Criminal Defense Reading Material

Bradley with his 2018 campaign treasurer Jessica Martinez.

Of all the dubious serpentine actions of Dennis Bradley’s young political career, one unimpeachable decision is hiring James Glasser as his lawyer to defend federal charges he manipulated Connecticut’s system of publicly financed campaigns with intent to bank $179,850 in grants for his 2018 winning race for state senate.

At the request of Glasser, U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden has continued Bradley’s trial to December 6. So too, Board of Education member Jessica Martinez who served as his campaign treasurer. Both are charged with multiple counts of wire fraud for alleged connivance of the campaign finance system. Bradley’s the big fish in this case, but Martinez who’s had several scrapes with the law that attorney Bradley has defended on her behalf, has a different set of issues, accused of providing false statements to a grand jury and FBI agents. She’s represented by a public defender. Fibbing to the feds is nearly indefensible.

Glasser, in part, requested the delay to review the government’s disclosure of 69,951 pages representing 27,435 documents. This is not unusual. Federal investigations of public and elected officials tend to take multiple years generating mountain ranges of discovery material leading to lengthy trial delays.

James Glasser

In Glasser, Bradley has secured the services of a seasoned former federal prosecutor of white collar cases now in a role reversal practicing in the law firm of Wiggin and Dana. He comes from exceptional legal stock, his father U.S. District Judge Leo Glasser sentenced Gambino Crime Family leader John Gotti to life in prison where he died in 2002.

The ebullient Bradley cannot spin his way out of this as he is prone to do when confronted with disquieting notions. The government has employed experienced investigators in this case.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Francis, who led the prosecution of former Police Chief A. J. Perez’s scamming of the top cop test, will try to lance Bradley on his own words, complemented by first-hand witnesses cooperating with the government.

According to the indictment, Bradley leveraged his law firm as a campaign front for what was clearly a candidacy announcement for state office on March 15, 2018 at Dolphin’s Cove in the East End. Other elements include:

— Raising campaign money at the event in violation of state law.

— Directing campaign staff, covering his tracks, to falsify donation cards to reflect the fundraising did not take place March 15, 2018.

— Using $6,000 dollars of his own money, transferred from a personal law firm account, to pay for the Dolphin’s Cove event, in violation of state law.

— Not reporting, as required by state law, the personal expenditure on campaign finance reports.

— Falsifying campaign finance reports to receive $84,140 of public dollars in aid of his campaign.

— Trying to do the same for the general election, but was rejected by the State Elections Enforcement Commission when it discovered numerous irregularities.

The text exchange between Bradley and his then heady campaign consultant Bieu Tran, who is not charged in the case, is telling.

“Wouldn’t that be illegal?” Tran asked, the intermingling of campaign event with law firm artifice?

“No it’s a BDK Law group party,” responded Bradley, a lawyer.

Problem for Bradley, it wasn’t. It was clearly a campaign event and then he prevailed upon underlings to cover his butt when the heat was turned up.

So Glasser has a lot to unpack. He’ll go through everything the government has turned over and make an assessment on behalf of his client. If he sees holes he can poke through he will. If he views Bradley’s criminal defense task daunting he will tell him.

Ultimately, however, it’s Bradley’s call to go to trial which right now is his intent.



      1. Ok thanks. That’s great then because these “politicians” steal enough of whatever, one way or another, especially if they are there long enough in whatever capacity that they “serve”. Let’s correct that and say most , not all.
        When they screw up their defense costs sometimes comes out of tax dollars. And let’s correct that as well and say most times!

      2. Let’s say the cost per copy of page is 50 cents–That’s $35,000. I doubt his attorney will be ready to challenge the feds. He has 150 days to read 70,000 pages. That means he must read an average of 460 pages a day. It looks like Glasser has to drop every other client and focus on the Bradley case/trial. Six-figure? The question is: What’s the first number of the figure. Regardless of the figure, I don’t see any benefit to spending so much in such a case.

  1. Rich the way I see it. If he can show the donors at the Cove weren’t essential to qualify for CEP. There wasn’t a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud ( a crime). You can take about the who, how, and what, regrading the Cove’s donors’ contribution and the handling of it, as well as the aftermath. But I don’t see the criminal act to conspire to commit fraud for CEP. If the criminal act in question was not essential to qualifying.

    Not saying there weren’t “violations” regarding the Cove’s party/donors, clearly, there were. Sen. Bradley already admitted there were mishaps/errors and poor judgment in how those donors were handled. (As a rooky mistake) Which is the only hole I can think of. Without the criminal act in question being essential to qualifying it” not a crime but violations. And those violations shouldn’t have been handled by the SEE not in the criminal courts. JMO

    If he can’t, If he plans to fight, bust out the shovels and start digging to manufacturing some holes, like Happy Gilmore, or it’s Bob Barker, let’s make a deal. And we know have that going to end. 🙂 JS


    1. RT
      His campaign manager said I don’t think this is legal and he said it is. That a big problem.
      He used personal funds / law firm funds to pay for the fundraiser. That’s a big problem.
      He changed the date on fundraiser forms to make it appear that this donation was not made at the fundraiser. Another big problem.
      He’s an ATTORNEY and knows or should have known better. Another big problem. He lied to investigators. Another big problem.
      IMHO he is up shit’s creek without a paddle.

      1. I understand and violations are illegal acts. However, those “illegal/violation acts don’t have to constitute an illegal criminal act. I am not talking about the aftermath though,. They always say the cover-up is worse than the crime, in some cases. I don’t know who deep of a hole they dug themselves into. It’s a 70,000-page indictment.

        My point being, to my understanding, they are charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and wire fraud to receive CEP money. If the underlining donors/illegal violation acts are not essential to receive CEP money there was no conspiracy to commit fraud or wire fraud.

        The last time I check no one is charged with perjury. Which was probably a gift. He should be on his knees, thanking or begging the Feds. I mean, 70,000 pages, people, I can’t even wrap my brain around that. 🙂 I’ll be lucky if I can set through reading a 7-page book. 🙂


        1. @Robert T
          No one has been charged with perjury, because no one was giving sworn testimony under oath (the trial preliminaries don’t begin until December).

          Lying to the FBI is not perjury, not legal either.

          1. To Bob’s point lying to investigator/FBI

            To my point, being an attorney. If Sen. Bradley can show those Cove donors were not essential to receive CEP funding and without them, he still would have still qualified for CEP funding. Did he actually conspire and committed fraud?

            As I said, If he can’t show the Cove doners weren’t essential for receiving CEP Funding he has a hole in their case, a big hole, (IMO), and can fight like Happy Gilmore. If he can’t, it’s Bob Barker, let’s make a deal. Because if he plans on busts out the shovels and digging through 70,000 pages to manufacturing some holes in the FBI’s case, we know who that fight is that going to end.

            That’s all I am saying. Maria can figure out if that hole exists. She probably already did. 🙂 JS


  2. At the very least Bradley may have to pay back the 84,000 dollars plus interest to the state. Add that to a six figure defense bill from his attorney and Dennis might no longer be driving that Italian sports car or the new German hardtop recently acquired. Then again, not much use for a fancy car in prison

    1. Pierre and the lovely Mademoiselle

      It was a teenage Campaign and the old folks wished them well.
      The coolerator was crammed with TV dinners and ginger ale.
      They had hi-fi phono boy did they let it blast.

      Falsifying campaign finance reports, no ones was going to kick their ass!
      “No it’s a BDK Law group party,” everyone’s having a blast.
      Someone drop a dime on them, the campaign was now, totally out classed.

      C’est La vie say the old folk, it goes to show you never can tell.

      `Pierre, Had a souped up jittny, cherry red 53, had to trade-it-in for a CR&L Bus hoping no one will see.
      At some point in time, Pierre will have to throw the lovely Mademoiselle under……… that Bus.
      And what about the heady campaign consultant who is not charged , now who’s telling enough .

      C’est La vie say the old folk, it goes to show you never can tell.


  4. Dennis IS going to trial, no plea for him, he’s not spending 6 figures on his defense to plea to anything. The extra few months he just received is a god send, it will give him time to look over patterns & fabrics for the new custom suits needed for a long trial.

  5. RT
    The attorneys are digging through fundraising forms looking to shoot holes in the government case. They are not looking for the truth.
    And if they have checks dated the date of the fundraiser and deposited the next day or two, having a form that says they made the donation a week later looks worse than better. And having lots of forms showing the same makes it a conspiracy.
    As you said it’s not the crime but the coverup.

    1. Bob, I am far from a rocket scientist, and I understand the cover-up aspect. That’s why Jessica, as Lennie puts it, “has a different set of issues, accused of providing false statements to a grand jury and FBI agents”. The way I’m reading it. It all stems from that one party, an announcement party at Dolphin’s Cove, not much of a conspiracy. I would hope his attorneys are digging through fundraising forms looking to shoot holes in the government case for a hefty six-figure salary.

      To my point being, if the checks/donors at that initial fundraiser were not essential to Sen. Bradley filing and receiving CEP funding, not only was there no conspiracy to commit fraud there was no fraud. Which is a very big hole in the FBI Case.

      Again, if he can’t, it’s let’s make a deal, with “Bob Barker” to keep his law license/livelihood and puts his political career on hiatus, If he wants to go Happy Gilmore and roll the dice. He’s putting up his law license/prison on the line, on a defends that amounts to, “a rookie mistake” and we know how that most likely going to end.

      I say hiatus because Joe and Ernie were both reelected.

      Just my opinion/two cents.

  6. RT,if Defense lawyers were just interested in the truth,we wouldn’t need Defense Lawyers…9 times out of 10,defense lawyers are hired to find mistakes and loopholes…

    1. What? No, if people were interested in the truth we wouldn’t need defense lawyers. Defense/lawyers are hired to lie to set you free and once in a while, the truth will you free for lies 🙂

      Between you and Bob, as well as other posts/commentaries I read on IOB, corruption is so inbred in the Port/Political Realm that truth/honest/right/moral/fair/integrity/decency/common sense doesn’t seem to matter. You would think it a monarchy.



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