Who’s Your Horse? Democrat And Republican Candidates For August Primaries

Some qualified for primaries via party support at the respective conventions, others did so through petition drives. When Bridgeport electors show up for the August 14 primaries, they will have the following choices, according to the list of certified candidates issued by the office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State.

The first candidate listed is party endorsed.



Ned Lamont

Joe Ganim

Lieutenant Governor

Susan Bysiewicz

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman

State Senator 23rd District

Dennis Bradley

Aaron Turner

State Rep. 126th District

Shante Hanks

Charlie Stallworth


Shawn Wooden

Dita Bhargava

Attorney General

William Tong

Paul Doyle

Chris Mattei



Mark Boughton

Timothy Herbst

Steve Obsitnik

Bob Stefanowski

David Stemerman

Lieutenant Governor

Joe Markley

Jayme Stevenson

Erin Stewart

U.S. Senator

Matthew Cory

Dominic Rapini

State Senator 23rd District

John Rodriguez

Casimir “Caz” Mizera

State Rep 128th District

Luis Colon

Ethan Book


Thad Gray

Art Linares


Kurt Miller

Mark Greenberg

Attorney General

Sue Hatfield

John Shaban



  1. I never have nor ever will vote for a professional politician. There entire goal in life is to obtain power. They are grown up versions of the safety patrol and hall monitors.

  2. *** Much too soon, however with Trump in the W/H & the complete disregard of the republicans to stand strong & together against some of the blatant criminal type behavior & violation of peoples human & civil rights. Along with the constant child-like tweaks & lying in public and on the news. I certainly will not be voting for any republicans regardless on weather their the better opponent or not! ***


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