Working Families Party Endorses Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner, who is challenging Democratic endorsed Dennis Bradley in an August primary for the open seat in the 23rd State Senate district, has been endorsed by the Connecticut Working Families Party. Incumbent Ed Gomes, who’s backing Turner, is retiring.

“Our campaign is committed to addressing the systemic issues that affect our people on a daily basis, and receiving the Working Families Party endorsement reflects that,” Turner stated. “As someone who was born and raised here, I know that we need to do more to assist working families with affordable childcare programs, better wages for fair work, and more job training that will lead to sustainable careers and not simply temporary jobs.”

“We need to improve our public education system and support locally owned businesses. I believe that the skills, knowledge, and passion to improve this district already exists right here, we just need to do more to listen to our people and give them the support they need to thrive.”

Sauda Baraka, Chair of the Bridgeport Working Families Party Town Committee and former Chair of the Bridgeport Board of Education, spoke about the endorsement earlier this week. “We endorse candidates whose priorities align with everyday working people, not political insiders, or people unwilling to stand up to the establishment when necessary,” Baraka said. “Aaron has built his campaign from the ground up, and it is the very working families that we fight for day in and day out that have gravitated towards his message. We know that if elected working families will have a strong advocate in Hartford who will answer to all the people of this district, not only the powerful few.”



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