Where’s Wilbur Chapman? ‘C’mon, Wilbur’

Ganim, Chapman
Ganim with Chapman in 2015. CT Post photo.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Earlier this year some City Council members sought to trim the budget by defunding the $120,000 public safety adviser job Mayor Joe Ganim created for a political ally, ex-Police Chief Wilbur Chapman …

The joke was that Bridgeport had three police chiefs: Chapman; Joseph Gaudett, who was chief up until earlier this year, when Ganim hired him as a public safety communications contractor to get Gaudett out of his contract; and Armando “A.J.” Perez, the career cop and Ganim loyalist whom the returned mayor made chief.

Plus Chuck Paris, the police union head who endorsed Ganim, has had a far more visible presence in Ganim’s City Hall.

Just weeks after the new municipal budget that funded Chapman’s position for a full year was passed, Chapman stormed out of City Hall in early July. The rumor was he had quit. Chapman returned to work a few days later, acknowledging he had been angry over “inefficiencies” but had intended to return to the office.

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  1. Scott Burns,
    YOU are Co-Chair of the Budget Committee. Demand answers from the Mayor, from the Council’s President, from the Mayor’s Chief of Staff or whatever Danny’s title is.
    You are weak and inefficient if you allow people to walk all over you.

  2. Scott, submit a budget transfer to move these funds out of the salaries account or whatever account they used to fund this position into the contingency account until such time as you receive a complete accounting of what had been budgeted and a detailed plan as to what is happening going forward.
    Scott, you work for the voters and taxpayers of the city and not for Joe Ganim and Tommy Mac. Grow a set or step aside.

  3. The council funds this position for $100,000. Wilbur is a no-show. Ganim and OPM (other people’s money) spend it any way they want.
    Never happened when I was co-chair of B&A.

  4. No one, I repeat, no one needs Wilbur Chapman. He’s a hatchet man, and was a contingency measure to assist the current chief, just in case. However, a guy like AJ will never need a guy like Chapman. They are nothing alike, Chapman adds no value, Mr. Mayor, and you know it.

  5. Here is another example where the fat has to be trimmed. Get rid of Chapman; the mayor does not need some advisor. He has four deputy chiefs what in hell do they do to earn their pay? Hell go ask any road supervisor what he or she needs to effectively police the city. They and their people are out on the street every day, not no-show albatrosses on the taxpayers.

    Enough of Wilbur, he must go.


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