What’s In Your Tax Bill? ‘Bridgeport Buzz’ Brochure Highlights City Advancements

Image from Bridgeport Buzz newsletter features Mayor Joe Ganim and City Council members Eneida Martinez and Ernie Newton at right.

Nothing like the power of incumbency to showcase public improvements, especially heading into an election year, a rite of passage for many chief elected officials leveraging the candy store to sweeten voter interest. In the old days that meant a simple one-page letter extolling accomplishments inserted into tax bills.

For Mayor Joe Ganim it now takes the form of a newsletter called “Bridgeport Buzz” that opens with an image of the Perry Memorial arch fronting Seaside Park and segues into what’s happening in City Hall such as the appointment of AJ Perez as police chief, East End revitalization projects and citywide sidewalk improvements.

Incumbents regaling constituents with taxpayer dough is hardly new–local, state and federal officials do it–but it’s a reminder how their dollars are being spent, as well as an insight into what government officials believe will move them.

When city taxpayers open January installment envelopes, it’ll feature the following “Bridgeport Buzz” newsletter, printed in house:

Police Chief Named

Armando ‘AJ’ Perez will serve as the City of Bridgeport’s Chief of Police. This 5-year appointment follows an extensive search and selection process that included community forums and feedback along with candidate written and oral tests and panel interviews. Chief Perez has served the City of Bridgeport in the police department for over 36 years.

Chief Perez has been dedicated to improving public safety and community relations in our city. Over the last few years, he has proven to be a leader by increasing the department’s efficiency through technology in emergency communications, and police equipment. Most recently and importantly he has returned to the fundamentals of training and community policing that our city needs to build a department that residents can rely on and trust.

Civic Block Development

It has been over 40 years since the East End has had a grocery store in their neighborhood. After years of community effort and public support, a retail plaza will revitalize the Civic Block to complement the $6MM Newfield Library project. Bridgeport-based, minority business owner Anthony Stewart of Ashlar Construction LLC and his team have been selected to construct a retail plaza that features a neighborhood grocery store, bakery, hair salon, laundromat, medical services, pharmacy, and restaurant. Mr. Stewart’s proposal represents an additional $7MM investment to the Civic Block neighborhood.

Sidewalk Repair Progress

C I T Y W I D E  S I D E W A L K  R E P A I R S  T R I P LE

Bridgeport’s Sidewalk Repair Pilot Program was created to improve quality of life conditions that ensure clean and safe pedestrian walkways for our residents and visitors. Since its inception, we have seen the sidewalk repair requests triple. By relieving some of the financial burden on homeowners, this program has been able to repair more than 150 sidewalks across the City in 2018! There is still more work to be done and we encourage residents to continue to reach out and take advantage of the program. Identify your suggested sidewalk repair location by calling (203) 576-7236.



  1. To paraphrase a dear friend Andy Fardy “this is bull shit!”
    What a waste of money. They should at least put in there how much it cost to do this and did the city Print Shop do it for free.


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