1. I am honestly saddened by Andy’s passing. Losing a close family member is always difficult, but during the holiday season makes it even more difficult.

      Pat, Shawn and Seth, please call on me if there is anything I can do to help you.

  1. Pat, my sincere condolences to your family, both nuclear and extended, in your loss. May God be pleased with Andy’s time on earth and may God’s grace comfort you during this difficult time.

  2. Pat, my deepest sympathy to you and the family. You should know that during these difficult times of a lost of a loved one that Andy gave his best in everything.

  3. My friend,
    You left all of us too soon. When we met ten years ago, you were Town Committee, new to OIB turf, but knowledgeable about Bridgeport politics. Whether lunch at Testo’s, a Park Commission hearing, or DTC, you were plugged in. I showed up as Beacon2 in those early days and we found some Irish heritage and concern about public funds in common. Budget Oversight Bridgeport or most commonly BOB was the acronym we applied to those annual pursuits when we would show up at B&A meetings, to be told that we had no right to speak. So we learned, slowly but surely, that municipal process was basically closed, unaccountable except for State laws, and opaque to the sight of most, including those folks who were tasked with OVERSIGHT responsibility. I am talking about most City Council representatives for whom you had a litany of names best forgotten at this moment.
    Your life as a: “Firefighter – Bravery and Brotherhood”.
    Now it is your time to be peaceful, for eternity, and sure that is a long time. But when you have a moment to turn from heavenly delights, will you share a smile with us as a sign that you have some better news for us? Time will tell.


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