What’s In Your Crystal Ball?

Do you have a resolution? As we segue into 2013, what’s on the horizon for the state’s largest city?

We enter a generally sleepy election cycle for all 20 members of the City Council as well as five Board of Education seats. Who will seek reelection? Who will–or should–pack it in?

Will the Board of Education offer school chief Paul Vallas a long-term contract?

On the development front, will final details be ironed out between the city, state and Bass Pro Shops so the mega outdoor retailer becomes a major tenant at the Steel Point redevelopment area on the East Side?

What goodies will the city’s eight-member state legislative delegation bring back to the district as the General Assembly convenes next week?

How many Republican candidates for governor will emerge to challenge Democratic incumbent Dannel Malloy in 2014?

Will the president and Congress actually do something about gun control or will everyone just forget about Sandy Hook kids?

Enjoy the day, the night and 2013. Remember, don’t drink drunk.



  1. I see at least six council members who could be in trouble. I see a grassroots effort to go after these six. The six are Marty McCarthy, Evette Brantley, Rev. Olson, Bob Curwen or his replacement, Ayala (NF), Denese Taylor-Moye.
    Rich Paoletto and Warren Blunt should pack it in along with all city council members employed by the city.

  2. Following Andy Fardy and L.E. I hope no one chooses to regard our comments as from the THREE WISE MEN. (After all Andy and I have speculated at one time or another where L.E. purchases aluminum foil.) But at this moment of time, I appreciate Andy’s focus on vulnerable City Council members and Local’s emphasis on “excellence” at whatever you do. We will need both elements in our kit this year to find ourselves better off in 365 days than we are now. For at this moment we are speculating about the “fiscal cliff.”

    How do you envision this “fiscal cliff?” Is it a feature of the landscape that looks out for miles around and as you get closer to the ‘edge’ you get more fearful you will shoot out into open space to fall over the cliff? Or do you see the cliff as a predominant feature of the landscape whose size is so huge it blocks all other views, and as you come up to the face of it it is unavoidable to see your financial duty for the rest of your life is to pay the enormous trillion dollar obligations legislators and executive officials along with regulators have fashioned without ever telling the truth of the situation. Cliff notes? No. Cliff bar? No, again. Financial cliff? For the rest of your life, fear not, it will be with us. Time will tell.

  3. I see Mayor Finch removing the vote yes sign from his front lawn that is still there and maybe removing all the other vote yes signs all over the city. The election has long been over. Get over it!

  4. Maybe on this blog we can come up with names to challenge the six people I have mentioned. Think about it. How about Mojo, Gabrielle Parisi, Ann Barney just to name a few. Anyone have any other names?


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