What Now For Christina Ayala? Teacher Needs New Lesson Plan

Hernandez, Ayala
Christina Ayala shares a moment with veteran East Side Democratic political operative Gil Hernandez on the day of her primary win in August. Photo by Jim Callahan.

Christina Ayala is no dummy. The 29-year-old single mom of a six-year-old daughter has a master’s of education from the University of Bridgeport. She speaks English, Spanish and French. By profession she is a site manager for the city’s anti-poverty organization Action for Bridgeport Community Development where she manages the day-to-day functions for two early-learning centers, Ella Jackson on Connecticut Avenue and Bassick Head Start on Fairfield Avenue. Basically, she’s a teacher. Teacher needs a new personal lesson plan. Two arrests since August–for leaving the scene after an auto accident and then for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend on Monday–say so. She’s four weeks from receiving the oath of office to serve in the Connecticut State House and needs to dig deep about what her conduct says to her peers at work, the kids she represents as well as the constituents from the city’s East Side and Hollow she’ll represent as a lawmaker in Hartford.

It’s hard to imagine political pressure forcing her to step aside before she’s sworn into office. What leverage do local pols have? But if she continues down this path a state judge could very well solve it for her by issuing an involuntary vacation. Then she will lose her voting privileges and then she must give up her seat.

Neither of these misdemeanor cases, in general, rise to the level of jail time, but given her quest for public office and her inability to keep her temper in check, she risks facing a judge annoyed with her conduct. In the State of Connecticut, electors do not lose voting privileges, thus the right to serve in public office, unless incarcerated on a felony charge. If the police account is accurate Christina also showed arrogance waving her elected status when cops showed up to the domestic complaint filed by her boyfriend. When it comes to elected officials, most judges weigh this sort of thing.

To be fair, her boyfriend Pedro Rodriguez-Ortiz is no boy scout in this adventure. He too, according to the police report, was pinched for allegedly yelling and swearing at cops after police found him in an intoxicated state. In isolation, this incident could have been any number of Bridgeport families or for that matter any number of political families.

The Connecticut Post Editorial Board, for one, says Christina should step down. Should she? If she doesn’t, what leverage is there to force such an action? More from CT Post here followed by Post editorial.

From the CT Post:

State Rep.-elect Christina Ayala, arrested now two times in less than four months, needs to step aside and a special election should be arranged as soon as legally possible to find her replacement.

Should she not resign, leaders of the Democratic Party–both in Bridgeport and in Hartford–need to convince her to do so.

Her erratic behavior over the last four months would raise serious questions about her judgment in any environment.

She’s going to go to Hartford next month and start weighing in on laws that will affect the rest of us? Come on.

The 29-year-old would-be legislator should have dropped out of the political picture after her arrest last August, when she allegedly fled the scene of a car accident just a few blocks from a bar owned by her father, Tito, a long-time Democratic Party figure. In that case, she was charged with evading responsibility and running a red light in an unregistered car. Two minors were in her car.

This was the day after she won a Democratic primary that made her the party’s candidate to represent the city’s 128th District, which covers parts of the city’s West and East Sides.

Now, she was arrested Monday night and charged with breach of peace after an argument with her boyfriend.

Even more troubling was the report from the arresting officer that Ayala brought up her status as a legislator-elect in suggesting that police leave.

The residents of the 128th District, just like everyone else, need good representation in Hartford.

They are saddled now with a young woman who needs to get her personal and legal affairs in order before she starts wielding influence over others.



  1. The behavior of the newly elected state rep is certainly troubling. I wonder, has this type of behavior just started or is it a continuation of problems she has had before she was elected.
    I think it’s time for her to resign and get her life in order. It’s a shame to see this happen to anyone let alone a newly elected state rep.

  2. www .parkerfordchurch.com/blog/2012/08/13/prayer-pals-program-poised-to-proceed/
    A much younger version of Local Eyes makes a wish after listening to his teacher: I promise never to slap anyone again because I don’t want to get arrested and go to jail. (internal monologue: Besides, I might want to run for political office someday.)

    Once the judge tells you to stay away from your boyfriend, your ability to navigate the complex relationships found in Hartford has been challenged.

  3. The acquisition of knowledge does not an intelligent person make. What it does make is someone who is probably a very good cocktail party conversationalist.

    This woman lacks emotional intelligence, common sense, maturity and leadership potential. She has brought the already dreadfully low standards bar in Bridgeport below sea level. She’d better grow gills.

    This event does not shock. Christina, after all, has many friends in low places.

    1. Well said, ZL … add to her education is “you cannot teach stupid behavior.” Her behavior indicates terrible social behavior. The entitlement issue of her uncle and mother and cousin relationships doesn’t make her any more important than any of us.

  4. Just because one has a title–any title–it doesn’t mean that person has learned everything there is to be learned. Before she (Christina) was a teacher, she was a student. Regardless of the level of education or title a person possesses, learning never stops. I’m not sure if Christina reads OIB. On August 17, 2012, I posted the following comment to the August 16, 2012 hit and run topic:

    “… One of the things one has to consider when running for political office is whether he or she is willing to become a ‘public figure’ and what does it mean.
    “Plain and simple, your life is public information. Anything you do or say will be seen or heard. Nice things will be said. The minute you screw up … Just ask mom and she will tell you. When serving in political office, more is expected of you–above and beyond. All property taxes must be paid, there is not much privacy–personal or professional. No driving while texting or sexting if you’re like yadoofy. NO DRINKING and DRIVING. Don’t even throw a lit cigarette out the window of your car. Keep your friends close if they are on the level as far as you know. Keep enemies even closer …”

  5. Amazing. This Ayala twit is going to get a $35,000 paycheck for her work in the State House PLUS she keeps her city salary. Whoever cut that deal is surely worthy of Top 10 Calamarians.

    1. yahooy, how about a Top 10 Calamarian list, one name each day leading up to Christmas Eve? It would be a nice complement to my fried calamari. We miss the Philistine of the Week award. I think I made that list once or twice.

  6. *** Being politically correct does not guarantee being a good legislator. Also in a court of law you are innocent ’til proven guilty of minor human error, no? Because to err is human and experience teaches us that sooner or later! *** TIME WILL TELL! ***

  7. Then perhaps Tita should wait until later to become a legislator. If she does not realize she needs to be a role model by taking a public office, when SHOULD she be a role model? If there was ever a good time not to be involved in hit and run and domestic violence, isn’t this it? She has not even been sworn in yet. Public officials have been asked to step down for less. There is no substantial reason for her to be an exception. She has done nothing great to counterbalance these lapses in judgement and the red flag is flying high on the flag pole. She should resign or be asked to.

    1. *** Who, pray tell, decides when it’s a good time to be involved in a careless hit & run or minor domestic disturbance? And I don’t need legislators to be real role models, I need them to do the jobs they were elected to do and do it well! (example) Bill Clinton, great president yet lousy role model, no? While running for the White House, actually still had a warrant on the books for draft dodging after getting an opportunity to join the N/G. Which shows people who have been guilty of poor judgement in many ways can learn from those mistakes and move on to become a better person. She’s not in office yet but will start with already two strikes against her; time will tell! *** REALITY CHECK ***

  8. Zena, she isn’t going to resign of her own accord. She’s the type of person who has to be told. Remember, the witness to the accident she caused had to convince her to return to the scene. She may be well educated, but didn’t understand the lessons that were taught in any school.

    1. With all due to one of the posters on OIB who is the MOST objective and possess more common sense than the whole Finch administration; as of this point in my life, I have not done as she has done. The fat lady is not singing yet though:)

  9. Americo Santiago is full of shit. On June 21, 2012, Andres Ayala contributed $100 dollars to Elect Christina Ayala Committee 2012, as shown on her committee campaign filings under contribution ID #0008.

    His campaign manager, Americo Santiago, said Wednesday Andres over the past several months has kept his distance, politically, from Christina, allowing other party leaders to determine whether she would be his successor.

    “He did not endorse her as saying, ‘Christina Ayala is the candidate I would love to have replace me,'” Santiago said.

    Read more: www .ctpost.com/local/article/Arrest-raises-questions-about-Ayala-s-ability-to-4094781.php


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