What A Mess, Acting Attorney General Yates Tells Trump To Stick It, Trump Fires Her

We don’t often do this on OIB, stray from pure local news, but in light of the international implications of Donald Trump’s executive order that will impact Bridgeport as well, we present this story from The New York Times:

President Trump fired his acting attorney general on Monday after she defiantly refused to defend his immigration executive order, accusing the Democratic holdover of trying to obstruct his agenda for political reasons.

Taking action in an escalating crisis for his 10-day-old administration, Mr. Trump declared that Sally Q. Yates had “betrayed” the administration, the White House said in a statement.

The president appointed Dana J. Boente, United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, to serve as acting attorney general until Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is confirmed.

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  1. Does anyone remember The Saturday Night Massacre by President Nixon?

    The Saturday Night Massacre was the term used by political commentators to refer to U.S. President Richard Nixon’s dismissal of independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and as a result the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus on October 20, 1973, during the Watergate scandal.

    Now we have the Monday Night Massacre, time will tell (JML).

    1. Ms. Yates was performing the duties she swore “… to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

      Mr. Trump’s executive order was and is in violation of the First Amendment of the United Sates Constitution, the part that states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” The office of President is part of Congress. The ACLU fired the first salvo. More to follow.

  2. Lennie, even though it is not ‘local,’ it is political and we know all politics is local. Nixon’s actions, we understood later, were part of his intense denial and retaliation. It appears the Democrat party game plan is to obstruct the Trump administration at every opportunity.

  3. Oh Tom White; stop it, man. Your president is a former reality TV star who bragged about sexually assaulting women, cheated hundreds of contractors and workers out of pay, insulted the family of a slain Muslim soldier, mocked a disabled reporter, sent out mean-girl tweets to a former beauty queen at 3am like a psychotic ex-boyfriend, avoided paying millions in tax obligations, and made a whole political career out of resurrecting the racist birther movement with continuous assaults on President Obama.

    You had Mitchell McConnell saying in 2010 his job was to make president Obama a one-term president and this very same Republican Party that spent eight solid years making President Obama’s life a living hell, obstructing and blocking everything he proposed under the sun all while hurling vile and racist attacks on the man, well, suddenly wants the country to come together and sing kumbaya and accept the electoral outcome. Give me a flucking break. I know you guys say I interject race into everything, but only a white man would say forget about all the things I did to you and let’s put that in the past so we can live together harmoniously. We as a people have been hearing that garbage for 400 years and it’s gotten old so you can cut that shit out, Tom.

  4. Donald Day, Democrats are using obstructionism because they lost their majority in both chambers of Congress and now they lost the presidency to a “former reality TV star.” How did this happen?
    Trump is surrounding himself with competent people and following through with his populist agenda. No need to sing kumbaya. Yes, change is coming to America.

    1. Donald Trump secured the most electoral college votes and became the 45th President of the United States some few days ago. Whether he is a genuine supporter of ‘populist’ issues or merely a spokesperson sufficient to win the electoral votes necessary will not be convincingly seen for many months to come. Governing is difficult and calls for skill sets, temperament, and an ability to seem Presidential (in this case). The best that can be said so close to the inauguration is the jury is out on these qualifications. And assuming all of the nominees are competent, their work can be undercut by having to put out fires and failure to sufficiently huddle up to carry out well-designed plans, that can then be executed with precision. So we are in the shakedown period and should not look for initial excellence.

      There was another election, 140 years ago, where a Democrat from NY, Samuel Tilden won the popular vote but the electoral college was in such disarray that a Congressional group worked out the Compromise of 1877 that provided enough votes for Rutherford Hayes, Republican from Ohio to have 185 Electoral votes to 184 for Tilden and as part of the “deal” Hayes was to remove the US military installed in the South to administer “Reconstruction.” When the military disappeared, slowly the equality of all Americans was put to a test. Blacks who had been freed lost out big time as the Jim Crow rules and attitudes prevailed and civil rights were ignored too long. We live with this fallout today and it is a grievous loss to the rights and freedoms people of all colors support and salute. Can we do more with focus? And with enforcement? Is this a populist message? Time will tell.

  5. *** As time goes on and the shit gets deep, more and more Trump supporters and admin. members will jump ship, no doubt! Can you say “Impeachment” within the next four years??? *** God Help Us All ***

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