Senator Gomes: Trump Is A Racist

McLevy Green rally
Rally against Trump policies at McLevy Green. CT Post photo Brian Pounds

In March of 1860 Abraham Lincoln appeared in what is now known as McLevy Hall with the temerity, fortitude and force of will to appeal to the greater sense of people in the face of incredible odds, ignorance and fear. About one year after his appearance there he’d receive the oath of office as president of the United States. Monday night at McLevy Green protesters rallied against President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban that they argue appeals to ignorance and fear. The plain-speaking State Senator Ed Gomes called Trump a racist.

CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer has more:

Pete Spain
City resident Pete Spain, right, holds sign at rally. CT Post photo Brian Pounds.

Isa Mujahid is the leader of Connecticut Corps Organize Now, another group that helped organize the rally.

“Our purpose is to eliminate racial inequities in our state,” Mujahid said. “We want to make Bridgeport a sanctuary city.”

State Sen. Ed Gomes, of Bridgeport, brought the crowd to a fever pitch, after he proclaimed: “We have a president who is a racist, and Bridgeport will stand against what this president stands for. In Hartford, we will stand against any ruling he makes that does not support our immigrants.”

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  1. Andy,
    Because it’s not the same.

    Trump’s executive order was not passed by Congress.

    Also, the bill that was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama–“H.R. 158 rider [included in] the must-pass budget bill, the Omnibus Appropriations Bill 2015–did not actually block travel or immigration by residents or citizens of any particular countries; rather, it terminated travel privileges afforded persons previously covered under the Visa Waiver Program.”

    For more, read:

  2. Andy, it also has to do with the outrageous abuse of process employed by President Trump. We’re assured the Department of Homeland security was on board. Heavens, no! The new secretary was being briefed on the executive order–with nary a chance to study it or process it or discuss it with his new staff–when he looked up to find the President signing the executive order on television. Did someone ever so casually use the word “betrayal?” The White House’s treatment of Homeland Security and its own new secretary sure looks like a betrayal to me. Who runs a business, much less a national government, like this? It made Homeland Security and its TSA unit, as well as its ICE and CBP units, look foolish, ill-prepared, unprofessional, and unAmerican. The White House betrayed the people it counts on, including union members who supported Trump, in its haste. The result: My American values were betrayed. That is why I was at McLevy Green last night. That and many more reasons. #NoHateNoFear #NoBanNoWall #LoveTrumpsHate @SideOfLove

  3. Here’s why Trump’s Muslim ban makes literally NO sense: it bans people from countries whose citizens have never attacked the United States.

    Number of Americans Killed by their Citizens (1975-2005)

    IRAN 0 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? YES

    IRAQ 0 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? YES

    LIBYA 0 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? YES

    SOMALIA 0 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? YES

    SYRIA 0 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? YES

    YEMEN 0 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? YES

    SAUDI ARABIA 2369 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? NO

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 314 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? NO

    EGYPT 162 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? NO

    LEBANON 159 Included in Trump’s Muslim Ban? NO


  4. Great Vigil yesterday evening. S/O to Rep. Stafstrom for giving an amazing speech!

    My only hope is the Mayor is actually on board with this. Kind of ironic seeing him give a speech in front of a protest sign with a photo of himself and Trump.

  5. All these demonstrations are much ado about nothing. The fact is, exit polls after the election said 53% of white women and 63% of white men voted for Trump, when they should have been working their asses off to see that he wasn’t elected. Now they want to get out there and demonstrate because their inaction and might I say ignorance, resulted in what will go down as the worst president in American history. White people, you need to do what Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said about President Obama in 2010, I will work to see he is a one-term president.

  6. I will not say he is not a racist, I just don’t know if he’s any more racist than anyone on this blog. He is definitely more misogynist than racist, in my opinion.

    Ron (All things Black, or Democrat),
    Ron, was this before or after Nixon launched initiatives to fight cancer and illegal drugs, imposed wage and price controls, enforced desegregation of Southern schools, and introduced legislation to reform healthcare and welfare? Established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and signed into law the Clean Air Act and National Environmental Policy Act.

    This is a Devil in this detail. If you look at the people who were caught and returned under Bush’s immigration policy and Obama’s immigration policy, you will see Bush’s policy stopped immigrants at the border, and he deported fewer than Obama. Obama’s immigration policy stopped fewer at the border and deported more immigrants. Catching an illegal immigrant and returning them and deportation are two different policies.

    Think about it. It’s not solely about immigration. It’s about how you are dealing with it and fighting against illegal immigration. What is more cruel and inhumane, stopping an immigrant from entering the country or allowing them in get in, settled, give them some sense of life and hope here in American and then go after them to deport them?

    It’s like cop sees someone driving drunk and knows they’re going to crash (because they’re going to cause it) but instead of stopping the driver, they waited for them to crash. Did I mention the cop will cause the crash?

    You were a fireman. It’s like if you see smoke and knew it’s going to create a fire. But you waited until the smoke turned into a fire and burned down the home before you put it out. Did I mention you started the smoke that caused the fire to burn the house?

    That’s heartless stuff and that’s what had been going on for the last eight years under the Obama Democrat immigration policy and it was met with silent protest for eight years.

    When I hear border wall I hear immigrants will be stopped at the border from coming into this country illegally and will not be allowed to settle into the country, given a sense of hope, just to get thrown out from the country.

    No! Ron, I didn’t hear about The Saturday Night Massacre by President Nixon. I’m sure that is not part of your vast political knowledge of President Nixon. Just as his accomplishments weren’t part of mine. Where did you get that talking-point? However an employee who resigned because they refused to do their lawful, legal obligation is not considered a massacre.

    As a firefighter if you were called to a house fire, you refused to put it out and then you resigned. Would you characterize it as a massacre? Words have meaning and implications. I would characterize it as “Saturday Night’s Insubordination Resignation.” Not a massacre.

    I’m not here to defend Trump. I will however tell you why I’m hopeful in Trump presidency. It’s obviously clear, both parties’ rhetoric and their actions don’t always match to what they seem to state or stand for, or at least using common language that is easily understood. But a lie is lie no matter how it’s implemented, “Matthew 7:15.” Let’s face it, politicians don’t really stand for anything and party lines moved like a line in the Civil War that are hard to determine.

    Why I’m hopeful of a Trump presidency? It is simple, he is not a politician, and he didn’t really what to be president.

    He claimed to be Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Reformer. It’s also clear as a politician who stands for nothing he doesn’t ever stand for a party. So maybe this country, and humanity, and I say humanity because we protest and pat ourselves on the back as a self-serving gesture to grant 10,000 Syrian refugees peace and comfort in America and dismiss the rest, and while both parties argue about granting the 10,000 Syrians refuges peace and comfort, there are over 11 million Syrians either refugees or displaced Syrians, so what about the remaining 10,990,000 Syrians?

    To put the Syrian refuges crisis in perspective, there are 11 million illegal immigrants living in America, based on the humanity level 10,000 illegal immigrants would be allowed to stay and the remaining 10,990,000 would have to go. It would equal the stance America humanitarian crisis in Syria and its people. But if that 0.000909091 percent of humanitarian makes you feel like you really care and are solving a humanitarian crisis in Syria, protest by all means.

    So maybe, just maybe a president who didn’t want the job and is hated by his own party, insulted every ethic group, race, gender, religion, from a veteran POW to Caitlyn Jenner, from Jews to Muslims, to Rosie O’Donnell to Miss Universe. He even insulted a cow by trying to sell steaks in a mail-order electronic catalog.

    A non-politician, whose presidential run was a joke to the entire world when he came down the escalator and started his campaign, like he was a character out of The Simpsons, by calling Mexicans rapists, and was mocked and ridiculed by Republicans and Democrats alike. I hope he will not only use them both to advance issues this country and its people are facing but for humanity around the world. What both parties and America’s might has failed do on behalf of the American people and humanity?

    PS Ron, massacre is what is taking place in urban black communities in Chicago and around the country. I would be more concerned about the press’ silence about the 30,000 killed in Chicago alone since that day, U.S. President Richard Nixon’s dismissal of independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and as a result the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus on October 20, 1973. Not to mention the 100,000s shot. I dare not venture into other crimes. But you keep up the good work in informing OIB on who quit their job.

    OIB, thanks for the writing lessons, but I have another subject to attend to, and I can’t focus on two things at once. My simple mind will not allow it. I depart with this.

    Bam I’m out. 🙂

    1. Tom White, I used to respect you and you were were a source of info on Bridgeport politics, City Council issues etc. But lately you have gone way off the rails. I don’t know what happened.

    2. Ho hum?

      The protest was for the 1-24-17 EO from Trump entitled:
      “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States”

      Ho hum?

      The EO will “make us less safe …” according to retired United States Air Force four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, MICHAEL HAYDEN. He is “very concerned.”

  7. Tom White, you are a disgrace, insensitive and finally I realize why you were fired. What pisses me off more than that is I missed that dark, bad side of you. Robert T., you’re correct, the white men and women of this country voted this monster into office because some couldn’t imagine a woman in the highest office, and others were just ignorant. Well we’re all stuck with him now, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept his actions. I’m personally hoping our multi-structured form of government will eventually stop this mentally challenged freak of nature, and get rid of him one way or another. I know the way I choose to see him go, but I can’t share that in print. As for Ganim and his immigrant friend Testa, they’d better get with the program because it will take more than our minority community to save their collective ass. My guess is our minorities will have no intention to put their hard work into reelecting Ganim so the few so-called “minority leaders” will enjoy the fruits of their labor. Come on Ralph Ford, I don’t always agree with you, but I never knew you to be a complete fool. Holloway has to go quietly into the night, 24 years of occupying a council seat with no outstanding accomplishments is not fair to the up-and-coming men and women in the district you represent. You’ve been around too long to worry about ruffling a few feathers.

    1. Lisa, if all you got out of what I wrote is I called Trump a monster, I’m sorry. Your “white privilege” colorblindness is no different than Ron’s blackness colorblindness. Ron, the Democrat party was the party of slavery, black subjugation and segregation. The Democrat past and how blacks were treated under their rule is not some type of inference but a fact. If you want people to remember the past of Trump and his stands for the death penalty of murders, you must also ask them to remember the past of the Democrat Party and their treatment of blacks.

      Lisa, I’m sorry I’m going to be a little mean here because you invoked me to something I take slight to. To clarify, my post was not to call Trump a monster or what you insinuated what you said, but a Trump presidency as a weapon UN-beholden to any politician or political party or their personal or political agenda. If he is a monster that’s more the better. The monster that needs to be defeated here is the political back stabbing, lying, cheating game of politics. If uncheck caused destructive harmful and unnecessary suffering, I hope Trump’s presidency realigns it. Lisa, I can only assume Ganim didn’t give you something for your help with his reelection. That’s why you’re against him now.

      Reality Check, according to the “votes” it wasn’t just the whites who put Trump into office, it was the blacks and Latinos too. More blacks and Latinos voted for Trump than Romney and fewer blacks and Latinos voted for Hillary than Obama. Funny thing about power it has nothing to do with the individual it’s given and it is taken away. It’s simple, time is up.

      1. Robert, read carefully what I’m saying to you. Don’t you ever assume anything about me, especially since you know squat about who I am and what I’ve accomplished. Just know I’ve been kind to you in the past, I’ve even gone so far as to read some of your comments that were not legible, so poorly written it was at times difficult to understand what you were trying to impart, so don’t piss me off with your premature assumptions. Let’s get this straight, since you obviously have no knowledge or experience in Bridgeport’s politics or players, I’ll stick to just the past mayoral election. I supported Joe Ganim with every political fiber I possess. There was NEVER any discussion of “reward” between us. He knows me as well as I know him. He knew I would never take a subordinate position with him under any circumstances. I believe he appreciates my help, and it ends there. I was a willing giver, and he was a happy taker. No more, no less. So watch what you say buster, I have no idea what you look like or where you come from, but I assure you, you don’t want to run into a pissed-off me, I’ll slay you with words alone. Now when Andy reads this, it will drive him crazy, you see he goes on the attack with me whenever I defend a strong woman, or go after a weak man. One more point I want to make, as a public figure I never tainted my position or reputation with greed or the acceptance of any “reward.” Be very careful what’s committed to the written word, because if there’s any innuendo or falsehoods written against me, I will make Maria P. look like a girl scout.

        1. You’re right, sorry for assuming. I don’t know why you supported Joe and why you’re not in support him now. I don’t care. I’m not a player in Bridgeport politics. I will take back the white privilege comment, sorry for that. However no way did my post remotely suggest, imply or assume I was correct in assessment “Robert T., you’re correct, the white men and women of this country voted this monster into office because some couldn’t imagine a woman in the highest office, and others were just ignorant. Well we’re all stuck with him now, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept his actions.”
          I don’t know how you could interpret my post in such a way, but you did. Thanks for pointing out my learning disability. I’m fully aware of it. It’s been a struggle in such a harsh and cruel world. On second thought, why are you no longer a supporter of Mr. Ganim? I want to assume he obviously did something to lose your support. That word liable is a word Trump uses a lot when he going to sue someone. Lisa, I’m so poor if someone tried to sue me for being liable and wanted money they would just be practicing.

  8. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana was a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist.”

    Donald J. Trump rarely apologizes. When it comes to the case of the Central Park Five, he has never even come close.

    In 1989, after these black and Latino teenagers from Harlem were accused of assaulting and raping a white woman in Central Park, Mr. Trump spent $85,000 placing full-page ads in the four daily papers in New York City, calling for the return of the death penalty.

    “Muggers and murderers,” he wrote, “should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.” Though he didn’t refer to the teenagers by name, it was clear to anyone in the city he was referring to them.

    Incredibly, 14 years after their sentences were vacated based on DNA evidence and the detailed and accurate confession of a serial rapist named Matias Reyes, a settlement in the case for $41 million was approved by a federal judge on September 5, 2014. Santana, Salaam, McCray, and Richardson will each receive $7.1 million from the city for their years in prison, while Wise will receive $12.2 million. The city did not admit to any wrongdoing in the settlement. The settlement averaged roughly $1 million for each year of imprisonment for the men.

  9. Lisa, we could not vote for a women who was under federal investigation. We could not vote for a women who let Americans die in Benghazi. We could not vote for a women who managed a multimillion dollar fund with her husband. We could not vote for a women who we all know would let her philandering husband run the country. Lisa, you are one of many who have been rewarded by the Democratic party.

    1. It does not take an individual who has been done any favors at all by the Bridgeport political establishment to recognize Trump as a malignant narcissist who has no other purpose but to self-aggrandize in any conceivable manner. News flash: you are just not smart enough in a YUGE and BIGLY way, yo. It’s actually comical how predictable this BAD DUDE is.

  10. Andy, I’ve said before I don’t care how an individual votes. My comments were of a generalized nature and anyone who voted for Trump should view them in that way. As for me, one of many rewarded by the Democratic Party, please explain and give an example, any example. Let’s rule a few out to save you time. I’ve served as a public servant for over 30 years, that represents my time on the City Council and my time on the DTC. I was endorsed to be the Democratic Registrar of Voters, I served one term, two years, and by State Statute that position provided a salary set by the State. I have assisted in the election of candidates I supported and never took one dime for my work nor did I ever ask for anything in return. So in over 40 years I’ve dedicated my time and services, in one way or another, to the City of Bridgeport. Please tell me where the “reward” part comes into play.

  11. Snowflakes, get over it. Here’s the problem with you guys. You cannot accept that an outsider won. Now I am not the biggest Trump fan but I will tell you why Trump won. Because We the People grew tired of the ass-clown Establishment hacks we have in Washington. Republicans and Democrats alike. All they are good for is broken promises and lining their pockets with lobbyist money. Here comes a guy with no political experience, says he’s going to do something and sticks to the agenda. Doesn’t hide it like Mr. non-transparent Obama with his secret deals with Iran to name a few. Iran the number-one sponsor of terrorism who just defied the UN order and tested a midrange ballistic missile. Just saying. Give the guy a chance.

    1. More info on the EO:
      The order states that after 90 days, any foreign nationals will be barred from entry if their home country does not provide “the information needed … to adjudicate any visa, admission, or other benefit” under U.S. immigration law. That would presumably include refugee status.

      A refugee is defined in U.S. and international law as a person with a well-founded fear of being persecuted who does not have the protection of their own government. Often, it is their governments, such as that of Bashar Assad in Syria, that are their persecutors. To expect that a government would provide information about the people it is persecuting and other relevant information to enable the United States to adjudicate the persecution claim is ludicrous.


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