Watch: Senator Bradley Declares Big Tobacco’s Marketing Of Flavored Products ‘Almost An Act Of Genocide’

From Jodi Latina, News 8.

The Bridgeport City Council is looking to join 100 other cities around the country in banning the sale of all flavored tobacco products which includes menthol cigarettes.

The move comes as state lawmakers at the capitol are considering a similar ban.

Bridgeport City Council President Aidee Nieves admits she is hooked. “The mango is one of the things that keeps me going back and got me interested in vaping.”

Nieves is now spearheading the city’s ban on the sale of all flavored tobacco products.

Dr. Magna Dias from Yale New Haven’s Children Hospital says much has been done in the country to stop kids from smoking, but “… it’s really never going to be reduced until we take that flavoring out.”

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  1. The last point, going to have to my admire, who wants a picture of me for about is the bed.

    While traditional cigarettes seem to be harmful to vape and adding flavors to cigarettes is a means to recuperate lost market share that appeals to the younger crowd. It’s not the flavor that the addicting part. It the Drug Nicotine that cigarettes and vaping are the means to deliver it.

    So you have only two real choices to prevent whatever you are trying to accomplish, ban nicotine in the products. Usage will fall by the wayside if the drug is ban in the products. Or tax the shit out of it.

    Either way, since you are talking about a drug. like probation with alcohol, a black market will fill the void. JS

    OK local eyes, for you eyes only, I sent you that picture. Hope you are happy. No,w go back to bed, pleasant dreams, Lover 🤣

  2. Another enlightened, earth-shaking, GA agenda being shaped by Bridgeport’s stellar, work-horse, GA delegation! Flavored tobacco — Bridgeport’s most-lethal, problematic issue…

    Don’t worry about COVID, gang warfare, negative job and tax-base growth… It’s the FLAVORED TOBACCO that’s going to make or break Bridgeport…

    I guess that we should express our gratitude to you, in the same terms as Aidee…


    Well, thank God that we won’t have to worry about Bridgeporters getting shot in open-gang warfare in an atmosphere made DANGEROUS(!) by FLAVORED TOBACCO products.


    We have nothing to fear with Senator Bradley behind the gear!!! (How’s the face-mask policing and massive COVID Party policing going, Senator?! All under control, I’m sure! State’s being kept up on all of Bridgeport’s COVID problems and needs, I’m sure…)

    (DUCK!!!! Shot Spotter just detected separate, moving fussilades near the Greens, PT Barnum, and Trumbull Gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!) (Don’t worry about the cigarettes the shooters are smoking… They’re unflavored….)


    1. Now Jeff. That was funny. A humorous spin on the spot shotter or shot spotter or whatever it’s called.
      And you didn’t bring up the Ivory Coast or the discriminatory zoning or anything else like that.

  3. He takes a good picture and he’s the mayor in waiting after the Biden’s adminstration gives Joey G spot with HUD in Boston lie somebody gives a damm about either one of these guys.


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