Watch: North End Public Safety Meeting

North End City Council members from the 134th District Michelle Lyons and AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia organized a public safety forum Thursday night at Blackham School. OIB friend Steve Krauchick of Doing It Local provides video coverage that opens with Police Chief AJ Perez addressing neighborhood residents.



  1. why did Michelle Lyons and Amy Marie Vizzo-Paniccia decide to hold this meeting two weeks before the City Council meetings. And City of Bridgeport FB site posted this.
    City of Bridgeport, CT – Government is at Blackham School.
    21 hrs · Bridgeport ·
    Public Safety Forum hosted by the 133rd and 134th districts. City Council members bringing together the community.
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    Frank Gyure

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    Peggie Beck Dennehy
    Peggie Beck Dennehy Knew nothing about this. Why isn’t more done to notify people in the districts about these meetings?
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    City of Bridgeport, CT – Government
    City of Bridgeport, CT – Government Connect with your district council representative. They organize and host these forums several times throughout the year.
    City also just launched a new calendar of events – soon you’ll start to see more of these programs there as well.
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    Bonnie Card Ryan
    Bonnie Card Ryan I went to the meeting about 615…I didn’t see the mayor when I was there

  2. This is just another PR event, a puppet show to make the neighborhood feel safe. In actul fact the city has been unresponsive to the misbehavings of SHU students living iphouses that have been rented over calacity by landlords that care more for orofit than safety.

    Black Rock has been troubled by a small group of punks, 12-and 13-year olds on bicycles. They impede traffic, play grab ass with female joggers, threaten physical violence when motorists honk at them. These punks maraud the back streets south of Fairfield Avenue. (If they tried that shit on the Avenue their little asses would be tanned, hard.)

    Residents have clled the BPD but little action has been taken. Residents over here have a right to know why.

          1. All 911 calls go to the State Police which then routes them to the appropriate locl agency.

  3. The chief took too much time in the beginning of the meeting to give stats that were not related to the main concerns of the North End residents. Were were the uniformed supervisors for this meeting and not some guy in a white shirt and some cops in plain clothes?

    You can thank Jackie Coco and her I’ll for the high rise dorm. The North End could of had a regional Little League stadium buy no the dorm topped that. Now they want to build another dorm?

    The lady who called put the chief was right another meeting with the same concerns and a new meeting with the same concerns. The same revolving door like the criminal justice system. These concerns are just a sample of what the residence go through everyday. If more cops lived in the city and had to live with these concerns perhaps there would be less of this.

    Since the chief has put an end to the horses,he should use these cops to enforce stopping for the school buses when the lights are flashing. These same cops could be used to address the speeding and the flagrant moving violations. He has to use the resources that are available. I imagine the horse cops worked the day shift so here is a cost effective way to address all of these concerns.

    1. I agree that more “speed traps” would be benefitial to hopefully get drivers to adhere to the posted speed limits. I know that 25 MPH seems like a snail’s pace (although I usually drive at 30 MPH on city streets ) but should cut down on some of the fender benders and more serious accidents. There are areas, like upper Park Ave, that drivers are travelling at 45-50 MPH. At the very least the fines, that we are able to keep, would add to the city’s coffers.

  4. I never received any information about this meeting. I found out about it here on OIB. this public safety meeting is a good political ploy to make Lyons and Vizzo-Paniccia look like they care about their district. Michelle Lyons told me last winter that she was working on the problems with the basketball courts at Blackham. there is more violence in the 134th, from shootings to home invasions. there are more students living OFF campus with the ruckus that situation brings. what has she done? has anything changed?

  5. The truth of the matter is the city and this and past administrations have over looked breaking the law by SHU students and Bridgeport dwelling owners. If you rent your house to 4 or more students it becomes a rooming house that would now bring in many safety measures.Who will put the students that die in a fire in one of these illegal dwellings in body bags? Who will arrest the Fire Marshal for looking past these illegal dwellings. Wh will arrest the landlord of one of these dwellings if there is a fatal fire. Having the police chief at a meeting is like having a giant circle jerk where everyone faces one way except the chief. Just when are you people going to wake up and get representation that works.

  6. There are only 2 things that can remedy any crime or quality of life issue besides changing people’s behavior. These are money and manpower for any police department in any city that wants to tackle the problem. Oh, and proper deployment, objectives and supervision. I’ve been there done that during the start of the crack epidemic.
    I was at the meeting and someone correct me if I’m wrong but when they spoke about the problems at the closed stop & shop on Madison did the mayor state that he didn’t know who owns that property?!
    Maybe I misunderstood what he said.

  7. “We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty… Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone and provides permission for cruelty and bigotry. The only way to pass along civic values is to first live up to them.”

    George W. Bush, 43rd POTUS

    I posted this on Facebook a few days ago. The Donald was taken to task by George W. Bush and Barack Obama, at separate events. 45 wasn’t mentioned by name but the implications were as clear as a deep blue sky. 

    There are a few parallels between Donald Trump and Joseph P. Ganim. Both won election by appealing to the disenfranchised. Both mislead the public, both made campaign promises that have gone unfulfilled. Both are narcissistic gas bags. And both are antipathetic, passively cruel toward the very people that voted for them.   

    1. The absentee ballot in question was most likely planted by someone in the Town Clerk’s office with connections to the DTC. Just one more cynical ploy to maintain control of the public offices in Bridgeport. Don Clemons, a man held in high regard by many (including several regulars on this blog) was used as a patsy.

      Now, with Judge Bellis “referring” the case to the State’s Attorney (more like an order of the court, actually) the truth will come out. Good. Timeenough to rid City Hall and the Council Chambers of the Evil Empire.

  8. Based on the Vision Apprasial web site Stop& Shop still owns it.

    Owner of Record
    Address PO BOX 6500
    CARLISLE, PA 17013
    Sale Price $1,825,000
    Book & Page 3759/ 18
    Sale Date 07/29/1997

    Hopefully the chief will properly deploy the new Officers in these areas to stamp down these issues. These cops need to be more visible and proactive and not just going to calls. The more traffic enforcement the less accidents there will be and perhaps people will slow down.

    1. I haven’t been to that oart if town for some time. Can’t imagine the neighborhood is all that happy about having an abandoned building in their midst.

  9. Ok Pia I do not know who Ceruzzi is. It was a shady deal that put that store there now it sits empty as many other buildings in the city something the city can I’ll afford to have.

  10. I haven’t been to that oart if town for some time. Can’t imagine the neighborhood is all that happy about having an abandoned building in their midst.

  11. The former Stop & Shop on Madison Avenue is just another example of a landlord leaving property to lie fallow, quality of life be damned. It’s likely the current owners likely think “Hey, it’s Bridgeport. Who cares?” (How long is the tax abatement in that piece of real estate?)

    1. They closed this store even though it was making more than their main St store which is about a mile away.
      They will let this sit empty and become an eyesore then low and behold they will come before zoning with come outlandish proposal siting the empty building compared to what they are offering. Wasnt Ganim mayor when the Dewirst Dairy burnt to the ground

  12. Black Rock could use a public safety meeting. We could use a little traffic enforcement over here. Cars blocking bus stops and driveways, parking in front of fire hydrants, speeding down Fairfield Avenue as if it is a drag strip, etc.

      1. It is sorely needed. People have been complaining of a band of teenage punks roaming Black Rock on bicycles blocking traffic, stalking female joggers, menacing drivers that honk for them to get out of the road… They meet up on Harbor Avenue at Yacht Street. 

  13. I will tell you this chief Perez is full of shit. He states when or now that he has motorcycles he can now do traffic enforcement? What a crock of shit. He is telling resident this crime went down 1% and that crime went down 2 % who gives a shit? People want to know are you catching the thief’s ? are you slowing down traffic? What kind of enforcement is going on with the SHU students? Are you telling us they are handling them with kid gloves and sticking it to our kids who really live ? Where is that little shit thats our mayor Not Interested? Okay! your time is coming. I will tell you this the police brass treats the citizens like they have terminal dumb ass .


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