Watch: News 12 Power & Politics On Primary Result

Breaking down the September 10 primary results for mayor, your host joined CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart for a segment on John Craven’s Power & Politics show on News 12 Connecticut.



  1. As somebody who has ditched cable I dont have news 12 and on primary day news did not report the results as of 9pm even though they had a section to see the results when they came in. Ct post did not have the results as of 9pm the only place that had results was OIb. It says alot about this site. Really good coverage from only in bpt! Best coverage by far.

  2. Lennie,,,, Thank you posting this . Much what was said by you in the last few weeks here on OIB. T was most curious with the last question and,frankly,I was stumped. Craven had the question of why should people outside of Bridgeport care about political results within Bridgeport. As I listened to the question,my mind brew a blank but you nailed it. The suburbs (today at least) are subsidizing the “cities” in Connecticut. 50+ plus years ago it was the other way around. I will always remember your answer.


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