Moore Demands Investigation But Shows No Evidence Of Fraud In Primary Results

She doesn’t specify how, but State Senator Marilyn Moore on Thursday announced she’s contesting the results of Tuesday’s Democratic primary for mayor in which she won the machine count by roughly 350 votes but lost by absentee ballots to incumbent Joe Ganim.

Moore won machine counts in six districts while Ganim captured four districts.

Ganim won the absentee count, according to unofficial numbers, 962 to 303. The latest unofficial results posted on the website of the Connecticut Secretary of State shows Ganim the unofficial winner, factoring in absentee ballots, 5,304 to 5,034.

Further complicating the matter, Moore does not have a ballot spot in the general election when it was thought she’d be the standard bearer of the Connecticut Working Families Party line, but someone, apparently, in her organization or WFP, fumbled the ball along the way in the signature process. Many names on petition sheets circulated by Moore’s campaign for ballot access in the general election were signed by electors outside of Bridgeport, an automatic disqualification, showing a lack of procedural knowledge.

(More to come on that issue)

Internally, there’s a lot of finger-pointing within the Moore campaign operation about 1. How did we lose this thing when it was there for the taking and 2. Who botched the ballot spot for the general election when clearly she’d still be relevant.

In the news release that follows Moore wants state and federal authorities to conduct an investigation without presenting any evidence of fraud, something she’ll need to show a judge if she files a court complaint.

If Moore had a ballot spot in November, would they have kicked out this release?

The release screams one thing: let’s buy time to show we’re doing something until we figure out what went wrong.

From Moore:

On September 10th, thousands of Bridgeport residents went to the polls and demanded change. A clear majority of voters said no to the old politics, in a clear repudiation of a party machine that has stood in the way of progress for far too long.

This demand, however, was denied to voters. Questionable absentee ballots poured in, denying their voice.

Since the election, hundreds of Bridgeporters have called me and my campaign, demanding answers. They want to know what happened at the polls on Tuesday.

They want to know how absentee ballots again contradicted what a clear majority of voters expressed at the polls. They want to know what they can do, what we can do, to right this wrong.

Bridgeporters, community organizations and the press have been asking the authorities when will they step in and do something about absentee ballot abuse for months to no avail. Their silence has been deafening and is antithetical to American Democracy and the ideals, principles and values of the Democratic Party.

I cannot stand aside and let the voters of Bridgeport be silenced. Today, I stand with
Bridgeporters, my community, to demand that the State and National Democratic Party, Governor Ned Lamont, and state and federal authorities conduct a full investigation of absentee ballots cast in the Primary election. The days of staying silent and therefore complicit in blatant voter fraud in Bridgeport must end now.

I will never stop fighting for Bridgeport.

During this campaign, I have put forward my vision for Bridgeport: a city that is transparent and equitable, values education and our youth. A city where all residents feel safe. A city where residents are confident that our tax dollars are being spent responsibly and that City Hall works for all of us, not just the connected few. A Bridgeport we can all be proud of everyday.

My campaign office is open. We are exploring every possible option to ensure I am on the ballot in November. I am confident we will win this battle and go on to win this election for the people of Bridgeport on November 5th.



  1. DC Faber says:
    September 12, 2019 at 12:43 pm
    What I find interesting is the numbers
    Machine vote:
    Ganim Moore Total Votes
    3798 47.85% 4140 52.15% 7938
    You would expect the absentee voting to follow a similar pattern given its a city election.
    932 75.47% 303 24.53% 1235
    Ignoring the staggering number of absentee ballots, how does Joe get that high a winning percentage? At the polls, the best he did was 66% and that was at one location.
    Perhaps this will be looked at by Miss Merrill, then again, it’s only Bridgeport!

    When you win over 70% of absentee ballots yet you never polled that in not even one precinct in the city of bridgeport that is fishy and it sticks. Absentee ballots usually reflect a city wide vote or even a precinct in the city vote in every other state and town usually.

    The voters spoke at the polls and they said they did not want ganim to be mayor off bridgeport. It even looked like a lot split there votes they Voted row A but went down and voted for Moore over Ganim!!

    1. I can attest to the chronic cheating in the local AB process. About 6 years ago, I sent my niece with her AB and a hidden camera to Mitch Robles’ office on State Street. I wanted to catch him helping my niece out in filling the ballot. The video portion failed, but the audio of the conversation was recorded. To make the story short, Mitch wasted little time in grabbing the ballot, filling the dots, licking the envelops and giving my niece a dollar for the postage stamp. The audio picked up Mitch telling my niece, ” you can’t say that I did this”. SEEC did not contact my niece at all. In a follow-up conversation with SEEC investigator I was told that Robles denied doing what he was accused of. The failure of the video portion was problematic to SEEC officials. There was one nuclear option to get to the bottom of the allegation. My niece stated that Mitch Robles had in fact licked and sealed the envelopes. I proposed to the investigator that I would pay to have the envelopes tested for DNA. Robles was cleared.

      There’s only one way to get to the bottom of this issue once and for all–Federal probe using DNA testing of AB envelopes as a first step. Postal Inspector General can do this like when they handled the Rowland Corruption Scandal2 which had nothing to do with mail of any kind.

      There’s a good chance that there was more to what took place during the AB cycle. For example, we have a basic idea of how many ABs were returned and counted but, how many ballots were mailed out and not returned? What happened to the unreturned ballots and why not send them after requesting the ballots?

      Lennie, how many AB applications were received by the Town Clerk and sent out versus ballot returns? After all these years involved or consumed in politics and elections, did it ever occur to you that ABs can talk, can’t lawyer-up , and go missing without anyone knowing? It’s DNA or DNAA (Do Nothing At All).

      1. Thank you Joel. Still one of the sharpest knives in this kitchen. Putting some science into this exercise in political science has got to help. Of course, the envelopes with the salivary evidence are likely destroyed? Time will tell.

        1. By State Statute all ballots including the envelopes must be saved in sealed bags for at least a month by the Registrars Office. By the way, I was told that one of the people getting fingered in the botch signature fiasco is Joseph (Not P. Ganim) Sokolovic. Paging Maria Pereira.

          1. Joel tell me if I’m warm. Be honest. You were told this by a middle aged lonely man employed at city hall?

            Probably the same pathetic loser that started a rumor that I was divorced and living in Greenwhich.

      1. Actually he DIDN’T LOOSE HIS CASE PROVING in a COURT of LAW that absentee Ballot abuse in BRIDGEPORT IS A FRAUDULENT PRACTICE!!!


          1. No ! My point is he PROVED his suspicions. Absentee FRAUD even though he lost in the end.
            Judge Bellis sided with him that manipulating an election through the use of abs wouldn’t be tolerated. That’s MY POINT.

            You have to agree that this STINKS.

            Why did you delete your article about MOORE winning early on at the machines and questioning the ab count?

            You know just like the rest of us that the infamous corrupt ab operation would prevail.

            THAT’S the issue!
            AB FRAUD

          2. Wanda, I deleted no article. I wrote dozens of times in this primary process – and the Moore camp knew as well- that absentee ballots could be pivotal. The Moore camp said very little publicly about the specter of absentee ballots. It had a supporter, Chris Caruso, willing to scream from the mountain tops about potential abuse as a possible protective measure in advance. They failed to utilize him in that regard. In fact, they failed to utilize his campaign experience, gift for raising issues and drawing candidate contrasts as a campaign weapon. From a selfish perspective I’d like to see Moore with a November ballot spot, making for an exciting general election. But it appears, for now, that will not occur adding yet another example of the campaign’s missed opportunities.

          3. Lennie I wished I had screened shot the article I’m referring too.
            Actually the comments appeared under another article but that’s ok.

            There’s bigger fish to fry.

          4. I’m sure looking back the Moore campaign wished they could right some wrongs but to CONSTANTLY be CHEATED out of an election time after time and approve of the practice by many is troubling.

            Regardless of who we support the general public should be confidant that corruption and fraud isn’t ALWAYS the winner.

            It seems to be the continued ACCEPTANCE or NORM.


          5. Wanda, the day before the primary Lennie wrote this:

            Sometimes you win by losing

            “How is that? Here’s a scenario in which Moore wins even though the final numbers on Tuesday bolster Ganim. She triumphs the machine count to be lanced by Ganim’s absentee ballot operation in high senior citizen and public housing areas.”

            “What Ganim doesn’t want? Winning as a result of absentee ballots because it gives Moore energy to make a case in the general election that the primary was stolen from her opening up emotion and opportunities to raise money.”

            No question from me as to your emotion being open, Wanda. Keep in mind that we didn’t hear about the WFP snafu untill the day after Lennie’s analysis.

          6. Wanda I have the screen shot, he did not delete the article he just changed the picture. The original picture was of moore winning the early machine count. I had screen shot it and sent it to my mother telling her moore is winning in bridgeport. he changed the picture once the abs put ganim on top but he did not delete the article wish i could send you the screen shot. Its the same article just a different picture

          7. Also Lennie was the first to report any numbers, ct post did not report the numbers at or news 12 for a matter of fact ct secretary of state websites did not have any numbers as well. OIB was the first to report the early results that’s why I screed shot it and sent it to my mom because no news outlet that she follows had any results for the election as of 9pm on tuesday

          8. Bob Keeley lost because he wasn’t a strong candidate. He left town before the first ballot, which he lost. That didn’t help.

          9. Yes and her winning at the polls was a big accomplishment.

            Damn!!!! I just can’t understand how 2500 signatures were accomplished for the primary but 207 weren’t for WFP in the general didn’t happen.
            If I remember at least 20 signatures fill a page 25 the max.
            That’s 280 so if only 168 were valid that’s over 100 signatures disqualified using the 20 to a page fot the 14 pages , providing they were filled completely.

            Still makes no sense.
            There’s a dark cloud over this election. Same as the last.

            The history is so entrenched in corruption and fraud, why should we take at face value something illegal hasn’t taken place in this primary.

            Maybe the same mysterious abs were saved from the last election…👀

            Hopefully the postage is checked and addresses. No dead people resurrected😞😥

            Verify the disqualification of the signatures on the WFP petitions.

            I just cant believe with the amount of knowledge and expertise that was working on the Moore campaign these petitions weren’t checked before submitting them.

            Too many unanswered questions that DON’T ADD up.

            Looking at the numbers from the New Haven Primary abs Ganimn had more than Harp and Elicker combined and their poll numbers surpassed ours in Bridgeport.

            Just doesn’t make any logical sense!!

  2. We like to talk about corruption, but what seems more corrupted,the machine collecting AB’s in and attempt to subvert an opponent’s voters in an election or the opponent undermine their chance to win the election for their supports by not securing their spot on the ballot. Is it both or one in the same? Because their is know way Moore camp can not submit 200 + vote with verification to secure a ballot spot for Moore while simultaneously submitting 2000 + votes to force a primary for her. So what does that tell you? Yet they say every vote count.

  3. Set it up and bring them on … FORENSIC ACCOUNTANTS !!!, who will apply the specialty practice area of accounting that describes engagements that result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. “Forensic” means suitable for use in COURT, and it is to that standard and potential outcome that forensic accountants generally have to work. Backtrack and authenticate each and every Absentee Ballot and the resident voters that these Ballots allegedly represent.

  4. I find it deeply troubling that Marilyn Moore believes she is qualified to govern the largest city in CT, yet has to scourer her headquarters and home looking for petition pages and the corresponding Town Clerk receipt.

    I have all my critical paperwork in a p-touched accordian file. This is not rocket science folks.

    Both the WFP and Marilyn Moore/ campaign leadership appear unorganized, clearly demonstrated poor communication and follow-up skills, and appear foolish. If they are not embarrassed they certainly should be.

    I created a new party and had to circulate a petition to gather signatures to create the party. Once the party was created I had to circulate another petition to become a BOE candidate in the November election.

    I had never done this before, however I read the instructions and repeatedly called the Secretary of State when I had questions or needed clarification.

    I only needed 67 valid signatures. I submitted about 170. Any registered voter regardless of party affiliation can sign the petition which makes it so easy to gather the necessary signatures.

    Once I turned in my petitions to the Town Clerk I repeatedly followed up to ensure all was going well. I was told I qualified and all my documentation was sent to Hartford. I received my letter from the Secretary of State yesterday.

    And then Marilyn Moore foolishly announced that Tony Barr would be ceding his position as a mayoral candidate with the New Movement party to her in the November election.

    Why anyone would trust Tony Barr regarding elections law and his position on a party line is beyond me. Shouldn’t Marilyn Moore/ her inner circle verify ANYTHING that Tony Barr tells them BEFORE an announcement is made?

    The WFP, Marilyn Moore and her campaign leadership have an awful lot of egg on their face.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better Maria.As days go by,Moore is looking more and more foolish.I stand by my feeling that Moore’s heart wasn’t in this,something changed.

    2. Maria, being a proclaim Atheist, there’s a better chance of you believing in God over Moore’s team making a mistake to not secure the WFP line. So what does it say, what Moore and her team did to disenfranchise the people who supported and voted her? JML do you think racism played a role in the WFP line or only the ABs count? I there a chapter in that book you are reading, or this mishap has no assessment in your racism construct with modifiers. Me too son me too.

  5. Like Lennie mentioned,this is a stall tactic on Moore’s part.She knows she doesn’t have a shot.What does she want investigated?,the validity of the AB ballots?.Mario and his cronies have been doing this for a long time,those AB’s while not ethicaly gathered, are valid and Moore knows it.There isn’t anything to investigate.Moore wants to be done with this,right now she’s trying to to find an exit and at the same time,give the appearance she isn’t giving up without a fight.
    Marilyn Bpt would be better served if you went back to your job in Hartford,and worked to change the AB process overall.

    1. Harvey, you do not know what you are talking about. Period.
      What the Democratic Party does is out right illegal. Not ethically challenged. And anyone who says so is ignorant of the facts.
      Even in North Carolina it’s called AB harvesting and people go to jail. In CT who have to do the SEEC’s work and even if you do prove it the state tries to find wrong doing on the other side so they can say no harm no foul.
      And if they don’t they level a civil penalty no criminal.

    1. ..Mario and his followers going to senior housing and “suggesting strongly” the seniors fill out AB’s isn’t illegal, even though the majority of the seniors just fill them out so the henchmen leave their apt.It’s not ethical,but this is Bpt,doing things ethical was over when we voted for Ganim 2 a few years ago.

      1. You just hit on the reason it’s illegal. “Strongly suggesting” while standing in the voter’s apartment. The law clearly states that only family members or a designated person can help a voter with their ballot.

  6. As I posted here previously, Marilyn Moore has been a Senator for five years. She has been in a position to introduce legislation to tighten AB requirements.

    This is not a new problem. Had I been elected as a State Rep. It was at the top of my list to submit a bill on absentee ballots.

    I can’t be important simply because you are now seeking the Mayor’s office. It should have been a priority years ago.

    1. Maria Pereira, the choice that the voters of Bridgeport had Tuesday for mayor in the Democrat primary was the current mayor, Joe Ganim or Marilyn Moore and Maria your candidate won, Joe Ganim, you did a good job in helping Joe Ganim and Mario Testa to keep their power. 2019 was the best chance that the voters of Bridgeport had get rid of Joe Ganim and Mario Testa but that didn’t fit in your plans. The taxpayers now have 4 more years of the same old shit and Ganim and Testa will remain in power well pass 2024 until Ganim moves on to D.C. if and a Democrat becomes President, then at that time the other person that you endorse, Dennis Bradley will become mayor and remember it was you Maria who bought and sold both Bradley and Ganim to the voters. Now as the City moves forward we will see the how much chaos and confusion you will bring to the City Council, I can’t wait to see the coalition of council members who will be apart of your team to over ride any veto of the mayor and to see you get 10 other council members to give you a majority of the votes on the council, maybe you will be able to gather enough votes from other council members to get elected as the City Council President where you could work very closelywith the candidate that you helped to get elected mayor again.

          1. I absolutely did NOT support Joe Ganim.

            You will NOT find a single 138th District voter that will state that I promoted or asked them to vote for Mayor Ganim.

            Your candidate lost and you are lashing out like a toddler.

          2. Tony Barr was Marilyn Moore’s guy. He did not deliver the 138th District for her. Therefore, you should blame Marilyn Moore for aligning herself with Tony Barr, and blame Tony Barr for failing to deliver the 138th Distrrict.

            Also blame her closest advisers for advising Marilyn Moore to shun me and my team because I was too controversial while embracing upstanding citizen Tony Barr.
            That strategy was led by Lindsey Farrel from the WFP, Sauda Baraka, Eric Stewart- Alicea and the white, elite liberals from Black Rock.

            I had pissed them all off for a variety of reasons so they thought they would ostracize me as a form of “punishment.”

            The only person they “punished” was their own candidate Marilyn Moore.

            By the way, the only precinct where Marilyn Moore beat Mayor Ganim on ABs was Thomas Hooker.

            It was not because I told a single AB voter to vote for her. She simply rode our coattails.

            I did not tell a single voter to vote for Marilyn Moore. And, I absolutely did NOT tell a single AB voter to vote for Joe Ganim.

          3. Maria, let’s try this again, there were 2 candidates running for the Democrat primary for mayor, Joe Ganim and Marilyn Moore, those were the choice for mayor, Ganim or Moore. You said only negative things about Moore there by giving your positive support for Ganim or Maria you didn’t give a damn about who got elected mayor.

          4. Okay. Let’s try this again.

            I want YOU to provide testimony from a SINGLE 138th District voter that I made a SINGLE deragatory comment about Marilyn Moore.

            You will find hundreds of voters that would offer testimony that I made MANY deragatory comments about Ganim based on his record.

            What I didn’t do was ask voters to vote for Marilyn Moore.

            Neither my daughter, my significant other or I cast a vote for Mayor. Quite a few voters in the 138th District did not.

          5. María, I wasn’t in on the conversation regarding you. My thoughts regarding that would have been it’s better to deal with the devil you know, instead of the devil you don’t know.

      1. Ron, it is not Joe’s, Maria,’s or AB’s fault that Moore is not present on the ballot. I understand you points but Moore was thinking about not running in the primary.

        Really, Ron Joe can’t even win his own city. What makes you think someone in DC wants him. 🙂

        P.S Ron if Maria is in Joe’s camp and you say the rest are rubber stamps for Joe, Why would there be chaos? 🙂

  7. I read this blog very often and what troubles me in this commentary is ADULTS constantly berating and belittling each other.

    I’m TIRED of reading this is the way it’s done in BRIDGEPORT!!!


    Like she stated, (MOORE), WHY did the community outcry for a supervized AB operation fall on deaf ears? WHY?


    Ganimn had more ab’s than the combined ab totals in the New Haven Primary. GO FIGURE!!!!

    1. Wanda, “the people” can scream all we want,nothing changes with the way the Democratic machine( Mario) does business here in Bpt unless state lawmakers change the process. It’s been like this election after election in Bpt, Hartford lawmakers know about it, and the appearance is they don’t want to rattle the cage and anger the machine,because in the end, they need that machine to deliver votes for them personally.

      1. In order for evil to prevail GOOD PEOPLE do NOTHING!!!

        Instead of accepting this as the way it is done,CHALLENGE the outcome.
        I believe in the David and Goliath story. Eventually Goliath gets crushed!
        Something good will come of this. It may not be what we want but as BOB KEELEY PROVED AB FRAUD is CONTINUING to disenfranchise the VOICE of the VOTERS.

        As in the words of JML” time will tell ” if this is the time

        I was hoping she wasn’t going to cave in. Too much is at stake

  8. “… not ethical” collecting is a euphemism for: Voter Suppression, Oppression and/or Intimidation which are all as close to “cousins” as is Embezzlement, Theft and/or Racketeering. If only this was simply an ethically challenged side stepping of the law. FORENSIC ACCOUNTING PLEASE…not just guesses, suppositions and the same old same old… FACTS PLEASE.

  9. No Person Is Above The Law! The Moore Camp has to cite or create case law that proves that they were aggrieved. They knew going in that they were going to get crushed on AB’s. They almost shocked the world. They could have had a second, bite of the 🍎. They probably would have Won. A baseball manager needs to know every rule. They supposedly had savvy surrogates knowing the rules. They choked and were inept. It was a Herculean effort Exhaust all remedies including getting the Lead Out! Quit your bellyaching and finger pointing. An election is a contest.

  10. Not intended to raise any eyebrows but can you answer this question:
    If one qualifies to run on a political ticket and then gets a war chest of let’s just say $100,000 for discussion purposes. Then puts their time in to campaign, places people including perhaps family members or friends on the payroll to do functions whether they do or not, how much could they garner for all those salaries and for themselves?
    How about it Lennie, want to opine?

  11. Every resistance needs an anthem and she might have the Governor’s approval and all his available clout. And we all know he’s such a good dancer…
    So how much pressure should Marilyn Moore apply to get the votes she needs?
    Take it from Michael Jackson:

    KEEP ON-with the force don’t stop
    Don’t stop ’til you get enough
    KEEP ON-with the force don’t stop
    Don’t stop ’til you get enough.

    Repeat until victorious or silenced by law.

  12. I’m not buying it, that Senator Moore’s mayoral campaign would have overlooked so many important details. Chris Caruso is a seasoned player Bridgeport having treaded the boards in the city’s political theater for years. He knows the plot line remains the same even as the actors and scenery changes. He’s also an authority the dynamics of the electoral process. It is hard to believe any of this would have slipped past him given his hands-on approach to campaign management.

    There appears to be a logic to this; the story is playing out as if scripted.

    1. Derek, the Moore campaign didn’t allow Caruso to do what he does best. He offered his help on a much higher level than allowed. Many times he had his nose pressed up against the window. They did not leverage his skill set. It cost her.

      1. Come on Leanie. 🙂 Did you not read Maria’s “this is not rocket science”, post. No pun intended, Bill.

        I just wish, Ron, Day, donj, or JML would call-out the racism for all the disfranchised black voters who supported and voted for Moore, not to mention those who donated to her campaign. Moore being on the ballot was never in question, the ABs always were and Lennie’s worse case was Joe losing the machine count and Joe winning a on AB’s.
        Moore’s campaign was blatantly fixed for a third party.

  13. Have the other CT politico’s weighed in on this issue? Jack Hennessy, & Steve Stafstrom (didn’t he win his first election to the CT house by ABs?) What about Himes, Blumenthal and Murphy? I know they often talked about the need for the protection of the integrity of elections? Lamont? Lt Gov and former Sec of State Bysiewicz?

    Where are the party leaders on this issue?

    1. Himes, Blumenthal and Murphy are raising holy hell about the presidential election in 2016 about interference with the election process, well the incidents of voting problems in Bridgeport is well known because it has been going on for years. The Secretary of State Office has done nothing but a few fines here and there. This same issue will be here in the next primary in 2024.

      1. Remember, Vladimir Putin can’t help Himes, Blumenthal and Murphy with any of their elections but Mario Testa has, can and will continue to help Himes, Blumenthal and Murphy in future elections so they have no need to change the election process because they only thing they care about is Mario getting them votes and they don’t give a damn how Mario does it.

    2. What about Stafstrom? He was rather silent during this race. Shouldn’t he chime in when his district overwhelmingly supported Moore 526 to 210? Should he not be out there advocating at a higher level for an investigation or at least supporting the desire of his constituents? I thought Steve was viewed by Black Rock as “one of the good guys.”, no?

  14. “Questions about Bridgeport primary results pile up” (editorial)
    By Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board Updated 6:33 am EDT, Thursday, September 12, 2019
    Below is from the article above.

    “The secretary of the state’s office should have informed Moore, and Bridgeport voters, far sooner that she wouldn’t be on the November ballot. It is hard to believe it could have taken a month from the Aug. 7 signatures deadline for a decision to be reached on the ballot line.”

    1. No Ron, Moore and her team should have made sure they were on the ballot. The ABs are somewhat irrelevant because for one it seems its always been an issue. Two, she should have secure the WFP line for the general. Maria called it, there is no way Moore’s team would make such a mistake. The open-ended question is how and why. Like everything else, it’s going to depend on the viewpoint.

      Pro Moore, will want to think that her team got blindside about not making the ballot. (although she should be able to prove otherwise. ) And focus attention on the ABs

      Pro Ganim, will want to think Moore’s team messed up like Finch did and not secure a ballot line for the general.

      What is a give, Ganim is not Ganim of the olden days were elections is a foregone conclusion.

      1. P.S If Joe wins, and Christ or Dennis runs in four years the odds are Joe will lose the next election. They would be the ones who bring a casino. (Depending on how this election plays out.) JMO

    1. donj, very good, thanks. This article shows how lackluster and irresponsible Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill is concerning absentee ballots. Below is a portion of the:

      “LWV concerned about Bridgeport absentee ballots before election”
      By Tara O’Neill Published 4:30 pm EDT, Friday, September 13, 2019

      “But back in August, the League had asked the state to spell out exactly how, where and under what conditions absentee ballots should be handled.”
      “In a letter dated Aug. 14, Gail Janensch, a member of the Bridgeport area League of Women Voters, expressed the league’s concerns that the office of Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill “may not be able to intercede to protect the integrity of the Bridgeport Democratic municipal primary.”
      “The letter goes on to say the league was “very concerned about the lack of oversight in the absentee balloting process.” Janesch mentions the 2017 Bridgeport District 133 primary, which eventually went to court over the mishandling of absentee ballots and sent a warning to statewide politicians about getting too involved in absentee ballots.”

      “Janesch called on Merrill’s office to review the list of residential facilities in Bridgeport required by law to be supervised absentee ballot sites and request and confirm that the Bridgeport Registrar’s Office complied with that necessary supervision.”
      Merrill responded to the League of Women Voters letter on Aug. 23.
      “I understand that at the forefront of your concerns is a lack of oversight in Bridgeport’s absentee balloting process, and that you have requested a confirmation of residential facilities in Bridgeport that are legally required to be supervised absentee ballot sites,” Merrill said. “This is not information that my office maintains, though it is public and should be available from either of the local Registrar of Voters.”

  15. Ok. I get the fact that Ganim had a 3 to 1 advantage in AB’s. 900 people were not going to be able to vote in person is questioning. At the same time nobody talks about Moore’s team getting the same AB’s. 300 of her people could not make it to the polls? Come on now. They were out there doing the same shit. Ernest Brown and Matilda were getting AB’s. Ganim’s game was better than Moore’s.
    I really do not want someone running my city who can’t even keep good records of signatures. And nobody In Moore’s campaign can actually tell me what she had done in 5 years in the Senate. I can tell you, she has done nothing. Please someone tell me what she has done. Not saying I am a huge Ganim fan, but Moore was not the answer at all. No economic development plans. She wants to increase BOE expenditures from the city budget by 5%. Please tell me where we are going to get $12M. The only way without any plans to increase the grand list (economic development), is to raise taxes. You can talk about patronage jobs all you want, but those jobs still need to be filled. Ok, you say the mayor does not need so many advisors, so there is what, maybe $5 to $8 hundred k. People talk about police overtime. We don’t have enough cops so they need to work overtime. If we added more cops, police overtime goes down, but we still need to pay the cops. The only problem I see with the police overtime is it gets included in their pensions. Maybe the next police contract can change this. Too many people talk negatively about this city and the administration. Maybe we should put that energy into mentoring the children of this city who may need some additional support instead of all the infighting. Moore lost and it is a blessing in disguise. Hopefully she loses her next Senate election as well, because we need someone representing part of this city who actually does something instead of showing up to meetings and saying I am just hear to listen. Hopefully someone who will work hard for Bridgeport comes forward to run next year. As JML says, time will tell. End rant.

    1. In the City….name, please? City job? City pension?
      Comments on PD, staffing to renew numbers is likely at least 100 every four years? Book it Danno, but no one does, and Ganim2 wants praise, while letting the problem re-emerge. And the CONSULTING bills in the City to the Mayor’s side as well as the BOE?? The numbers are very impressive, but where are the results, in bound reports that the City Council and the media have access to. And labor contract time???When was the last time a Mayor set out his problems, issues or concerns about payroll, compensation and benefits, and employee productivity?? Forensic accounting, or just plain capable governance? Time will tell.

      1. Ron, yours, Day’s, and JML’s dog-whistle is deafening.

        JML, I remember you critiquing JA about a van that was improperly towed. You were upset about AJ telling you he was going to look into it and take care of it. When he didn’t you complained constantly on OIB about how JA didn’t stand by his word.

        You critiqued McBride about her comment Moore not being black enough. Like the phrase separation of church and state. That is not what the constitution states. McBride’s actual quote in the paper was:

        “If she was really black I probably would support her,”
        “I think, sometimes, she forgets she’s black. I really do.”

        “McBride-Lee elaborated that she does not believe Moore —- has been involved enough with or done anything substantive for “our community.”

        “If she were friendly and I thought she cared I’d go for her because we’d make history in Bridgeport,” McBride-Lee said.

        Everyone can interpret McBride’s comments in their own way. Just like the Second Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise”

        However, JML, what is a fact Moore declared her mayoral candidacy on Martin Luther King’s Day and it was an open-end question if she would bypass a primary with Joe and run on a third ticket in the general. She and her team always said they would be on the ballot. It was not until on the 4th of July they declared to force a primary.

        My point is this JML, you bashed AJ integrity over him telling you he would fix the lady’s problem with her van. who happens to be black, that you made known every chance you got. But noting on Moore and her team going on for 9 months asking people to support her, most courted black votes and how she will be on the ballot. Only to tell them on the night of the primary her team missed up and she will not appear on the ballot because they failed to prove enough signatures (200 +) to secure the spot. This is inconceivable, considering she successfully submitted 2000 + to force a primary.
        So I ask you where is your outcry over all those black, and Latino voters who supported her, and her team, as well a donated time and money for her being in the ballot?

        Best case scenario she is a write-in candidate and wins. but that doesn’t excuse her and her team in making it even more difficult. JS, JML

        1. RT
          Linda Lee, east end property owner had a van, still in use, registered, insured, plated and taxes paid. Stickered one day and towed the next. Two weeks later she told the City Council about it. Before that meeting I listened to her and introduced her to Chief Perez. He made note of it in his phone. ……..Nothing happened. Have you ever heard whether the van was auctioned or destroyed? Nothing from PD or from tower?

          But by keeping up the story, the CC or City Hall decided to act on the situation after turning down her request for recompense. By that time Linda Lee got her van value, but an attorney got paid for his time too. And the taxpayer had to pay for errors in procedure? Sad? But Chief Perez is late and light on numbers of issues raised to him.

          Who gave out a picture of Myron Dukes on February 23, 2019 that denied him entrance to a City event for Black History Month, with hip-hop, anti violence, etc.? Why was he banned from the event while asking numerous times for an explanation, with none forthcoming?? Fair? Or unrestricted police power to control the lives of citizens not lawfully? Time will tell.

          1. I got that I John and I heard your outcry about it, I asked

            “My point is this JML, you bashed AJ integrity over him telling you he would fix the lady’s problem with her van. who happens to be black, that you made known every chance you got. But nothing on Moore and her team going on for 9 months asking people to support her, most courted black votes and how she will be on the ballot. Only to tell them on the night of the primary her team missed up and she will not appear on the ballot because they failed to prove enough signatures (200 +) to secure the spot. This is inconceivable, considering she successfully submitted 2000 + to force a primary.

            So I ask you where is your outcry for all those black, and Latino voters who supported her, and her team, as well a donated time and money for her being in the ballot?

            The fact is, anyone can be a written candidate. Not to mention Maria created a third party so she her name can be on the ballot for the BBOE. Are we say Maria is more competent that Sen. Moore, or Chris, and her team?

            I’m not saying what was done to that lady or Myron Dukes wasn’t messed up, just saying what was done to Moore’s supports was messed up too. There’s no outcry from you for what Moore and her team did to all those supporters. JS

            Again, best case scenario she is a write-in candidate and wins. however that doesn’t excuse her and her team in making it even more difficult for them. In the end is it about Moore or city residents? If Moore and her team secured the WFP line this conversation would be on point, about the ABs given Joe the win. Now she had to tell her supporters she is not on the ballot, but will be a write-in candidate. I can’t see her not being a write-in candidate without blatantly duping her supporters, then telling them on night of the primary she had not securing the WFP line because of a mishap. Now they will have to (work harder) write her name to cast a vote for her in the general. (unless she finds the receipt and proves otherwise)

            Ernie likes to say black people have to be twice a good as whites. And Moore and her team proved that to their own supporters by not securing a ballot spot and has to be a written candidate.” If Moore and her team are going to make it more difficult for their supporters. What will be expected for those blacks and Latinos who supported her as well as all the other black and Latino residents? JS

            So let me reiterate this, Do you have anything to say about Moore and her team about the third party ballot debacle? I can guaranty you. If Moore would have been on the ballot you would be all over the fact that Moore won the machine vote, and how Gamin and his (white supremacist) had stolen the election from, a black woman. I don’t maybe I wrong but I think Moore’s mishap on not being on the ballot is bigger than the van or Dukes not being allowed to enter into a building in the grand scheme of your montage of black and people of color that is happening in the Port JS

          2. My point is JML. You are on a side, and you will only point-out the other side’s mishaps and turn a blind eye to your side’s mishaps, and vice versa on theirs and your side’s achievements. So are you really seeking justice, honesty, and integrity? When you are condemning the other side for their wrongs and turning your blind eye to your side’s wrongs. And are you just using black as means of attack?


  16. Maria here’s your question to me.
    Maria Pereira says:
    September 13, 2019 at 12:07 pm
    “I want YOU to provide testimony from a SINGLE 138th District voter that I made a SINGLE derogatory comment about Marilyn Moore.”

    “You will find hundreds of voters that would offer testimony that I made MANY derogatory comments about Ganim based on his record.”

    “What I didn’t do was ask voters to vote for Marilyn Moore.”
    “Neither my daughter, my significant other or I cast a vote for Mayor. Quite a few voters in the 138th District did not.”

    Maria, here’s the answer to your question to me. “Dog-whistle” politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. The analogy is to a dog whistle, whose ultrasonic tone is heard by dogs but inaudible to humans. This is what you did with your posting on OIB.

    1. Ron Mackey,

      Please provide just ONE 138th District registered democratic voter that will offer TESTIMONY that I promoted Mayor Ganim and made deragatory comments about Marilyn Moore. Provide just ONE voter that I asked to vote for Joe Ganim. Provide just ONE voter that I asked to NOT vote for Marilyn Moore.

      You CANNOT do it, can you?

      You are an immature, all talk OIB blogger. You may have been more than that in the past, but today you are just a whiner.

      If you want your candidate to win get off your ass, knock on doors all summer in 90 degree weather, make phone calls, donate and more.

      It is NOT my responsibility to elect YOUR candidate.

      After analyzing the data from the Primary, it is absolutely clear that if we had worked to get Marilyn Moore elected in the 138th District she would have defeated Ganim. In fact, we could have EASILY given her 300 votes

      Marilyn Moore made her bed, therefore she must lie in it.

      1. Ron,
        As Maria says, boldly and directly as usual, she had NO MAYORAL FOCUS in this campaign, did not work for any, had no concerns about what one candidate rather than another would mean when her work provided her a road to a City Council position. She knew Ganim2. She knew Tony Barr. She was familiar with the incumbent Council persons. She had her reasons, and they may have been, as I believe she has told us, that Senator Moore and she were not ‘contracted’ with each other? Moore was not ‘contracted’ with Barr either but the word ‘alliance’ served to connect them.
        Interesting that Maria “had votes to GIVE” isn’t it? Transactional politics expressed on OIB for the whole world to learn? Maria, as power broker is what her mirror is telling her, and she wants us to know it, while the broader community, across the City is looking for “change”. Maria, likely was not looking to give, but rather to exchange, and Moore has told the community that is not part of her game.
        What is next for Senator Moore? Time will tell.

        1. BINGO!!!!! JML, that exactly what Maria was “TRYING” to do, Maria was TRYING to be a power broker and she doesn’t give a damn about Joe Ganim and Mario Testa staying in power because she more upset with Marilyn Moore campaign. JML, Maria is not looking for change she’s only looking out for Maria. Maria will be just like Rick Torres was when he was the only Republican on the City Council. She’ll have no power, no influence, no liked minded council members and remember Maria couldn’t form a majority on the BBOE where all she needed was 4 BBOE members to give her a majority but now she’ll need 9 council members to support anything that she attempts to get pass. With Ganim and Testa still in power the other council members will not go against Joe and Mario.

      2. Maria, let’s not forget that you were one of the main supporters and you ran on his slate plus it was you Maria bought the city Dennis Bradley, how did that work out for you Maria? The objective of this primary was to get Joe Ganim out of office and to take power away from Mario Testa until the DTC vote came. That was not good enough for you, you wanted Marilyn Moore to kiss your ass but she didn’t so instead of you informing voters to vote for line B candidates you decided to not to say anything positive about Marilyn Moore for whatever reason and to you it was more important that Marilyn Moore didn’t get elected. Maria, you made a choice not to support Marilyn Moore and you made it clear on OIB. Now the choice for the highest position in the Democrat primary was for mayor but you decided that it was not important who the mayor was instead it was all about getting elected to the City Council. Maria now you have a mayor who doesn’t give a DAMN about you and 18 to other City Council members who don’t trust you or like you but that is much better than Marilyn Moore being mayor. Maria you should be very happy because Joe Ganim and Mario Testa are in much better position and with more power. Now the 138th district will have no say so in getting anything done with City because you don’t have the ability to make friends and influence people, so you will have your one vote and your partner in the 138th one vote and that’s it.

  17. There have been a lot of ancillary discussions here;some of it personal some of it,IMHO,off the point. I have said here before I supported Marilyn Moore for Mayor and I voted. Then there was the triplicate news on Primary Day;Moore had won and the machine,Lost with AB’s and had failed to secure the necessary requirements to maintain a presence on the WFP in the November General Election. There has been some talk of the Moore campaign submitting 20 pages to City of Bridgeport Authorities responsible for such activity. Can the Moore campaign PROVE that it submitted 20 pages. Even then,there is the qualitative aspect versus simple the quantitative. There was a remark here that some of the signatures were from outside the City of Bridgeport, IMHO,had Moore secured the WFP line for November, I truly believe that she would have won. I am shocked and disappointed that the Moore campaign did not do everything needed to secure the WFP line especially after Finch’s debacle 4 years ago. Securing the WFP line should have been PRIORITY NUMBER ONE for the Moore campaign,even more important than the primary. Of course, I am not privy to any information about the Moore ?WFP debacle unless Bridgeport officials did not send all documents to the State. Even then,there was no follow up from the Moore campaign. We can talk about all other type of issues but the failure to secure the WFP line for the November Election trumps all other talk,issues,etc. As a Moore supporter, I must say that I am disappointed,and to some degree bitterly, that the WFP situation was mishandled. I think I may have said this before but I will repeat. Had Moore secured the WFP line, i think that the odds of her winning in November was even better than the primary. This makes this even more bitter. The odds are that Joe Ganim will remain Mayor, The odds are that we will continue to have a subservient City Council. Another disappointing loss was Kyle Langan losing in the primary,again due to absentee ballots. In the end,Joe Ganim is an unpopular mayor/person in Bridgeport. Basically he is a loser who squeezed through with absentee ballots with Testa’s minions;Geter-Pataky,Lydia Martinez and every vote of city employees. JOE GANIM IS A GHOST. Joe Ganim will have to do everything that Testa,Martinez,Geter-Pataky want him to do. JOE GANIM IS THE ULTIMATE DTC/TESTA PUPPET. The next 4 years will be years of stasis. Ganim will collect his salary affording him a comfortable lifestyle and pay for his new hair. Testa,The present Democratic Committee and present and possible future employees of the City of Bridgeport and non-certified employees of The Bridgeport School will fatten themselves while they engorge at the public trough aka Bridgeport Taxpayers. I will end this way. JOE GANIM ISAN UNPOPULAR MAYOR AND UNPOPULAR PERSON IN THE CITY OF BRIDGFEPORT. We have ended up with the worst possible ending to this election cycle. The only hope is that individuals or groups begin to contact each other and begin the brick-by-brick process of building an organization that can and will stand up to The Testa Whores.

  18. On top of that,the Moore campaign needs to be bring forth solid evidence of wrongdoing and bring it to Court. A Matter of Days. If not, Moore needs to step aside and let new people begin to organize for the next battles. DTC elections and City Council Elections in two years.

    1. Frank, Moore steps aside there won’t be any new people take on Mario Testa and Joe Ganim because they control the purse strings of City jobs and positions. Frank, Joe Ganim will be in power to 2024 and maybe longer along with Mario. This was the chance to take Ganim out and weaken Mario Testa. The City Council is now in a stronger position for Joe and Mario, plus no Hispanic came forward to put their name in the race for Democrats so coalition of voters can take Joe and Mario down? That’s what I thought.

  19. Yes and her winning at the polls was a big accomplishment.

    Damn!!!! I just can’t understand how 2500 signatures were accomplished for the primary but 207 weren’t for WFP in the general didn’t happen.
    If I remember at least 20 signatures fill a page 25 the max.
    That’s 280 so if only 168 were valid that’s over 100 signatures disqualified using the 20 to a page for the 14 pages , providing they were filled completely.

    Still makes no sense.
    There’s a dark cloud over this election. Same as the last.

    The history is so entrenched in corruption and fraud, why should we take at face value something illegal hasn’t taken place in this primary.

    Maybe the same mysterious abs were saved from the last election…👀

    Hopefully the postage is checked and addresses. No dead people resurrected😞😥

    Verify the disqualification of the signatures on the WFP petitions.

    I just cant believe with the amount of knowledge and expertise that was working on the Moore campaign these petitions weren’t checked before submitting them.

    Too many unanswered questions that DON’T ADD up.

    Looking at the numbers from the New Haven Primary abs Ganimn had more than Harp and Elicker combined and their poll numbers surpassed ours in Bridgeport.

    Just doesn’t make any logical sense!!


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