1. *** If she’s got any type of smarts she’ll stay independent of Bpt. politics & grow some balls now that she’s top-dog instead of continuing to be a P.D. rubber stamper like she was at I.A. ***

  2. Mojo, listen to yourself. Rebeca Garcia kept you employed for many years. Remember all those prisoners you watched during your career as a Corrections officer? Who you think was capturing many of those prisoners? Women and men like Rebaca Garcia.

  3. A state representative, a city councilwoman and a former mayor say that Rebeca Garcia is not qualified to be acting police chief in Bridgeport. Jose Reyes and Joel Gonzalez, neither of those individuals are Donald Day!

  4. Amongst the first official acts that acting Chief Garcia did was an “act of nepotism” when she promoted a family member on the force. That bodes very poorly for her judgement, ethics and integrity. It fits right in with the “culture ” of City Hall under the Ganim mis-Administration(s).

    There appears to be little hope in the immediate future for the Bridgeport City Government’s ability to begin sorting out the rotten apples at the bottom of our pork barrel politics. It always takes some other entity from outside of the inner circle of power brokers downtown. And even then, all of the good and decent people of Bridgeport have to live with the Social stigmas and Political embarrassments while shouldering the legal defense costs by outside legal firms defending the bad actors.

    There needs to be a provision in the City Charter that states that any official found guilty of violating their oath of office and/or breaking the law is subject to loss of pension and/or restitution of their legal and court costs to the City. And that they are NEVER able to hold another position in the City of Bridgeport.

    Has anyone ever heard of a Bank President robbing “the bank” and after paying their debt to society in the “big house” being hired as Bank President again? “Only in Bridgeport”.

  5. P.S. I forgot to mention the irony of Felonious Joe’s get tough on crime banner at the top of this page about “illegal dumping”. Meanwhile he can’t see – won’t stop illegal garbage right under his nose. And the add to the right of this page…”KEEP CALM, CALL TOM”.


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