Ganim: I Did Not Influence Police Chief Selection Process

Mayor Joe Ganim denied in an interview with the Associated Press he influenced the selection of candidates for police chief.

“I never had any contact with anybody in the process until I got three names and what I did was by charter,” Ganim said.

“I’m sorry it happened,” the mayor said. “It’s just not a good thing for the city at all. But there is no question of (my) involvement. No claims at all. The city completely has done everything, provided everything in information. If you get an opportunity to talk to them, the government wouldn’t disagree with anything I’m telling you.”

The mayor, per the City Charter, can appoint a chief to a five-year contract from a finalist list of three.

Federal officials charged Chief AJ Perez and Personnel Director David Dunn with manipulating the ranking process to short list Perez. Both of them have resigned from their positions.

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  1. Same old Joe,deny,deny,deny…Same in 2003 when he was convicted,from an article in the NY Times back then……….
    “From the beginning, even before federal prosecutors acknowledged in 2000 that he was the main target of their three-year investigation into official corruption, Mr. Ganim has professed his innocence — a stance that prosecutors, in their closing remarks to jurors two weeks ago, used against him.

    Ronald S. Apter, the government’s lead lawyer in the case, mocked Mr. Ganim for claiming, during testimony in his defense, that all 52 prosecution witnesses were lying about his involvement in corruption, and that his was the lone truthful voice. Jurors simply did not believe the mayor”

  2. Yes right Mayor Ganim and Bears don’t Shit in the Woods, Seven ain’t Up and Carter don’t make Little Liver Pills. Keep saying that, “It Wasn’t Me!” Hopefully that will make your tenure in prison a little more tolerable. It Wasn’t Me!

  3. Still down you vultures. The way I see it someone told Dunn that the Mayor wanted AJ in the top three. So that conspiracy had to come form somewhere, the “known” Shamas, since lawyers were hired for him by the city, and the unknown would have to be Joe. The question is can/ if he did/ tie the conspiracy to the Mayor’s office.

    That being said, I will see how the chips fall. BAM I am out of here!

  4. When the feds put real pressure on Dunn he will squeal like a mouse that he is because at 72 he doesn’t Bubba being his roommate in federal prison right Joe. This time Joe won’t go to Club Med.

  5. You boys are fired up. 🙂

    Without withstanding, this basically amounts to activities of cheating on a test to get a job. However, this is politics, so the vultures are out circling. It’s not if Joe wanted AJ or didn’t. If AJ didn’t have this over his head when he was appointed chief, Joe and his relationship would have been sound, as long as, the BPD keep things quite. That didn’t happen in the Port, or anywhere in American regarding policing for years, and Floyd put that shit on the front burner, full blast. So regardless of who was a top cop, policing was Joe and any mayor’s Achilles heel.

    Joe is weak, barely winning reelection, marred in corruption, lawsuits, and controversy practically since his comeback. Don’t even want to address him shooting himself in the foot by running for governor 🙂

    But at the end of the day, personally, watching AJ at a news conference didn’t project well. Can’t speak of his abilities to actually run the BPD but the BPD has internal issues well before AJ.

    So regardless if Joe wanted AJ or owed AJ. Or that Dunn conspired to help AJ cheat. It is a moot point. They are out and it comes down to if the fed brings a case against Joe for being complicit. In the game, Joe is the ultimate target, public enemy number one. He can always get someone to lead the BPD, or whatever Dunn did, hence the vultures circling.

    I will reiterate this, the corruption that placed Moore as a written candidate that got Joe elected was over Joe’s head, influence, and corruption abilities (even with his new hairline) And is probably the same one’s who had him run for governor and hire a man who in my opinion was behind able to talk to the press in important and serious issues. (if Joe didn’t want him)

    If I was the ones like those who told Joe to run for governor, I would announce a nationwide search for a new police chief, like yesterday. But that the game behind the game.

    P.S Again, this is just my opinion and has no bases for facts but my imagination.

    To be fair my imagination is no less than the imagination of Joe running for governor. 🙂

    1. I mean come on people, Governor? 🙂 A few years out of jail after, serving 7 years for political corruption, 2 1/2 after winning back the same office that sent him away? Not the mention aided by the vary FBI agent who sent him to jail that now works for him, and the city. LOL

      Jesus Christ People, you had him running for Governor, poor Joe 🙂

      He is a fighter though. 🙂

  6. “I never had any contact with anybody in the process until I got three names and what I did was by charter,” Charter – Sharter. This claim holds as much water as a sieve and is about as bald as the skin crawling around under Donald Trumps hair weave. So, Ganim acts as if he was sequestered the entire time of the national search, never spoke to or worked with any of these players in this very bad soap opera?

    Some people may be dumb enough to believe these lies, but none of those dummies are witnesses or the investigators who have recordings, videos and documents to support their case. Felonious Joe, the jig is up. The arrogance of your ignorance has once again turned back to bite you… in more places than one.

  7. Keep in mind, not only did Joe Ganim lie in his trial, he has never admitted guilt for the felony crimes he was convicted of. Let’s see how long his denial of involvement lasts.

  8. There is still the Tiago scrap metal scandal sitting out there. And Tiago gives the Feds a new way of getting to Mario. It has been reported that Tiago is Mario’s niece’s significant other and the whole deal never came to a conclusion.

  9. Let’s look at Mayor Ganim’s deniability of knowing nothing about the selection of AJ Perez, then connect these news article. “Plausible Deniability.”

    Only In Bridgeport
    Ganim: I Did Not Influence Police Chief Selection Process
    September 13, 2020 LennieGrimaldi News and Events23 Comments
    Mayor Joe Ganim denied in an interview with the Associated Press he influenced the selection of candidates for police chief.

    “I never had any contact with anybody in the process until I got three names and what I did was by charter,” Ganim said.

    “Council returns Roach to cop commission”
    By Brian Lockhart
    Updated 3:05 pm EDT, Wednesday, September 5, 2018

    BRIDGEPORT — Police Commission member Danny Roach may not last another 20 years on that oversight body, but he is guaranteed another two.

    Despite concerns that Roach has served too long and has too many conflicts of interest, a majority of City Council members on Tuesday night approved his re-nomination to the cop board. The vote was 12-7, with Councilwoman the Rev. Mary McBride-Lee absent. The entire council is made up of Democrats.

    Roach’s return to the commission — he is also its acting chairman — ends a recent effort to find new members who might be harder on Police Chief Armando Perez and his department.

    Critics of the current commission have felt that it sat on the sidelines following last year’s shooting death of 15-year-old Jayson Negron by a rookie officer and other police-related controversies, and that the panel needs more proactive, reform-minded members.

    But the council has recently supported all four of the Police Commission reappointments that Mayor Joe Ganim submitted, Roach’s being the most recent and most controversial.

    “Ganim rehires old chief of staff”
    By Brian Lockhart Updated 1:16 am EST, Saturday, February 25, 2017

    BRIDGEPORT — Mayor Joe Ganim found a new chief of staff by rehiring an old one.

    Dan Shamas, who was the mayor’s second-in-command for several years during his prior administration, has returned to Ganim’s side, City Hall said Friday.

    “I am proud to be back working for my community,” Shamas said in a statement. “This role is familiar to me and I understand the responsibility required.”

    Roach is a prominent member of the Democratic Town Committee, a close friend and political ally of Ganim’s and was given a municipal job by the mayor over two years ago.

    Roach, a local bar owner who ran the mayor’s comeback campaign, was made director of construction/special projects in the public facilities office. His new salary is $119,500.


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