Watch: Chief Porter Announces Crack Down On School Bus Violators

Under Operation Precious Cargo, police recently ticketed 23 people blowing past stopped school buses, leading to more than $10,000 in total fines.

State Senator Herron Gaston, chair of the Public Safety And Security Committee, is shepherding a bill that would crack down on drivers illegally passing school buses after Bridgeport’s school bus camera safety program revealed about 10,000 drivers ignored protocol while students were being picked up or dropped off during a six-month period.

“If you’re going to drive, which is a privilege, we need to make sure we’re following the law and looking at this as a privilege as opposed to a right,” said Gaston.



  1. Two weeks ago OIB posted a story on Senator Herron Gaston’s sponsoring a bill to provide the safety intended for school bus passengers, specifically when stopped for entering or exiting youth. And I commented on the subject: (From OIB)
    Safety for youths getting on or off a school bus? 10,000 data points in a six month time period? Did it not take far fewer pictures of ballot stuffing to stimulate outrage? Perhaps we need to “see something, in order to say something?”
    A yellow (school) bus stopped on a street by the curb can be seen from a distance. Sometimes I note that lights are blinking, but the sign is not out warning the public as in the past? Have rules changed, bus drivers gotten lazy, or perhaps I have not gotten the last word on the law, but I am careful as I do not wish injury to anyone who believes they are in a “safe zone” and I do respect the right to drive. Let’s see what changes when the legislature votes on a bill. Time will tell.

    Isn’t it interesting that public safety leadership was able to make a dent in this issue with an enforcement program that raised more than $10,000 from fines on 23 drivers alone? This compares the administrative approach of oversight and enforcement to the legislative approach for the same problem.
    The first rule observed is “See something. Say something.” Both Chief Porter and State Senator Gaston saw or were informed of the failure to observe “yellow school bus” protocol and law on one or more occasions. That formed data points that can lead to action by local police and/or additional laws from the legislature. Who keeps track of such fundamental data? Where is it posted? How can the eyes of the public be engaged? The ‘ayes’ of taxpayers will be heard from the new fines, when they are collected. Time will tell.

    1. I guess I should wear my Cargo Shorts more often and keep my precious cargo in my pockets. It won’t take 10,000 incidents for me to speak up and take action.

      1. Aren’t you by your statement arguing for more visible notices of safety and regulatory issues, rather than any (personal statement) about cargo shorts and you?

        Lots of people saw the abs getting stuffed on camera. Therefore the community became informed and expects some consequences beyond a court ordered balloting the following few months. What happens when the visual indicates ERROR? What do you think should happen? To abs system in the City? To actions by legislation, administration of public safety, or judiciary on school bus observed “wrongs”? Time will tell.

        1. That was mean-spirited., Speedy. Unless you plan on racing and when John to start it. 🙂

          That being said, John aren’t you by your statement arguing that until the video of Teh AB ballot stuffing the community/people were unaware of voter fraud? 🙂

          Perhaps some changes are needed, Though, Ron B might have a flaccid take on matters. What say you Apotsle Ruffus? 🤣

  2. I hear that John, I also comment on that story. Considering Porter’s emphasis on the monetary gain more than the “Cargo” safety, I stand by my sentiment.

    That being said I also comment on Eye Candy’s choice of words to call the kids “cargo”? Luggage! In Hindsight perhaps it wasn’t a logical choice of wording for teh children by the Reverend Eye Candy. 🙂

    To hear the Chief of Police use the term makes me wonder, considering how Police sometimes handle teh “cargo”. 🙂

  3. BTW

    Hears a thought, people. Can we call the kids “payloads” That has a Space /NASA thing, ring going? 🙂

    S.P Since monetary is the driving for behind this bill in the name of the safety of our “precious payload” 🙂 Let’s ensure the bill has the busses equipped with a yellow arm in the back of the bus that sings out to prevent the cars from passing without crashing into it. Similar to the one in the front of the bus to prevent the bus driver from running over its “payload” that protects the company. JS

  4. Let me get this straight,

    The Port’s PD created an initiative that targeted city residents/drivers, to mock its own state Senator, Rev. Gatson for his choice of ill words to describe the children in his support of this safety bill. All in the name of the safety of its children.

    I mean operation “precious cargo” Please. Y’all Port politics makes me sad sometimes. Thought that was rich. “Operation Precious Cargo” 🙂

    #space/payload 🤣


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