Phew! Ganim To Host Campaign Victory Fundraiser

The peculiar 2023 mayoral derby that bled into 2024 has reached the finish line in favor of Mayor Joe Ganim, but there’s some cleaning up to do on the campaign expense side.

Ganim’s chief opponent John Gomes ran out of dough for the fourth and final vote and it showed with Ganim winning by about 20 percentage points. A number of Gomes vendors, as a result, have been stiffed. Good luck getting paid.

Grueling for a losing opponent to raise money to pay debts than an incumbent. Gomes stubbornly eschewed an opportunity to save taxpayers $125,000 for the cost of a fourth election. Gomes heard from enough people a fourth vote is a must. Well, they got a fourth time good and hard, Ganim winning handily along all segments of the voting populace, albeit a stingy 15 percent turnout.

Ganim’s “victory fundraiser” will take place at Boca Oyster Bar in the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

If you see a row of people clutching tin cups outside Boca, it’s likely scalped Gomes vendors. Either that or members of the vindictive Bridgeport Haters’ Club that backed Gomes.

And so it goes…





  1. Ganim’s got a house on Fairfield Beach now that he bought for $1.5 million for in 2022 and rents out to college kids. Surely he’s got the funds to cover the expenses caused by his campaign operatives!

  2. What happened to the $70,000 surplus? Lennie, how about posting the links to the campaig report before and after the last election? There will be hardly any contribution money left for anyone else out there running for office.


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