Voters Will Decide Consequential Primaries, Including City Council President

You say you love primaries, the favorite sport in town? Bridgeport aims to please. On Tuesday Democrats feature primaries in 8 of 10 City Council districts while Republicans battle for citywide school board and city sheriff positions, albeit in low-turnout races.

The main event is the 137th District where City Council President Aidee Nieves and partner Maria Valle are trying to hold off Rosa Franco and Elsie Mercado recruited by City Clerk Lydia Martinez for control of the heavily Hispanic East Side.

Mayor Joe Ganim campaigns for City Council President Aidee Nieves.

An intriguing configuration of activists and pols are scouring the district for votes including odd couples Mayor Joe Ganim and Bridgeport Generation Now Votes, not buds, on behalf of Nieves/Valle and former Public Facilities Director John Ricci, unhappy with his exit from city service, and State Senator Dennis Bradley under federal indictment for alleged campaign finance violations, pitching Lydia’s candidates. Bradley’s scheduled for trial early December.

If Bradley beats the charges, he’s running for mayor; if convicted his young political career is on hold.

State Senator Dennis Bradley campaigns for his political godmother City Clerk Lydia Martinez.

Lydia is trying to bludgeon the opposition with her calling card: absentee ballots. Nieves and Valle hope to stay close as possible in that regard with a stronger in-person vote.

The latest absentee ballot voter return count in the district shows a lag from traditional performance, but that could change with a last minute dump.

Citywide Republicans

Democrats City Council
District 131

District 132

District 133

District 135

District 136

District 137

District 138

District 139



  1. In these type of election it is difficult to tell what might happen without food intel as to what is actually happening in the neighborhoods.
    But just by the numbers it is difficult to see an upset in the 142nd, 133rd and 135th.
    Two against one and the two being incumbents are very long odds to overcome. Never say never especially with a very low turnout but without intel saying otherwise it would appear that the incumbents are heavily favored.
    I’m rooting for the challengers just because it would be good for the Port to see some upsets.

  2. The 131st and 136th are historically low turnout districts. Anything can happen there. it all comes down to how much work you did in advance in IDing your voters and how effective you are in getting them out to vote on election day.
    We shall see tomorrow when the polls close.

  3. Do Bridgeport voters believe that adults who ran for office and are subsequently convicted of municipal corruption with a significant sentence actually change their behavior when they return to face the public and ask for a “second chance”? That would be part of a Ganim bio narrative possibly.
    So what about others like City Council persons, who for years have been vetted by the Democratic Town Committee. But they do not publish a “How To” text on being a public servant on the City Council. And they keep their opinions of success secret. So why replace in almost wholesale faction members of the CC? Are they changing and showing signs of independent thought (likely a sign of disloyalty.).
    But we are more than five years beyond that election. Did Ganim2 change? Is he more open about public matters, other than COVID-19 in general, especially about what his priorities are, what results his appointments of political buddies have done for taxpayers, and what his desultory appointments to boards and commissions and the still many vacancies and expired appointments means to civic matters raised in those spots.
    Where is integrity celebrated in his administration, the type of integrity that models behavior far above reproach and that provides oversight over the substance and the structure of public business? The word does appear in the title of Ed Adams but when is it spoken and why are there so many grievances filed against the City by employees whose experiences do not meet with their expectations? Time will tell.

    1. JML for City Council in the 130th District.
      What, he’s not running? Write him in!
      What. no one’s running? Use a Republican name to get a ballot and write him in!
      Write in JML!

  4. That leaves the 137th, 138th and 139th.
    Each interesting in its own way.
    Starting in reverse order is the 139th. My gut tells me that The Big E’s, Ernie and Eneida, should roll BUT there are wildcards to deal with.
    Ernie is the most likely to be reelected. He is liked. He is relatively effective. He is definitely well known in the East End. Eneida brings the baggage. Her history with the Keystone and what happened there is a big problem. And to write that off simply by saying the voters in the East End don’t care about that stuff could be an understatement. Wanda Simmons is known in the district and liked. Victoria Majewski? Who the hell is Victoria Majewski?
    I’ll go out on a limb and pick one from from Row A and one from Row B. Ernie and Wanda.

  5. District 139 — Replace the incumbents. Here’s why:
    Both have experienced public failure.
    One has a police record that cannot be expunged.
    The other one ran an illegal strip bar disguised as a social club.
    This was in strict violation of current Covid protocols.
    Public safety was replaced by personal gain.
    Shots were fired and somebody died.
    It’s not time for a stern reprimand — it’s time for handcuffs!

    Make the switch. Vote *** Simmons – Majewski *** on Sept. 14

  6. And now to the 138th. The Killer Queen.
    And the winner is Maria Pereira! Could it be anyone else?
    The loser is Kevin Monks! Could it be anyone else? Kevin Monks???? My god, who thought up him, really?
    I met Samia Suliman through Ed Gomes and I was impressed by how well she knew success and Success. Success Village that is.
    I don’t know Michele Small I’ll go with One from Column A and one from Column B. Maria Pereira and Samia Suliman. I know that Maria will not be telling the voters to split their vote but I’ve got a feeling that that is exactly what they’ll do.

  7. And, saving the best for last, the 137th, ground zero!
    Part of me says that Lydia should not let petty politics get in the way of good politics.
    But the other part of me says if Lydia is this pissed it must be more than petty politics.
    You can not be so dismissive of the City Clerk. It is one of the top three positions in the city. Getting 20 council members to vote for you is not the same as running city wide. And 2 years as council president is not the same as the accumulation of City Council, State Rep, City Council and the DTC.
    I say that if it is good enough for Lydia, its good enough for me.
    Rosa Franco and Elsie Mercado win with a big save from Lydia.

  8. Well there you have it. That’s how I see tomorrow turning out. Got any more questions, don’t ask me. Ask JML.
    He’d be happy to tell you what he thinks. But you would have to sit down for a cup of coffee with him. Make sure he buys.

    1. JML has invited a number of writers to OIB to meet face to face for coffee and discourse on Bridgeport. At this time none have felt a need, or a want, or even a curiosity about what might happen at such a gathering. Status quo is fine for them, maybe, so avoid distraction, the potential for unity, a slight change in direction that might result from coffee with JML.

      Bob, of course I will buy. In my book that is what an invite means. And if the conversation is good, I’ll keep buying. What’s the harm? Why fear meeting with folks who are more informed in certain areas than you are? Why avoid learning from other sources once you understand their thoughts and purpose in life? Not every question that rises to your attention has an answer, nor may you be asking the question in the best way to arrive at an answer you think will satisfy. So as the saying on my hat repeats: LIVE THE QUESTION. (If you wish the narrative that goes with those three words, ask Lennie to publish it.)
      My essays on city subjects are not welcome on OIB. Nor are my comments to the City Council for over a year, sent to the City as part of meeting records. Publisher’s pleasure? Time will tell.

      1. The Bloviator accusation “goes on and on and on once again”. If you get nothing from my writing, its variety of subjects, and factual observations, that is unfortunate, for you. Perhaps an admission of why you keep your full name semi-secret? No problem..
        Have one or more of my recent comments specifically caused you to become a public poster again? What City administration, DTC or Board and Commission issue that I have raised causes you a problem, factually? Perhaps, time will tell.

  9. All predictions are now in doubt. Gen Now Votes is playing dirty!!
    It seems they ran an online ad yesterday telling people not to vote for Maria P because she has a criminal record.
    Then they pulled the ad and said Ooops. Wrong Maria P. My bad.
    Of course that the oldest political trick in the book.
    They didn’t endorse her opponent but they hopped on that.
    Repeat after be.
    Bridgeport Gen Now, see ya later! Bye-bye!

    1. Maria, I hope you intend to bring these agent provocateur terrorists to their knees with a well placed and well deserved libel suit.

      Sue them bastards. They won’t be able to get kombucha in Bridgeport jail

  10. There’s a weird schism in Bridgeport politics this election period. It seems to be describable in terms of the mixed metaphor of The Elephant in the Room (Democratic Caucus room) and the Word Which Dare Not Be Spoken…

    And the schism can alternately be described by the question(s): Why is Joe Ganim allied with Gen Later?! — and Why are Lydia and Mario working against Joe?! (Is Joe actually trying to burnish his image and even curry “reformer” support for the next gubernatorial election by cozying-up to the Bridgeport-Greenwich connection?!)

    Apparently, the Mayor is being “taken to the woodshed” for a spanking — or maybe even to the garbage heap for a dumping — in reaction to his lack of fidelity to his political power-source (even as he courts favor with the political opposition…).

    Tomorrow’s Primary results will be an indicator of the dynamic shaping up for the next special, or regular mayoral election… Something big is afoot in Bridgeport politics and I think that we should look for big transitions/changes within Democratic Party leadership and elected city leadership, post-Primary.

    The vibes and scent in the Bridgeport air seem to be indicating that Party-challenged incumbents will largely lose, even while new Party leadership is emerging, with the old guard handing the keys to the Party to these emerging leaders/select political players…

    Tomorrow might seem to be a bit of a “sleeper,” but the results will portend big changes in the political dynamic of Bridgeport such that it will set the next mayoral election up as a potential Democratic Party free-for-all… (Gen Later will not be chalking up any sort of victory even as it piles up the political baggage…)

    (Then again; maybe I’m just a disgusted Bridgeporter, reading into shadows in the political landscape, looking for a little something to shake things up in our poor, dying rust-bag of a city…)

  11. In case you missed it, read the CT Post website.
    Gen Later was drooling over what they thought was a god send but only ended up being a god damned.
    They were salivating so much that they couldn’t think straight.
    Now the will face the wrath of a Maria scorned!


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