Elections Monitor In Place For Tuesday’s Primaries

Attorney Jon Chase has been hired by the state’s chief election’s office to monitor municipal elections the next two years, his introduction Tuesday’s eight Democratic primaries for City Council and Republican school board and city sheriff slots.

“In keeping with the budget passed by the legislature in June, Attorney Chase will serve as an extension of the Office of the Secretary of the State in Bridgeport,” says Gabe Rosenberg, spokesman for Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill. “He will be available to aid local election officials in interpreting Connecticut’s election law and to ensure that the law is understood and applied correctly. Attorney Chase is an experienced attorney with a deep background in both municipal and election law, and we are looking forward to working with him for the next two years.”

Bridgeport attorney Max Medina, who now sits on the state bench, had served in that role. The state made application to institutionalize the position following calls for its creation given political operatives fascination with absentee ballots. Funds for the $150,000 position became available at the start of the July 1 budget year.

Rosenberg says Chase has practiced in the field of municipal law for nearly twenty years, including elections-related matters. He is a member of the Connecticut Bar and the Federal Bar for the District of Connecticut, and is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Law.

Speaking of absentee ballots here’s the latest reports from the Town Clerk’s office:

SEP 10th 2021 AB Report DEMOCRAT

SEP 10th 2021 AB Report REPUBLICAN (1)

The largest Democratic returns are the traditional areas with heavy senior citizen housing complexes and serial absentee voters in the 131st (Downtown, South End, West End), 137th (East Side) and 138th (Upper East Side) council districts.



  1. Jon Chase? Mystic Attorney? He doesn’t even have an “H” in John!
    He is so far out of his league it isn’t even funny.
    And it shows what the Secretary of State and Elections Enforcement think the problems in Bridgeport really are.
    He will explain to local officials what the law says.
    They know what the law says it’s what it doesn’t say is the problem.
    Three elections held for a City Council District. Does Jon Chase have any experience in that?

  2. Mario,Lydia etc, etc, will run circles around this “monitor”..LOL…imagine if he was here a couple years ago??..” Miss Merrill,they have the police chief delivering & picking up AB’s all around town”


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