1. So sorry to lose my friend Ed. We sat next to each other in the Senate circle for only a few weeks, but my conversations with him are some of my fondest memories of those times. He was always warm and gave you a smile, even after he got done telling you how wrong you were (which he did to me at least once a day).
    I remember one vote where the Republicans were trying to get an exception passed that would allow the town of Union (the smallest in the state) to continue to hold its municipal elections in May, like it had for hundreds of years. Ed voted against it in a party line vote that seemed pointless at the time. Sitting at our Senate desks, I asked him what his problem with Union was. He responded “F**k Union! I’m here to protect Unions!” and then gave me that crocodile smile.
    Another time we were sitting there in the middle of the night with nothing to do, waiting for our respective leaderships to get there acts together. I started humming “Show me the Way to Go Home”, and within a minute the two us were bellowing and slapping our desks giving Schneider, Dreyfuss and Shaw a run for their money. (All while Senator Debicella just sat that there gently shaking his head at us…)
    We were very different people but both interested in a better Bridgeport. I learned a lot from my conversations with him and really appreciated his friendship. I wish I’d seen more of him these last twelve years. I’m sure heaven just became a more interesting place. We’ll miss you Ed!


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