The Politics Of Punishing Disorderly City Council Members

Here’s what the City Charter currently states:

The city council may determine its rules of proceeding in conformity to the general principles of parliamentary law, may punish members for disorderly behavior, and, after notice and hearing, may, by a two-thirds vote of all council members, expel a member for due cause. A quorum shall consist of eleven council members. At the request of any council member, the vote upon any question shall be taken by roll call vote.

From Michael Mayko, CT Post:

The City Council has approved a resolution that will allow it to discipline members for inappropriate, disruptive or disorderly behavior.

But just how far the Council can go and whether it can remove an elected member will be a matter for debate and, probably, the courts.

“We needed to get something done immediately so everyone is put on notice and we can start the new year fresh,” said Council President Aidee Nieves. “The way we act, our tones of voice, the words we use and the way we conduct our business has an impact on the city and how this city is perceived its residents and by others.”

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  1. Ed Gomes would have loved this. As folk lore has it, he was once reprimanded for acting disrespectful towards another council member. He was reprimanded and told he must apologize for his behavior.
    He thought hard on it and said ‘I would like to apologize for my comments …. when they start serving ice water in hell!!!’
    Needless to say he did not apologize and no further action was taken.

  2. Because of this I move that henceforth this sillyass rule be known as the Gomes rule. And when attempting to enforce it the guilty party shall be hence forth be referred to as being Gomesed.

  3. What a joke….it’s no wonder Bridgeport and its government continues to be the laughing stock of CT.
    The Council did not pass a resolution, they considered a letter, submitted by Council President Nieves (written by a city attorney) on her letterhead.

    the City Attorney and Nieves and company have a basic lack of understanding/knowledge of CT laws, and the US Constitution.
    The Council does NOT have the power to remove an elected member. There are ONLY FIVE municipalities on CT with the right pf recall. Bridgeport is NOT one of those 5.

    The most important right of Free Speech in the First Amendment of the US Constitution is the right to criticize our government and its members. That cannot be taken away by Council action. They cannot silence a member speaking outside an official meeting or hearing who expresses his/her aopinion.

    The reference to the travails of Trumbull Town Council member Scinto and the Trumbull Ethics Commission is a joke. the Trumbull Charter requires elected officials, board and commission members and town employees to treat the public civilly and courteously. Scinto was nasty in his comments about a volunteer who drew maps for the redistricting commission and was brought up on charges, he could not lose his seat on the Council. The Ethics Commission does not have that power, It nmay issue a letter of reprimand that is filed in the Town’s Clerk’s office but had little affect, other than a public rebuke of words and/or action.

    No one has ever spent the money to challenge the provisions of the Trumbull Town Charter that leads to a charge before the Ethics Commission for choice of words, but it would likely be found Unconstitutional.

    It’s about time Nieves does something besides being Ganim’s attack dog, trying to silence the opposition.

  4. Ron
    For obvious reasons, most notably honoring a former Council Member who did not follow asinine rules like, the council will never honor Sen Gomes.
    How dare he not take the council seriously at all times. Especially when they make silly rules like this.

  5. The picture of Council President Nieves with her mouth covered says it all.
    Instead of see no evil, speak no evil on this council it is see nothing, speak nothing and no nothing. Here, here.

  6. Marshall, you’re right. Out of respect for my dear friend, Senator Ed Gomes, I’m going to pass, I said whatever had to be a couple of days ago. After looking at the image of Miss Piggy, she’s to be pitied. She got short changed in the looks department, might as well let her have her five minutes in the sun. About the only thing she can do with that piece of paper is take it to the bathroom and make good use of it.

  7. And all I can say to the less than honorable City Attorney Christopher Meyer, shame on you for supporting such a moronic rule.
    Your father would be turning in his grave over such a rule.

  8. Oh Aidee add to that how the city perceives it’s City Council’s President who has nothing to do but fret over silly things like this.
    Talk about a disgrace!

  9. Bubba, Chris Meyers has an amazing family. If his father was still with us, I believe he would lazoo his son and find a desert to drop him in. Shame on Chris!!!

    1. Lisa, Chris Meyers’ father serve on the Fire Commission for years and he never voted for anything in favor of the fire union but a few times Mayor Gamin made some decisions and Meyers would pullme to the side in the hallway and gave me a heads up so that the union could push back, Chris is nowhere near his father.

  10. Any chance this council, in between trying to make up new , unenforceable,ridiculous rules to try and silence Maria for Joe, find out and tell the taxpayers how much Joe’s attorney’s tabs are at this point???… Or are they afraid of angering Joe if they rattle that cage?
    And Maria, if you’re reading this, keep up the fight, Bpt needs you..

  11. If Bridgeport’s City Council were an Olympic event, Maria Pereira would be a Gold Medalist.
    In frustration, her rivals implement laws designed to curb her evil ways but bloggers here question their legality.
    Municipal finances are in turmoil and should be the primary concern. Instead, The Charter acts as a foil. When Bridgeport’s position is at stake nobody’s a better team player than Maria Pereira.


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