UPDATE: Parks Board Rejects Cricket Field At Seaside Park And Lease Agreement For Bathhouse, Rivera: Are We Giving Away Beachfront Property?

UPDATE: Denied by Parks Board Tuesday night

Representatives of Viceroy Cricket Inc on Tuesday (tonight) at 5 will pitch the Board of Park Commissioners on developing a cricket field at Seaside Park as well as a 35-year lease agreement for the Casino Bathhouse. Full agenda here.

From the proposal:

VICEROY CRICKET, INC. expects to secure its upfront and ongoing investment by securing 35 years lease with option for renewal through the Bridgeport Parks Department.

Revenue earned from the official games (interleague) with public attendance is expected. This revenue will be distributed to the Bridgeport Parks Department not exceeding 10% of net sales of ticket revenue, parking revenue, merchandising revenue, and approved concession revenue.

Existing concessions and regularly approved events and activities in surrounding park and beach area for public enjoyment will be accommodated by the all hired staff during official games.

Hired staff during official games will include private security, local police, EMS and support staff. Support staff will be paid from revenue proceeds and are expected to be hired from Bridgeport.

See proposal cricket.

Bridgeport has a cricket club.

So far the presentation has little meat on the bones with vague financial specificity.

Kate Rivera

South End neighborhood activist Kate Rivera is urging residents to ask the park board to table the meeting.

From her Facebook page:

Please email the Parks Commission & ask them to table the Viceroy Cricket 35 year lease decision of the Bath House & field at Seaside Park until a plan is presented to the community. Email: Ellen.Gerrity@bridgeportct.gov today before 4:30pm label your email Written Testimony for the Parks Commission 2/9/21 meeting.

Rivera, in a statement to OIB, expresses concern for the impact on hundreds of soccer players.

“Low income kids can play several hours of soccer four times a week fall and spring for $30 a season. Plus the adults leagues. Also, if this is so great why is everything such a damn secret from the community? How much will the city potentially make per year from this “deal?” Or are we giving away beachfront property and screwing over taxpayers again like the UI “deal.”

“Why did our council people who should represent us bring the cricket guy and his architect on a tour of the bathhouse before telling the community? Why are our council people and Duffy listed as (contacts) at the end of the power point proposal?

“As I told Jorge our council people have this ass backwards. They work for us. They represent us, not the developer, and they need to get feedback and answer questions from the community first, not get approval of the parks department and then let the community know after that is done and we have no recourse. We decide if we want this in our community if this benefits Bridgeport.”

City Councilman Jorge Cruz says he supports the proposal but wants to see more specifics during the presentation.

Cruz adds no city money will be invested in this project. “They will spend their own millions to fix up the bath house.”

This meeting will be conducted by Zoom/Teleconference. The public may listen by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:
Dial to join Zoom Meeting by Phone:
1 (929) 436-2866
1 (888) 475-4499 US Toll-free
Meeting ID: 962 7591 8701



  1. “Representatives of Viceroy Cricket…pitch the Board of Park Commissioners on developing a cricket field…”

    Nice choice of words, lennie; since the center of the cricket field is the Pitch.

    10% of ticket sales (which could be very low or non-existent) is far too little to transform this land and give up control for many years.

    They should take pitch and Tar and feather any city official who approves this lousy deal.

  2. Wait a minute, Jorge Cruz says he supports it but needs more info. Why is he listed on the last page as a “contact” of the proposal? If he is a contact of the project, wouldn’t he have all of the details?

    1. I’m listening to the Parks meeting. lots of questions:
      1. Who is Christy Duffy? I feel like I’ve seen him around on other projects? Isn’t he that guy that is always with Councilman Castillo? What is he peddling now?
      2. Why is Councilman Cruz continuously saying “we”- again, why did he need more details when he is clearly part of this project?

      This is a joke.

  3. Why is their equipment being stored at the Parks Facilities Stables, who is paying for the upkeep that they want done monthly off season and weekly during season and why are two City Council members listed as contract people on this proposal?

    PRIVATE maintenance EQUIPMENT is expected to be used and requires STORAGE
    ◦ Monthly schedule (OFF SEASON)
    ◦ and Weekly (GAME SEASON)
    TEMPORARY FENCING is expected around GAME PERIMETER during GAMES

  4. I heard the problem with Newfield Park was they parked on all the side streets and Newfield Park while taking all the parking from the people that lived there and on numerous occasions they left the area filthy with trash and litter all over the park.

    1. A real boon to the community….Didn’t keep Newfield clean yet they want to go and trash seaside????….Well , using Newfield Park before tells me they its very small potatoes. What money is the city going to generate? parking? gate?(really)..All the city workers have to be paid, security etc……..

  5. What they want is a lease on the casino and then sublease. This is just another shell game and the public has no idea who truest financial benefits from this deal.
    Stop The Steal as Trump would say!

  6. This is a joke, we are going to give prime real estate on beachfront property away for a cricket field? City Councilman Jorge Cruz is the go to person if you have questions, Councilman Cruz, did they offer you anything for your support or anyone else for their support and vote?

  7. I just got around to reading the proposal. I figured I’d spend a couple of hours reading, poking holes in it, coming up with questions.
    It took all of 5 minutes and that’s because I read it twice.
    This is complete BS.
    STOP. THE. STEAL!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Everyone,

    I apologize for the delay in responding.

    Perhaps the best way forward for me is to introduce myself to everyone without being too informal.
    Christy is Irish for Christopher and is my Christian name given to me by may father (Donegal) and my mother (Rio Negro).

    Both were practicing Catholics and raised me and my brothers in the Blood of Christ.

    My time in Bridgeport has been 8 years now. Trying to make friendships and trying to not make noise.
    I am a licensed Major Contractor with DOD credentials and have completed energy work in Bridgeport.
    In fact, the Bridgeport project is nationally recognized for having been the only clean energy project completed without public subsidy, no carbon consumption and 65% plus reduction of heating and cooling bills. This is special because it was done in the lowest income tract in the nation without subsidy and with no rebates. I am done now. If there are questions, please feel free to ask.


    The Cricket is new to me and I came across my first game in Tbilisi, Georgia (north of Iran).

    It is considered both a Amateur Sport and League Sport by UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Canada and some many other countries that enjoy team sports. It is a spectator event, too.

    This presentation was to ask the Parks Department permission to introduce Cricket in the park.
    I was told that Newfield Park and Seaside Park were such places but without League approved field.

    The League is actually one step above Amateur because like any competition with Trophys (no money), the players must play on a regulation field with regulation attire and behave to regulation manners.

    The Bath House is HUGE but not necessary since the Cricket was looking to have lockers for the visiting and home League teams per regulations. The Bath house is beautiful and belongs to the people as it always should. The question on the table was ” if a regulation League team came, could we renovate the second floor for facilities (lockers, etc) and renovate the downstairs (at our expense) for the City use and its Parks Department. There was no assurances by the Parks Department that any of this was possible since we had to go to the City Administration and City Council and NRZ (depending on field location, East End, South Side, etc). The City Councilman guided me to an open discussion with the Parks Department and tried their best to encourage the Cricket to take interest for the youth Cricket.

    Alfredo Castillo is a councilman but also my friend and I know him for 8 years. He has helped me to find the better way in my working and supporting Bridgeport as it is a beautiful City with deep roots.

    I live in Branford, but come to Bridgeport 3 times (at least) a week and always take the time to be with my friends and business. By the way, I am easy to reach hq@bridgeportlabs.org

    Meanwhile, I recognize many names in this Blog and consider it generous that everyone is asking for more information. I have it to give. I just don’t get out enough to meet everyone. I apologize.

    Looking forward to years of earning your friendship ..each and all.


    John 2:1–12

  9. Cricket games for years have been played at Multicultural Magnet School on 700 Palisade Ave between Bullard-Havens Technical High School 500 Palisade Ave., this is a huge area of land.

  10. Really. This is the worst presentation I have EVER seen.
    There is NO commitment from the vendor to spend at least $X,XXX,XXX amount of money, to make the city whole if they stand to lose other revenues because of this deal, no guaranteed total revenue, no guarantees on how much they will spend, nothing but demands on turning over city property for the vendor’s use.
    Mr Duffy-Acevedo finally break his silence only at the bitter end when all other nefarious efforts failed to come forward and speak be it to little and to late. In a last attempt to salvage the plan he comes forward and provides an email address to get in touch with him.
    Not only does this show the potential corrupt dealings of Mr Duffy but also Alderman Cruz and Castillo.
    Just when you think that maybe the city has learned it’s lessons in putting the end to corrupt dealings, another one pops up as Nd if it were not for the tireless efforts of an everyday Joe Citizen like Kate Rivera they may have succeed.
    They you Kate. And I hated having to remind you to keep up the good work.

  11. Mr. Bob Walsh.

    This post was just shared with me this evening by my council.

    Mr. Bob Walsh, I expect this is your legal name.

    You made your point at my expense and my family name and reputation.

    You state for the public record:

    “Not only does this show the potential corrupt dealings of Mr Duffy”

    Sir, make a public retraction and public apologize by tomorrow at noon to my satisfaction.

    I am not a public official but a private “minority certified contractor” registered in the City of Bridgeport public record and State of Connecticut record and US Department of Defense record.

    You make accusations without fact or merit and have caused me great personal and professional harm and reputational damage to my person and business in my pursuit of developing the advancement of a minority sport within minority community.

    You are to be held accountable as others will (Ms. Kate Rivera) once the. city and personal attorney reviews the public record of the open and public record of testimony of my effort to be allowed to present my request in a fair and equitable manner.

    The public record of the Parks Department will disclose Ms. Kate Rivera as having maliciously and with intent to have interrupted the public meeting without legal authority and continued to do so without the Parks Department rightful permission.

    Ms. Kate Rivera has caused irreparable damage to the Cricket investments in Bridgeport in the amounts that cannot readily by recouped.

    Please cease all defamatory remarks immediately and be good and wise …and apologize by noon.

    I will have my attorney. address Ms. Kate Rivera, as I now understand is not an elected or appointed public official and yet had the permissibility to cause failure by her willful interference and unsubstantiated accusations before the Parks Commission during my presentation for approval as it pertains to the matter of “minority business presentation” of Cricket.

    As a minority developer this will not stand.

    Ms. Kate Rivera – as a Latina should know better.

    Tomorrow noon.

    Christy 🛐

    1. Christy Duffy-Acevedo, please, now you’re going to the race card. Kate Rivera pointed out questions that the taxpayers of Bridgeport need to know and the Park Commission review the information and comments in front of them and they made their decision against you, why, because you made a poor presentation.

      Christy Duffy-Acevedo, you said that you are a “private “minority certified contractor” registered in the City of Bridgeport public record and State of Connecticut record and US Department of Defense record,”so what, does that give you some type of immunity from public criticism when dealing with public tax dollars from the those who will pay the cost of the project.

  12. Please provide me with what you or your attorney consider the offensive language.
    I said potential corrupt activity.
    I did not accuse you directly of corrupt activity.
    I am looking at the facts and said that a deal including council members has the potential too be corrupt.
    This is an opinion.
    So again please provide with with more specifics as to what you would like me to apologize for.
    Thank you. And i do not reqire a timeline for this additional information.

  13. And Mr. Christy,
    You chose to try to do business with the city of Bridgeport.
    You should have done your research.
    You are dealing with a Mayor who was sentenced to 10 plus years for corrupt activity along with numerous private contractors.
    Two high ranking city officials have pled guilty and awaiting sentencing to violating the law in hiring what would be considered a not qualified individual to Police Chief, The person who is supposed to protect the city cheated in order to get the job.
    I would suggest that you do a better job vetting your partners in future ventures.

  14. Oohhh Bob, you’re in trouble, double trouble. It’s currently 12:38pm and I’ve yet to see an apology from Bob to Christy Duffy-Acevedo so does that mean Bob is saying go fluck yourself Christy Duffy-Acevedo? While I’m not an attorney, I did stay at a Holliday Inn Express last night and I know that defamation or slander is a difficult thing to prove or to win. Bob, I’ll represent you in court if you need me to.

  15. Mr. Walsh,

    I apologize for my delay as I now have legal opinion. Perhaps, this is not applicable but we can explore this further with all others on the post who are interested in pursuing a worthy debate and not be exclamatory to the facts we are seeking.

    Elements of Cyber Libel


    To begin:
    There must be an imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status, or circumstance.

    Thus, for an imputation to be libelous, the following requisites must be present: (a) it must be defamatory; (b) it must be malicious; (c) it must be given publicity; and (d) the victim must be identifiable.

    Under United States law, libel generally requires five key elements: the plaintiff must prove that the information was published, the plaintiff was directly or indirectly identified, the remarks were defamatory towards the plaintiff’s reputation, the published information is false, and that the defendant is at fault.

    Cyber-libel is a term used when someone has posted or emailed something that is untrue and damaging about someone else on the Internet, including in message boards, bulletin boards, blogs, chat rooms, personal websites, social media, social networking sites, or other published articles.

    Libel is written and slander is spoken, but they both refer to a harmful and false statement about another person or party and they’re illegal. Defamation is a “tort,” which is a civil offense that is punishable by law.

    Protected classes are not the exception bu the rule when prosecuting libel. The Courts have affirmed guilt with degree of penalty that reflect the degree of harm . This legal point continues to be argues for senior citizens, minority classes, disabled or impaired or other peoples that have experienced systemic hardship within the environment the libel has been practiced.

    Not sure about any of this ..since it is legal matter and I too, do not practice law or assert legal knowledge or experience.

    Yet, in the interest od scholarship, we need to debate the merits and faults of this question.

    Is there evidence of cyber libel or otherwise?

    Let’s ask the question and attempt to understand.

    If I am wrong, then you and I are better for our shared debate.

    If I am right, then….you owe me a lot.

    Tuna and Coke at Captain’s Cove. No masks.

    “You are only as wise as the man you debate”
    -Marcus Aurelius.


    1. Don, Christy Duffy-Acevedo, please, this is a blog, “Only In Bridgeport,” we have seen bullyies who have threaten with lawsuits because their feelings got hurt because of a comment, people have been called names, they have been talked about and things move on. Christy Duffy-Acevedo, move on, Ron Mackey.

  16. Kate, Ron
    You no longer live in a coop but a condo in a gated community!
    Of course you also no longer live in the city’s South End. You now live in the East End.
    All of this courtesy of Mr Duffy-Acevedo and Brooklyn News 12.
    You would think that News 12 Brooklyn would at least get its news stories straight.

  17. Duffy is so patronizing, lots of talk. If you were serious your lawyer would advise you to not blog and go tit for tat on a blog. And if you were so concerted about your credibility you would have abstained from doing so. You did very little home work on your proposal. Your problem not ours.


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