Tribes: At Lamont Request Examining Bridgeport Project–Real Or Imagined?

More than a year ago Mohegan Sun made a big P/R splash, announcing an exclusive three-year partnership agreement with the city-owned Webster Bank Arena involving concerts, sporting events and sponsorships. It was a spin to gain a footprint in the city amidst a battle between Connecticut’s two tribal nations and MGM over a proposal for a commercial gaming destination in Bridgeport, a face-off that continues in the legislative session.

What’s happened since that announcement promise by Mohegan Sun? Crickets.

In a reality check Governor Ned Lamont’s communications director Tweeted this:

So what’s the Tribes’ angle?

From News 8:

In an exclusive interview, the tribal chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, Rodney Butler and the tribal chairman of the Mohegan tribe, Kevin Brown tell News 8 that Governor Lamont has asked them to look into developing a casino/resort on the Bridgeport waterfront. Something they say they have always had interest in.

“Yes, the Governor did actually reach out to us and say; ‘hey, you what? we think there’s an opportunity there and we think that we’d like to work with our current partners and would you be interested?’ And we said yes,” says Chairman Butler. Chairman Brown adding, “We are pleased to know that the Governor sees the value in the tribes being part of a discussion to do that development.”

Full report here.

More on this from CT Post here.



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  1. Like it or not, when it comes to casinos in Bridgeport, losers make predictions while winners understand possibilities. A long as Lamont, MGM, the Indians and numerous elected officials show interest, it’s on the radar and its construction cannot be ruled out.

  2. Let’s remember. There is a third elephant in the room. That third elephant is the Federal Government/Bureau of Indian Affairs. It remains very murky but it seems that the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs is not so conducive to the Connecticut Indians going beyond their “reservation” with off-reservation sites. I’ve done “some” reading about it and all of it remains murky,confusing and there is a sense of “something” going on. So,Governor Lamont,The CT General Assembly and the CT Indians can have an agreement but it is ALL dependent on the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is in The Executive branh of the US Federal Government and Donald Trump is in charge of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

  3. Lennie Grimaldi, how in the world can you allow someone like Steven Auerbach to threaten someone on OIB by saying, “If I wasn’t a class act, id beat the living shit out of you?”

      1. Drop the cl and that’s Steven Auerbach and I think Stephanie Thompson and Steven Auerbach are the same person because no one has ever seen Stephanie Thompson and nobody knows her.

          1. There is no doubt that Stephanie Thompson is a fake and a is troll on just issues of race in order to divert from the topic that’s being discuss.

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    And this is why I think the Rev. McBride is a poor excuse for a minister and an embarrassment to her community and why politics and religion do not mix. This is a racist effort on Ganim and McBride’s part to divide the community. She has no shame. She is a bad politician hiding under the cloak of a minister.

    1. Thanks Don, for showing this degenerate, Steven Auerbach, for who he really is. He’s a superstar alright, he’s s lowlife ass kisser, look how he was all up Bill Finch’s ass when he was mayor dogging Joe Ganim, then Ganim becomes Mayor and he’s all up in Mario and Ganim’s ass.

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    So your attacking a pro- Bridgeport person like myself, is no surprise. Day drives and old BMW and lives in Stratford. Was very vocal about Classcal Academy. I offered to walk the neighborhood with him to prove a point. He chose not to. He is just another malcontent. He believes he is the spokesmen for African Americans in Bridgeport. How laughable is that. The two of you have been talking about David Dunn for years and yet nobody listens to you.

    Too be clear, I do read your posts . I would never waste my time going into the OIB archives and reposting any comments made by Day and Mackey. However, reposting my past comments just means that clearly , my words are worth repeating. Yours are not. I say no Moore and will no longer respond to a Day Mackey post.

    Getting back to this post , The tribes looking into Bridgeport is amazing. It will keep Bridgeport on track with Mayor Ganims Vision of Bridgeport being an entertainment destination. I have been a supporter of Chris Rosario for years. I credit him and Ezequiel Santiago for keeping the dream alive , even when I gave up on a Casino for the city. I think 2 Casino’s on the Waterfront will not only create thousands of union and non union Construction jobs, but also put many people in the Bridgeport area to work. Create a need for more market rate housing and breathe new life into a City trying so hard to revitalize itself. There are many other family and non family enterprises that can feed off of it. The Arena and Amphitheater will be able to book more top tier acts. Downtown restaurants will flourish and more housing will continue.

    This week I will be booking 3 shows at the Cabaret. Friends from Bridgeport and outside of the city will join me. Cabaret will continue to grow. People just love he productions there. The symphony continues to be a big draw for those of us that appreciate the Klein. There are so many great things on the horizon in this city it is just sad that on this blog it is so negative.

    One thing is for certain, whether employed by the city or just living here over the past 40 plus years. I have been a die hard lover of all 4 corners of this city. There is not one person that knows me that thinks otherwise. Other than Ron Mackey Derik Brown and Donald Day . It is nice to know that wherever I go in the city , I know people . Thats what I love most about Bridgeport. I am not much of a gambler and not much of a bar fly but people do love Casino’s and Bridgeport deserves the JOBS JOBS JOBS . How great that these enterprises will not be dependent on the city for financial support. More parking meters generating revenue for the city. East Main Street corridor coming back to life. Market housing people with money to spend on the best Spanish / Mexican/Dominican restaurants. ( Though I have to admit in the North End La Caguena is pretty damn excellent also. Lunch on Friday).

    The benefit of a rejuvenated Eastside ( the Bridge is just a plus) is the saving of 100’s of magnificent historical Victorian homes around Washington Park . I have always had that vision for the city. You just can not duplicate these homes anywhere.

    Here is hoping that along with the Casino’s , We can find an investor with money to bring the 450 million dollar rehab of the Poli Majestic theaters to fruition. I believe Mayor Ganim will make it happen .

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    Day at least you acknowledged, “This has a hope and a prayer chance of coming, but there are a lot of Bridgeport residents that could use these $15 per hour jobs.” By the way not much of an fighting advocate with just saying it has a hope and prayer. I mean the hopes and prayers rest on the city legislators in Hartford, and other willing to fight for it, as will as the city and its power in its voting block, who voted for Ned and got him elected. That is the power of the vote, is it not? PS you are right those Bridgeport Residents could use those thousands of $15 per hour jobs. It’s not going to get them a two Benzes but at least it could get them out of the Welfare line for food and maybe a Corolla Lets face to those limited city jobs you enjoyed are not enough for our, sorry, my city’s residents, not to mention the revenue that could be use to lower the taxes in the port. That has to pay for the job and the benefit of two Benez we have to pay for.

    Day in someways you are no different they those white you chastise who just work for the city and leave.

    Ron I will answer Day’s post about Steve’s comment about Rev. McBride. It was no different then what Judge Lopez wrote about Rev Gatson, just a little remedial. Religion leaders and politics do not mix. I am somewhat disappointed about Stephanie not coming to Rev McBride defense like she did for Rev. Gatson. Or you and Day condemning Lopez let you are doing to Steve.

    All three of you have know validity in Bridgeport politics. Well you do, just self worth and self interest.

    It’s still a Corolla 🙂

  9. i would like to address the Reverend mary -Lee Mcbride comment . This is the 5th time that Ron Mackey and Donald Day dug into the archives to share the words of the great Steven Auerbach that Donald Day would have you believe anyone in the Black Community thinks I am an asshole. I would appreciate if you could share just one name of one individual.

    I do not regret confronting Mary Lee Mcbide for not forgiving Finch. I do regret saying that she had her lips firmly planted on Joe’s ass. I did love her response to me ” I am a strong Black Woman………..etc etc etc. Let the record read for anyone reading the archived comments. I have since apologized to Reverand Mary Lee Mcbride. I have since sat and had dinner with her on more that a few occasions at many different functions. So the attempt to instigte and regurgitate the past, I have set the record straight and have righted my wrong. I will also say that I am happy that Stephen Nelson was there that day in question.

    I will assume that Mackey and Day will continue to dig into the archives because anything “Steven Auerbach ” says is obvious worth repeating. I wouldn’t spend a second looking into the archives for either one of you. It doesn’t matter if it were 5 years ago, 3 years ago 5 months ago or 2 days ago. It is always the same conversation and it is always just repeating my words because you gentlemen and I use that term loosely obviously feel that my words are worth repeating. For that – I thank you. I do await that names of those folks that think I am an asshole. I will forgive them and not hold it against them.

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    For shits and giggles boys, can you please go back to when I was supporting Mary Jane Foster and criticizing Finch. I would enjoy and find it extremely humorous. That would be 2009 ish.

    The things we say during a political campaign- Outrageous for sure! When

    1. Ah, Stephanie is a big man on the Internet. When his bluff is called he goes silent. Or his handlers at City Hall have confiscated his cell phone. Either way it’s great. He’s been silenced by cowardice. Now, if only Robert Texeira worked for the city. Someone would pull his plug.


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