City Declares Storm Emergency

From Mayor’s Office:

In anticipation of the pending snowfall due to impact Bridgeport, Mayor Joe Ganim is declaring a snow emergency for the city to take effect at 7:00 a.m., January 19, 2019. During the snow emergency, residents must move their cars off posted snow emergency streets. January 19 is an ODD number day; therefore, residents should park on the side of the street with addresses that are ODD numbers. Snow emergency streets are marked with white signs with red lettering. A list of snow streets can be found on the City’s website by clicking here.

No parking is allowed on snow emergency streets. Vehicles left on snow emergency streets after the ban goes into effect will be subject to fines and towing. Snow emergency parking areas are available throughout the City. A full list of parking areas can be found at the following link:

For secondary roads, as the storm date is January 19, an ODD number day, cars must be parked on ODD side of the street.

The easiest way to tell the ODD- or EVEN-numbered side of a street is to check the street address of buildings. If the address ends in an ODD number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) then that building is on the ODD side of the street. If the address ends in an EVEN number (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) then that building is on the EVEN side of the street. On a normal day, the even and odd corresponds to the day of the week–for example, the day of January 19 is an ODD number.

For the latest updates, resources and information about the snowstorm, residents are asked to check, local television and radio news outlets and follow the City of Bridgeport on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. fYI.. if you never hear from me again it may be due to the massive snow/ice wall put in front of my driveway by the DPW stormtroopers. I just might have a heart attack.Honest to God< I think Jasper Mclevly was right. "God put it there and God will take it away."


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