Rev. Lee Protests Tribute Reversal, Mayor’s Office Cites Misunderstanding, Thanks Her For Service

UPDATE: Video features OIB commenter Steven Auerbach in verbal exchange with Mary McBride Lee.

Charging Mayor Bill Finch meddled politically in a tribute to honor Rev. Mary McBride Lee’s march at Selma in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, the city councilor and supporters protested Tuesday in front of the Margaret Morton Government Center Downtown. Lee issued a letter to the mayor whose Chief of Staff Adam Wood responded to Lee citing a misunderstanding and thanking her “for all that you’ve done for the people of our great city and the entire nation.”

Lee protest
Mary McBride Lee protests in front of Morton Government Center.

Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill had apparently invited Lee, a City Council supporter of former Mayor Joe Ganim, to be recognized last week at the East End Tabernacle Church where State Rep. Charlie Stallworth, also a Ganim supporter, serves as pastor. Merrill is the state’s chief elections officer.

Lee claims Merrill was pressured into cancelling her participation at the church. Lee was recognized at an event last week at the Holiday Inn by Merrill. Both Ganim and Finch also attended the recognition ceremony of Lee at Stallworth’s church.

Lee wrote this letter to Finch:

Dear Mayor Finch,

I am writing to you today under some very unfortunate circumstances. As you are aware, I was humbly honored on August 6th as part of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act.

As someone who personally marched on that bloody day in Selma, Alabama, I am deeply troubled by how this tragic day was politicized by you and members of your administration, in particular your Chief of Staff Adam Wood.

The Secretary of State had organized an event at East End Tabernacle, in which you were also invited. Once your administration was notified of the event, a member of your administration, your Chief of Staff Adam Wood, contacted the Secretary of State to request the event be cancelled simply because both Charles Stallworth and I have exercised our right to support a mayoral candidate other than yourself.

Although you were quoted as saying you had no knowledge of any attempt by your administration to interfere with the scheduled service in the CT Post the following day, the evidence obtained by the CT Post clearly serves to discredit your assertions. In fact, Mr. Wood clearly communicated with Mr. Harris from the Secretary of State’s office and specifically requested the event be cancelled.

The conduct of your Chief of Staff, Adam Wood was not only appalling and insulting to me and the Reverend Charles Stallworth, it was insulting to all the heroic people that marched at Selma on that day 50 years ago. In addition, your administration has insulted the entire minority community in the City of Bridgeport.

Therefore, I am asking for the resignation and/or the termination of your Chief of Staff Adam Wood, and those of any additional members of your administration that participated in this purely political and disrespectful act.

I look forward to a formal response from you within the next twenty-four hours regarding your plan of action as the elected Mayor of our great city.

Mayor Finch’s Chief of Staff Adam Wood issued this letter to Lee:

Dear Councilwoman McBride Lee,

I hope this note finds you well. Per our earlier conversation–and your gracious acceptance of my apology for what was clearly an unfortunate misunderstanding–I find the letter that was sent to Mayor Finch today to be disheartening.

As previously stated, during a conversation with the Secretary of State’s Office last week, I was asked about an event being planned at East End Tabernacle and whether or not it was of a political nature.

After several discussions with community members leading up to the event, it was the general consensus that its intentions were political.

As a friend to many in the Secretary of State’s Office–and since I was asked to give advice on this matter–that’s what I did.

Since the Secretary of State is the chief elections officer for the state, and avoids political events as a matter of practice, that it might not be in her best interest to attend said event.

However, since Mayor Finch was invited in his official capacity, he planned on attending the event all along–and unequivocally celebrated your heroism and bravery by honoring you with an official citation.

Now, in regards to the nature of said event, I apologize for the misunderstanding and by no means intended to take away from your bravery and heroism.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for the people of our great city and the entire nation.

And, I cannot thank all of those who marched for freedom in Selma on that fateful day 50 years ago enough.

That’s why I was so honored to lead the effort nine years ago to bring Congressman John Lewis–another hero who marched at Selma alongside you and others–to our great city to speak in the East End about his experiences.

Over the past eight years, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside you and many others to try and help Mayor Finch bring our city together.

As we both know, public service isn’t an easy line of work. Thankfully, there are people such as yourself, Mayor Finch, and others who are willing to work hard to make Bridgeport better every single day.

I hope our work together over the past several years can overcome a misunderstanding such as this.

Because in order to continue making Bridgeport better every day, we need to continue working together.

Thanks, Councilwoman McBride. I look forward to speaking with you again soon, and thanks again for all you’ve done–and continue to do–for Bridgeport.

Best Wishes,

Adam Wood

P.S. I’m attaching Mayor Finch’s proclamation that he gave to you last Thursday at the event. My hope is that you’ll be reminded of how much Mayor Finch supports you for the great things you do for our community.



  1. And this is why I think the Rev. McBride is a poor excuse for a minister and an embarrassment to her community and why politics and religion do not mix. This is a racist effort on Ganim and McBride’s part to divide the community. She has no shame. She is a bad politician hiding under the cloak of a minister. Religion and politics don’t mix. See Mayor, no respect. You went to the Church, read the proclamation, said kind words and this is how an ordained Minister reacts when they have their lips firmly planted on Mr. Joseph Ganim’s ass.

    She is quickly becoming a cartoon character, a joke!!!

    1. The only cartoon character on this blog is you, Steve. You are a hateful little man. I sincerely hope you are no longer allowed in our schools, or any school for that matter, because our children should not be exposed to your nastiness. You are just like Bill Finch. An arrogant shameful little man.

      1. You are a Ganim supporter. He stole from the the city, he is a convicted felon, Joseph Ganim couldn’t get a job teaching in the public school system. city hall smoker, tit for tat. I love those hiding under a cover who insult me. So since I do not know you, I am reduced to shove your candidate’s past in your face. I think it is an equal insult, no? Joseph Ganim would not be able to teach in the Bridgeport Public School system. But by all means tell everyone you know what a great candidate he is.

        city hall smoker, I have been called many things. Little man would not be one of them! 😉 Apparently, you have no problem with minsters in politics. I do, sorry! You cannot serve two masters unless you are a pure bullshit artist!

    2. Steve, I like and respect Rev. Lee. She has always been a voice for those most needing and it wouldn’t matter who were running, she would still be deserving of and entitled to her recognition. The moment the mayor’s staff got involved IT BECAME POLITICAL. If there is any certainty, it’s that it wouldn’t have made a difference if Joe were running or not, she would not be backing the LYING administration of Finch/Wood or should it be Wood/Finch?

  2. You know Steve,
    You are shameless and beneath contempt. The Reverend Mary McBride-Lee marched with Reverend Martin Luther King to protest for voting rights. According to one account,
    “On March 7, 1965, approximately 600 civil rights marchers departed Selma on U.S. Highway 80, heading east to the capital. After they passed over the crest of the Edmund Pettus Bridge and left the boundaries of the city, they were confronted by county sheriff’s deputies and state troopers who attacked them using tear gas, horses, and billy clubs, and drove them back across the bridge. Governor George Wallace had vowed that the march would not be permitted. Seventeen marchers were hospitalized and 50 more were treated for lesser injuries. Because of the brutal attacks, this became known as ‘Bloody Sunday.’ It was covered by national press and television news, reaching many American and international homes.”

    “… On March 9, 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr. led a symbolic march over the bridge. By then local activists and residents had been joined by hundreds of protesters from across the country, including numerous clergy and nuns. Whites made up one-third of the marchers. That day King pulled the marchers back from entering the county and having another confrontation with county and state forces. But that night white Minister James Reeb, who had traveled to the city from Boston, was attacked and killed in Selma by white members of the KKK.”

    The marchers carried on knowing they were going to be met with an extremely hostile resistance.

    The Reverend McBride-Lee marched for EVERYONE’S right to vote, Steven. She was honored for her civil rights work, not anything at all political. The Finch administration’s attempt to coax Secretary of the State Denise Merrill’s participation in the event at East End Tabernacle Baptist Church was cynical and racist. The Reverend McBride-Lee is a City Councilor who supports Mr. Finch’s opponent. So what? Who cares? Politics didn’t enter into the picture until Adam “Pecker” Wood contacted the Secretary of the State’s office. The Reverend Charles Stallworth, another member of the Bridgeport City Council, is also a supporter of Mr. Finch’s electoral opponent. Who cares? This was not a political event until the Finch campaign made it political.

    You’ve shown your true colors, Mr. Auerbach. You’re as bigoted and racist as the people working in the mayor’s office.

    1. Steven, you owe the Rev. Mary Lee an apology. Mary Lee has a very long illustrious record. Not only in civil rights, but also in teaching, a long tenure as a Fire commissioner and a productive term on the common council in addition to being a Minister. She also has a right in a democracy to support any candidate she wants. In addition, in a democracy we all have the right of protest.

  3. Steve, Rev. Mary Lee did not make this political, it was Adam Wood at the direction of whomever who made it political. I feel bad for the way she was treated. She is not an embarrassment to her community. More people in her community need to speak up for the way they are being treated. I cannot believe you are a school teacher. If so, I feel sorry for your students.

  4. Let us not forget Denise Merrill is a Dan Malloy pawn who is supposed to be under investigation for malfeasance in office.

    E-mail proof of Denise Merrill’s orders to suppress evidence of criminal convictions in the background update of a Bridgeport sheriff and Finch-Malloy political operative was publicly exposed in February.

    It would seem the investigation has been suppressed by the Malloy Administration.

    Perhaps Denise and Dan are vulnerable to criminal charges in all of this?

    It would be nice to see them both removed from office.

    Lennie, do you have an update on this situation for us at this time?

  5. I’ve said on numerous occasions he is a divisive bigoted little man who is a beyond redemption. He’s an embarrassment to the City of Bridgeport and to the Bridgeport school system.

    Reverend Mary Lee merely voiced her opinion on whom she would support in this election and to be called those vile and ugly names is an affront to all that is decent. Had she never marched in the Selma protests she still never should have been subjected to this vitriolic character assassination. I fully expect Mayor Finch to disavow and to apologize for this individual who claimed to have worked to elect him as Bridgeport’s mayor.

  6. It’s a disgrace the vile and nasty words Steve Auerbach has said about Ms. Lee, he has gone way too far just like Mayor Finch has done. I know one thing, they would never have made those comments to her face.

    1. Ron Mackey, of course I would, everything I said regarding politics and religion and Joe Ganim. I would respectfully tell her to her face she needs to forgive the Mayor no more or less than she has for Ganim. When she cancels the event, I will seek her out and apologize.

  7. To all the bloggers of the Ganim administration who will be protesting tomorrow, let me state a few very important points.

    Donald Day, I have no respect for you so why bother?

    To all–I cannot emphasize enough how I am repulsed by ministers in politics. G-d and politics do not mix.

    Maria, honestly, I spoke to you earlier and told you how I feel. Classy of the Ganim camp having you pass out literature at the NAACP event.

    If anyone doesn’t agree if Rev. McBride Lee can forgive Joe, then this woman of G-d can forgive Finch and Wood. Since she cannot, I stand by what I said.

    Stuart Rosenberg, I have commended Ms. Lee before this became a Ganim/McBride/Stallworth political event to divide the community. The protest tomorrow will be an opportunity for Joseph Ganim to get another five minutes of press time. When it comes to civil rights I speak about it often in history classes and have promoted Selma as an excellent depiction of a historical event.

    Donald Day, you racist piece of human waste, Mayor Finch apologize for me? What, is he my father? My employer? My Rabbi? My minister?

    Did I mention this is pure politics? You cannot all be that foolish to think otherwise.

    The Rev. McBride Lee, just to repeat for all the anti-Finch crew. Let it be noted as it is posted on Lennie’s blog, I was the first to commend the Rev. Lee. If I were in Selma in 1964 I would have joined the movement. I will not let anyone imagine this protest is nothing more than a politically inspired attempt to embarrass Bill Finch, but Rev. McBride Lee, G-d knows our hearts and you can frame it any way you want, but your perpetuating this misstep is shameful and you will be held accountable. G-d and politics do not mix, ever!

    Ron Mackey, you are another individual like your tag-team twin Donald Day I have no use for. Gee, this is a perfect opportunity for Marilyn Moore to get involved, but Mary-Jane of course will not be interviewed, Joe Ganim will. I hate to rain on your parade, but rain is in the forecast and I wonder if the Rev. Lee may change her mind and realize this protest is a very bad idea and will not help your candidate and show just how unforgiving you can be like my friend 🙂 Maria Pereira. I will assume just as Mayor Finch had a change of heart and went to the East End Church to continue the celebration for the Rev. McBride Lee, I would imagine a woman of G-d would show the same grace to the Mayor at the last minute and cancel the event and not because it is raining! 🙂

    1. Steve Auerbach, why are you so mad, you are acting just like Bill Finch, you get upset when people challenge you then the both of you guys start “lying.”

      1. Lying? Ron Mackey, honestly, now I am a liar? Now everything I say, you equate me to Bill Finch?

        Ron, most important, I do not lie. Second, equating me to Mayor Finch is not an insult. Third, I am not mad. I do agree this incident was a terrible mistake on the part of the Mayor’s team, but unlike yourself, I acknowledge Mayor Finch took the high road and celebrated the Rev. McBride Lee.

        Ron, you have always known my stand on politics and religious figures in politics. I do not care what your faith is.

        I totally believe Rev. McBride Lee needs to cancel this event as it is clearly a political event attempting to humiliate Finch and give Joe a spotlight. That is shameful.

        If the Rev. Lee can forgive Joe Ganim for the atrocities he committed to the city and the betrayal of his oath of office, hand on the Bible and 10 years of no remorse or apology, then certainly the Reverend McBride-Lee can show some grace and respect for Mayor Finch.

        My comments were not vile or nasty. They reflected the obvious.

  8. Steve, what you don’t seem to understand is today’s rally has absolutely nothing to do with Joe Ganim. I and others handed out fliers about what Mayor Finch did to Reverend Lee in support of Reverend Lee.

    Neither he nor his campaign staff initiated or planned it.

    The event will go on as planned, rain or shine.

    1. Hear hear! The rally has nothing to do with mayoral politics and everything to do with the disrespect shown to a revered civil rights figure. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You have shown yourself to be every bit as petty, intolerant and racist as Adam Wood and Bill Finch.

      It is only a matter of time before the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice comes a-calling, investigating the Finch administration for its policies and practices that discriminate against African Americans and other minorities in Bridgeport. Even if he were to win the election, that would be hanging over his administration like a cloud of methane.

    2. See above post, the Rev. McBride Lee can control the narrative as a respectable woman of the cloth or a sycophantic politician. I think grace and the high road should rule the day. I think Mayor Finch’s end game was the way to go. He showed the Reverend McBride respect. Actions speak louder than words. The background story made for great theater. The reality is the Mayor did rise above it. That is the real story!

    1. city hall smoker, why, because I am an optimist and expect Rev. Lee to show grace as an ordained minister? I realize I am wasting my sense of decency on this anti-Finch group but I know anyone reading this blog and not posting agrees with my sentiment. I believe in taking the moral high ground even at the last minute. Don’t sinners get an opportunity for redemption at their last breath?

      1. Steve, you need to go and hangout with your like-minded friends on another blog where they feel the same way you do about Bill Finch. I’m sure there are some pro-Bill Finch blogs somewhere.

          1. Donald Day Ron Mackey, honestly, save your race-baiting antics for someone else. Racist? Bigot? You have the wrong person. But I understand where you are coming from and that chip on your shoulder gets pretty heavy, no?

        1. Ron–too bad you cannot burn a cross on his post. I think that is the historically preferred way to chase a Jew away. I missed the part about who is being a bigot, RON.

      2. You ARE wasting your time here, Steve. You are a racist, immature and petty man who is intolerant of an opinion you disagree with. I hope the Finch campaign reels you in. Your antagonistic attitude here is beneath contempt. Your remarks toward Reverend McBride-Lee are beyond the pale. You have done more damage to Bill Finch’s re-election campaign than his chief of staff. Now please, for the sake of everyone, please go away. No one is arguing or disagreeing with you anymore. We just want you to go away. Pronto.

        1. Derek Brown, so now you are saying I am doing better than Adam Wood in damaging the Mayor’s re-election campaign. 🙂 I am really shooting up the charts like a hit record. From obscurity to being equated with the Mayor and Adam Wood. Derek, it doesn’t get any better than that. Does it?

  9. I attended the event. It was a smallish affair but there was plenty of passion and enthusiasm. It was not the “political” event it was made out to be by the people who have guzzled the Finch Kool-Aid. The Reverend Mary McBride-Lee is revered in Bridgeport as an educator, a cleric and a civil rights figure. She demanded Bill Finch accept Adam “Pecker” Wood’s resignation. It won’t be forthcoming because no one in the Finch administration ever admits to doing anything wrong, never apologizes for the racism, smallmindedness and insensitivity on public display every day.

    1. Bridgeport Kid,
      You were at the event? Really? I was the finale, you missed Rev. Mary McBride Lee slam me! I did apologize on a more current post. Do you really think I am bad for the Finch campaign? I will blog less and not walk, call, register, or any of those things if it hurts the chances of Mayor Finch. 🙂

      You know I can only say one thing about me on this blog or outside. There is not one candidate who will not disagree because they can’t.

      I have been to every headquarters of almost every candidate. I do not know if Howard Gardner has one. I am not a mean-spirited campaigner. I usually enjoy sparring with the opposition and generally have a good time on the campaign trail.

      Many on this blog are miserable and nasty. Calling me racist or bigoted is about as low as scum can go. But since you cannot find a nerve to shut me down I’ll keep on singing the praises of my candidate. I respect your support of Ganim. I expect the same respect. Derek Brown, I do not think you are capable of that kind of respect, so since I do not take your posts as good-natured sparring, you can feel free to treat me as invisible. I will understand it is an agreement so we do not disrespect each other.

        1. Really, Bridgeport Kid? Maria Pereira told me you left before I arrived. I was also told you are a master of conflict management. How in hell could that be possible? Why would you lie and say you were there? I can rattle off nearly every individual who witnessed the confrontation the ordained woman of the cloth initiated. Derek Brown, are you remotely aware of your unnecessary insulting remarks? They make Derek Brown seem like an immature little boy who is so angry he needs to make a hurtful remark. Give it up. It should be beneath you.

    2. According to Adam Wood, he is claiming it was Denise Merrill who contacted him for his opinion in cancelling the event. I hope everyone who reads OIB remembers Denise Merrill’s involvement in this debacle when she is up for reelection in 2018.

    1. John from Black Rock, do you condone Adam Wood writing a letter in response to a letter that was specifically addressed to Mayor Finch? Do you condone his utilization of Finch’s campaign slogan in this letter? Do you condone his writing he “cannot” thank those who marched at Selma in 1964?

      If so, John, I honestly don’t believe you are the person I thought you to be.

      1. Maria, it appears the “cannot thank those that marched at Selma” phrase is a typo and should have read something like “I cannot thank those that marched at Selma enough” as the preceding sentence reads: “I cannot thank you (Reverend Lee) enough for all that you’ve done for the people of our great city and the entire nation.”
        As for the rest, I would simply say Adam Wood has made a conciliatory gesture that if not perfect seems sincere. After all, he did apologize. Personally, I find this whole matter very distasteful and I for one am not going to comment on it further.

  10. So let me get this straight. Reverend Lee hand-delivered a letter addressed to Mayor Finch, but Adam Wood issued the response. Mayor Finch’s henchman is running the show.

    Then he goes on to utilize Finch’s campaign slogan in his rebuttal. And then he blames Denise Merrill because it was her office that contacted him, not Finch or Adam Wood contacting Denise Merrill’s office.

    By the way, Adam. You forgot to mention you called Reverend Lee AFTER OIB noticed the rally, not before. Although this disgraceful action occurred last Wednesday/Thursday and it was published in the CT Post last Friday, you waited until the evening before the day of the rally to call Reverend Lee.

    I truly hope Joe Ganim wins on September 16th because so many of us want to personally wave goodbye to you and the entire administration.

  11. Did everyone catch this outrageous comment in Adam Wood’s letter?

    “And, I cannot thank all of those who marched for freedom in Selma on that fateful day 50 years ago.”

    He had the audacity to write he “CANNOT” thank all of those who marched for freedom in Selma on that fateful day 50 years ago.”

    So you “cannot” thank the marchers, Adam Wood. By the way, they didn’t march for “freedom,” you idiot. They weren’t slaves in 1964. They marched for equality and the right to participate in our democratic process.

    I am looking so forward to knocking on doors tomorrow.

    1. Maria, you called Adam Wood an idiot. I am just bringing to your attention you insulted the Chief of Staff. Add the Mayor and Kadisha and you have a trifecta. Now be respectful.

      By the way Maria, did you notice the picture above with one of my favorite Ganim supporters and Rev. Mary McBride Lee? Not political? Wasn’t that same sign at the Democratic Town Committee?

      1. Steve, no it was not the same sign. The signs at the DTC were of a juggler and high taxes.

        Steve, you are absolutely NOT in a position to direct anyone else on this blog to be “respectful.”

  12. I spoke with Reverend Lee a few minutes ago. She shared Adam Wood called her last night and apologized, and asked over time he hoped Reverend Lee would accept his apology. She NEVER told him she accepted his apology. In addition, she stated Adam Wood had not even emailed her the letter he submitted to OIB.

    Is there any high-level appointee of Mayor Finch who is not a liar?

    1. Maria, did Mary McBride-Lee tell you to report her conversation on the blog?

      I will give you my interpretation of the letter.

      I of course do not speak for Adam Wood or Mayor Finch and like John from Black Rock, I think we have beaten this horse to death.

      I think the Mayor did not respond because he believed he ultimately took the high road and attended the Church, sang hymns and read a proclamation. It is clear he felt he did the right thing. The letter may have been written to Mayor Finch, but as you read, it was disrespectful. She demanded Mr. Wood resign and gave him 24 hours to respond.

      I think Adam Wood is a very smart man and he was responding to a woman who demanded his resignation after both he and the Mayor apologized. The Bridgeport is getting better every day had to be a dry sense of humor. Bottom line Maria, it is old news. The protest happened, no forgiveness. I allowed her to vent her disgust with me and I thank G-d she is not a spokesperson for the black community. She is a respected leader for sure. The action of the Mayor and Adam was clearly an embarrassment. But it is old news and it seems both sides lose and we move on. Maria, just for the record, I do not think anyone on this blog has been as disrespected and insulted as much as myself. I am still standing. I forgive everyone who has attempted to insult, humiliate, demean and malign my character. I especially love the comments about me in the school system. I would say there are approximately 30 principals and 300 teachers who would say I am a favorite of the students and teachers for what that thankless position is worth. I think you may know a few who know me. They really appreciate me. 🙂 We all live to see another day.

  13. Ron Mackey–By telling Steve Auerbach to find a pro-Finch blog, am I to understand OIB is only reserved for Finch haters and Ganim supporters?

    Regardless, the comments on OIB are often hyperbolic and supporting anyone but the saintly Joe Ganim is not to be tolerated.

  14. Steven,
    It is still disgraceful you would confront Reverend McBride-Lee to accuse her of “politicizing” a civil rights event. The Secretary of the State’s office contacted Adam Wood for his opinion on the matter; he is not the most unbiased source of information.

    There were a few Ganim political operatives there to be sure. Then there was you, getting into the Reverend’s face in a disrespectful manner. Mary McBride-Lee is a City Council member, an ordained minister and an educator. She also marched in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King at a time when there was great resistance in the Southern states toward voting rights, even after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Southern state legislatures had passed and maintained discriminatory requirements and practices (including literacy tests) that had disenfranchised most of the millions of African Americans across the South since the turn of the century.

    From Wikipedia:
    “With Governor Wallace refusing to protect the marchers, President Johnson committed to do so. The third march started March 21. Protected by 2,000 soldiers of the U.S. Army, 1,900 members of the Alabama National Guard under Federal command, and many FBI agents and Federal Marshals, the marchers averaged 10 miles a day along U.S. Route 80, known in Alabama as the ‘Jefferson Davis Highway.’ The marchers arrived in Montgomery on March 24 and at the Alabama State Capitol on March 25. With thousands having joined the campaign, 25,000 people entered the capital city that day in support of voting rights.

    “The route is memorialized as the “Selma To Montgomery Voting Rights Trail,” and is designated as a U.S. National Historic Trail.”

    So take a step back, remove your feet from your mouth and call it a day. You are doing more damage to Bill Finch’s campaign than anything Joe Ganim’s people are able to do.

    1. Bridgeport Kid,
      I really appreciate your respect and support of the Rev. Mary McBride Lee. You are repeating yourself ad nauseam.

      It is important to note I was not there to confront Mary. I was registering voters on lower Park Avenue and decided to swing by the event simply because I knew I would see friendly faces if the event were not canceled.

      I was at the very back of the event chatting with some folks when much to my chagrin Rev. Mary McBride-Lee CONFRONTED me. I think it is important to give the true chain of events. I am a nice guy. Derek Brown, I am one individual you do not have to give the history of Selma or Dr. Martin Luther King. This event was not about that at all.

      I let her vent. I said to her verbatim what I had said on the blog a day earlier and then I left before there was a physical altercation.

      I did not show up to have a confrontation and I was shocked there was. I am sorry I hurt her feelings on the blog. Never did I diminish her contribution to history and crossing that bridge.

      I do not believe politics and religion mix and this affair clearly was political and as you stated, turned into an insignificant gathering that had anti-Finch signs and all Ganim supporters. Derek Brown, can’t we just agree on the obvious?

      1. Just because someone loves the Lord doesn’t mean they are the Lord. We should try to be Christlike but we aren’t Christ. Some of us are still growing in the Lord.

      2. You called her “a poor excuse for a minister and an embarrassment to her community … a bad politician hiding under the cloak of a minister … (with) lips firmly planted on Mr. Joseph Ganim’s ass. She is … a cartoon character, a joke!!!” And then you had the gall to show up at her event, and were TAKEN ABACK that she took issue with you???

        1. Pretty much yes! The way I am insulted regularly with worse comments and show up in the company of my attackers. This is politics. I accept it and so should she. I let her vent and I am happy she did. It is not like I left and said anything negative about Mary McBride Lee. I made the comments. I absolutely meant what I sad. She responded appropriately. I do not question her actions. Politics and religion do not mix and never will. WhiteRoller, I only apologized for hurting her feelings, not for the content of what I said. There is nothing shocking here.

      3. All the more reason to apply the old adage, “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to G-d what is G-d’s.” Politics and religion are always a bad mix.

  15. You know, REVEREND McBride-Lee is a council person, a civil rights marcher and, above all else, a person of the cloth. She should know the Bibles, the written word of our Lord, thy God, most sacred tenet is forgiveness. Yet she continues to hold a grudge even after Mr. Wood explained the misunderstanding and issued a heartfelt apology. I am starting to wonder if some politically motivated clouds have formed in the sunshine of her integrity. I am sure He will forgive her, her trespasses as He forgives those who trespass against Him.

  16. I’ve known Rev. Mary Lee for over 30 years. I don’t always agree with a few of her decisions but I’ve always respected Rev. Lee. She is an excellent teacher with real young students and she loves the Lord. I’ve said this before, I had no knowledge of Rev. Lee’s past because she doesn’t go around bragging about herself but no black woman (or any woman) should be disrespected like she was.

  17. Speaking about Mary-Jane Foster, I finally listened to the full interview last evening. I thought she was very good. For a brief moment, extremely brief moment, she had the fire I remembered from four years ago, when she made it clear she does not support Joe Ganim and she would never work in a Ganim administration. She also stated she was not working with the Ganim camp.

    Well, with four more weeks to go and Joe Ganim taking the lion’s share of the anti-Finch vote that brief moment of fire in her belly had better get fierce.

    Finch received yet another endorsement today and as far as Ganim getting that one endorsement from the police, it seems four years ago that endorsement went to Foster.

    Overall, good interview. I look forward to the interview with Mayor Finch, I expect it to be exciting. The Hartford Courant ripped Ganim for not answering the questions, other than mistakes were made.

    1. I heard that also. They moved their headquarters and didn’t tell me. BptPorter, from your lips to G-d’s ears, I will continue to support Mayor Finch. and you will be one unhappy camper.

      I think Mayor Finch and crew realized when Ron Mackey, Donald Day, Bridgeport Kid, Jim fox started showing concern I was ruining his campaign. They realized he was in trouble. Not!

      If I keep talking, Finch will lose. We cannot let that happen, omg!

        1. Ron–since you found out that “B”–J. Ganim loves Trump, will you also be lining up for the Donald? Will we see a Ronald/Donald coalition for Trump 2016?

  18. Steve isn’t a weirdo. He just has a huge man crush for Finch and is a sycophant. The fact he was so disrespectful of Rev. Lee shouldn’t shock anyone. She dissed his royal highness and Steve must run to his defense. Okay, he’s weird!

  19. Steve seems to have a problem with strong black women who support civil rights and know how to forgive. He supports Finch because he choked a Latino council member.

  20. Does anyone else read this blog at work and audibly chuckle? Or is it just me?

    BTW, while I am no fan of our current administration, Adam’s comment (error) was CLEARLY a typo. He just forgot one word. It happens to ALL of us.

  21. Or maybe, just maybe Adam said exactly what me meant. Who in this politically correct society world puts something out to the press without the benefit of having it proofread? This is a very hot topic with severe implications and that press release wasn’t proofread by anyone?

    That leads one to believe that Adam’s ego is that big, he feels his writings are above scrutiny, the people who proofread that mess are as dumb as Adam or maybe just maybe Adam meant what he said.

    At any rate Mayor Finch has showed again he lacks leadership qualities when picking individuals who are supposed to look out for his best interests as well as those of the City of Bridgeport and they failed both miserably.

  22. I can’t help but wonder what this woman’s motive was, was she put up to this by Ganim? If she can forgive Ganim for violating the public’s trust, along with several other offenses, why can’t she accept Mr. Wood’s apology? After all, in G-d’s eyes, everyone is created equal.

  23. The thing that got me is the statement; “You have freedom of speech, but …” Whenever anyone puts “but” after any part of the Constitution, I worry. Whether you agree with what Steve said or not, freedom of speech gives him the right to have an opinion of someone in the public eye whether they know the person or not.

  24. Steve, you made a poor decision by attending the rally. You should probably be a member of Finch’s administration because all of his high-level employees demonstrate poor judgement too. You would fit right in.

  25. Whatever you think about the Councilwoman’s actions, this episode outs the typical behavior of Wood, Nunn and Finch and how they undermine democracy and inappropriately employ their political muscle in Bridgeport.

  26. I am surprised Maria is not condemning Reverend Lee. She has condemned Reverend Moales several times in the past for similar behavior. I honestly do not understand why one reverend gets a pass the other does not. Please explain.


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