1. We deserve our celebrations and when they are for the community it is reasonable to know the expenses of them and who and how paid for.

    So the Christmas Tree will be lit again this year, with the Fire and Police Departments part of the action (volunteered time, regular time or overtime?). You see it is a necessary question because real community events like parades that call for police to promote public safety, are charging for police participation going forward, something to contemplate while we celebrate.

    Don’t you feel well protected knowing the Bridgeport Police Department’s Mounted Unit will be present? How many times have they been called on to preserve the public safety in recent years? At what expense in manpower, supplies and overhead?

    Frugality was a special mark of Mayor Jasper McLevy. He did not believe in spending taxpayer money the way that more recent machine politicians have. Unfortunately whoever prepared this notice did not provide Jasper with the third capital letter in his surname, an ‘L,’ in locating the Tree Lighting at “Mclevy” Green. (Watchdogging dollars and spelling is a must in Bridgeport.)

    And finally if you attempt to call the City Events Manager (sorry, but I did not know we had one or in which Department such an employee might practice), one discovers the number posted is answered by a person who tells you the number posted is a personal line, not a City line. An OIB story for sure. Will Av Harris be reviewing City output more closely in the future? Time will tell.

    1. Ebenezar Scrooge, it’s Christmas! We love the mounted police. Children love to see them. Lighten up. It isn’t like they are paying for a Chanukah or Kwanza lighting festival. Thank G-d for the separation of Church and State. This expense however, I have no problem with. It is a joyful time of year. Money well spent.


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