1. Sorry, but as a numbers person I understand there is philanthropy, charity and generosity of all kinds but to understand it you need to know who puts the funds and the time to distribute in action, how much was spent and how many benefited. No question a turkey is better than a ticket in most cases, however if the public were to consider the amount taxes had to increase to pay just part of the pension contributions dealing with credit towards retirement income for overtime of all types, they would be aghast. In the meantime back stories about dollars, hours spent being “good guys” towards a few of the public, not necessarily in need, and the real story about police overtime and pensions is yet to be told. Chapman has not mentioned it publicly. Neither Gaudett nor Perez have been eloquent. Police union leadership just smiles while the public keeps looking for the perpetrator at tax time, saying “What happened?” And I keep asking where does the Mayor reside. Time will tell.


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