‘Treated As An Orphan’–Newton, Bradley Pan Legislative Tax Cuts At City Expense

The “historic” tax cut trumpeted by most Democrats in the state legislature is receiving a resounding sour note from City Councilman Ernie Newton and State Senator Dennis Bradley who assert it comes at the expense of Connecticut’s largest city.

Incumbent Bradley is seeking reelection and Newton is also pondering a run for his former seat.

From Newton’s Facebook page:

I’ve ask The Mayor and Our Town Chairman to consider Boycotting the Democratic State Convention after the Connecticut Legislature vote on the Budget last night. Bridgeport received 37 million dollars while Newhaven received 85 million and Hartford received 117 million as co-chair of the Budget committee we are going to have to make some tuff decisions. I just don’t understand how the State has a Billion dollar Surplus and the Largest City in the State gets treated as an orphan!

Good morning beautiful people I understand that some people are upset with me. Good, as Co-chair of our budget committee it is my job to fight for Bridgeport. Yes I call for a boycott to our Democratic State convention this weekend because I felt the State didn’t keep it commitment to our city on funding we didn’t get which cause a 5 million dollar hole in our budget. I want to thank our Bridgeport delegation for fighting to make this happen, as a former State senator and state Representative I’ve learned that Pressure busts pipes. I will continue fighting if I feel Bridgeport is not being treated with the respect we deserve!

From CT Mirror:

But not all Democrats were pleased with the budget.

Sen. Dennis Bradley of Bridgeport, the lone Democrat to vote against the budget, chastised Lamont, a Greenwich businessman and fiscal moderate, for not proposing more to help Connecticut’s poor urban centers.

“I really take issue with what our leadership has done in terms of our Executive Branch,” said Bradley, who questioned whether Lamont has a plan to ensure “that blue-collar folks have a shot at the American Dream–and not by giving a handout but by giving a hand up. And I don’t hear that in this budget.”

Full story here.

From GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski:

Today, Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, released the following statement in response to passage of budget adjustments for the upcoming fiscal year:

“In just three short years, Governor Lamont has increased annual state government spending by over $2,600 per household! This out-of-control spending is unsustainable and will lead to even higher taxes. After increasing taxes by $1.8 billion in his first year in office, now in an election year, the Governor magically claims to be a tax cutter. This type of pandering is precisely what gives politicians a bad name.

After spending three years trying to raise our gas taxes, and making no effort to address affordability, Governor Lamont should level with residents and admit that they are struggling with rising gas prices, outrageous utility bills and the highest inflation in forty years.

The Governor’s budget is riddled with election-year pandering and will do little to make life easier for residents. Next year, my budget will be rooted in honesty, integrity and will provide long-term reform to make it easier for everyone in Connecticut to get by. This is what Connecticut residents are demanding and what Connecticut residents deserve.”



  1. Suddenly…..not enough money to funds the City budget as presented initially……perhaps because of errors, assumptions, and/or last minute adjustments in the municipal budget in process or the State budget that went to bed last night?
    What was Ganim2’s priority this year (or in recent years for that matter) and does it get funded? What about community or parent priority? Safety for all? Quality education using adequate resources with priority goals of Super Test (ani) and Board of Education? Who dares speak the amount necessary in the same breath as annual goals supported by public targeted data?
    Perhaps an assist to the City Council with a developing plan for talented staff shaping plans and results that get communicated on line with the availability and frequency of other internet systems may draw public to the real need for hearing your voice in the public square, at civic and governmental meetings, and at the polling booth regularly, not just for a U S Presidency. Keep you eyes on the potential for public service to become genuine in Bridgeport. Time will tell.


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