The Troll’s Final Council Meeting

Leave it to mischievous Bob “Troll” Walsh to send one final message to the City Council at its regularly scheduled final meeting Monday night before the term of the legislative body expires at the end of the month. For 16 years Walsh, who did not seek reelection this year, served as the designated legislative curmudgeon, questioning the veracity of mayors and council peers on a whole host of city issues. The Troll did not attend Monday’s council meeting. He did not want to be there for a possible celebratory sendoff by council members. To Troll’s way of thinking a testimonial by the council for his years of service would be thoroughly disingenuous. That’s the Troll, crusty to the very end.



  1. I have always preferred characters to bores … Bob Walsh is certainly a character … It would be just like Bridgeport to not appreciate the service he has done in being the constant adversary. I remember when, at one council meeting, he brought up the fact 4 out of 5 of the police commissioners at the time had expired commissions. The whole council brushed it off and kept on going. You just sit in the theater of the weekly council meeting and watch and wonder … Doesn’t it matter those charged with overseeing our law enforcement should be themselves legally serving? And just like a child who gets used to being beaten, your gut says, “I guess not.”

    It may be a Walsh-type tribute and an example of the sadness in the Bridgeport political IQ that no one even posts a comment on this topic.

    Bob Walsh is Charlie Coviello on steroids … and that’s not to take away … oh well.

    Rage against the dying of … oh well.

  2. Too bad Bob Walsh decided not to run for another term. The City Council needs someone to be its conscience … to hold their collective feet to the fire, so to speak. Now there’s no one.

  3. Bob Walsh will be missed as the one Councilman who was not beholden to the machine. I hope a few Republicans get elected today (possibly in Black Rock) because someone needs to hold these people accountable. Good luck to you, Bob. Perhaps we’ll see you on the BOE!

  4. A true Democrat, not one of the flies and leeches who have made Bridgeport the wreck it is today.
    Thanks Bob for all your good work and thanks for irritating all those who opposed sensibility in the good ol’ boy City Council.

  5. Bob Walsh served 16 years and accomplished nothing. Sure he questioned everything regardless of the issue. Sure he made a lot of noise when there was a show to put on and the press was there. But when it came time for the hard behind-the-scenes work, dealing with his fellow councilmen, or calling even public works about a pothole, he wasn’t there for his district or his city.

    It’s easy to always vote NO. It’s a lot harder to do the work. Bob Walsh always took the easy way out. They have enough “NO” votes on the BOE, there are three already. They need someone to do the work.

    1. And then there are the people who always voted “Yes” and never questioned anything or when a really tough vote was needed they didn’t show up. Merrilly-we-go-along-to-get-along. They never did their research and were spoonfed stuff by Mark Anastasi and others.

    2. You are on the money, he accomplished nothing other than creating chaos and a consistent aura of predictable negativity. Down on this, against that, why this, over and over and so counterproductive. Exactly what do his constituents have to show for all this spewing of fire and brimstone, not a damn thing.

  6. ReallyFrustratedBptDemocrat, you said, “Bob Walsh served 16 years and accomplished nothing.” Perhaps you can tell us what Bridgeport elected official did hard behind the scenes work, dealing with his fellow councilmen, or calling even public works about a pothole?

  7. Here are my comments from last evening, five minutes to the City Council, copies for all, as well as stenographer. More than one person is required to learn, understand, and then place in front of (confront) those currently with the power. If you are fed up, sign up for the upcoming Budget Oversight Bridgeport classes on Bridgeport Finance 101 at local libraries. We won’t need to wait for the next election for the fiscal storm to gather and people begin waking up in my opinion. Time will tell.

    City Council 11-7-11 Public Comments

    This evening the Council meets for the last time as a constituted body based on the election two years ago. Tomorrow is Election Day and the voters have a responsibility to choose informed, responsible and energetic representatives for their interests. Some who are registered will exercise that responsibility. Unfortunately many will not. That is why your work in this chamber is critical to the City’s health. It is why the governance procedures of the City Charter and ordinances must be followed or changed. They must not be disregarded as is in evidence once again.

    At the latest meeting your Ordinance Committee listened to a representative from the City Attorney’s office outline a recommendation to responsibly and legally deal with the abandonment of streets through creation of a new committee. We learned that the City Charter (following important State guidance) already authorizes a Board or Commission to perform such duty. What is the problem with following our Charter? Why is the Ordinance Committee wrestling with an unnecessary proposal from this administration? Why have the last 4-5 administrations not appointed a 22’d City Board to do the public’s official business and keep the City from unwanted and unnecessary liability? That answer was not readily available at the meeting. Maybe this should be assigned to the newly appointed Ordinance group?

    While reading what the Charter and Ordinances say, I encountered language about certain duties of the City internal audit staff created by the Ordinance Committee of the Council. Eight to ten years ago the Council approved a proposal to make public an annual report from the Public Purchasing Department as well as an audit of their business every three years. I discovered two problems: no report was developed, initially because of IT system limitations with the former Advantage program and more recently because no one followed up on this, as an internal audit staff would. But that is the second problem. There appears to be no formal internal audit staff to assist with internal financial controls currently and there probably has been none for five years or more. However, the administration continues to indicate in budget documents that you review each year that there is an internal audit staff. Here are two more issues to be considered and settled by Ordinance and Budget and Administration groups. Will you consider this as unfinished business, too?

    I understand that several Council members have made plans to attend a Conference in Arizona, this week, to study subjects of municipal governance. The City regulations indicate that these expenses may be paid from the $9,000 annual stipends from taxpayer provided funds. As responsible legislators will you consider submitting a report about the formal meetings you attend and the relevance of that to our governance situation in Bridgeport? It is unfortunate that this is not a requirement at this time, but it is not. However, if some of you will have travel, hotel, meal, registration and other miscellaneous expenses reimbursed by Bridgeport taxpayers, might you understand that a written report on topics of importance to Bridgeport is a reasonable and fair request from the voter-taxpayer?

    Finally, because of my interest in the way in which governance and specifically financial issues play out in Bridgeport, I receive numerous questions from residents and business persons. I can answer many of these questions just as you do for your constituents. In other cases I direct people to resources where their answers may be found. Finally there are areas where I have no access and no ready answer and therefore ask responsible others to ascertain the truth and make a public report.

    Within the past two weeks one person told me that Bridgeport tax anticipation notes have been repaid using funds raised from City bonding. I know that the City has multiple accounts in addition to the Operating budget that you approve each spring. However, I have no idea whether the statement is true, or if it is, whether it would be troubling. For instance, one person I spoke with told me that a bond document usually assures the bond purchasers that their money will be held separately and solely for the purpose disclosed in the bond document. Your group receives such slight City balance sheet information each year that if this is for real, even you may not know. Will you please do your diligence and provide a reply on this important matter?

    Best wishes at the polls. Thank you also to those of you who are not running for re-election. Many in the public appreciate your personal sacrifice in standing for open, accountable and transparent governance.

    1. BEACON2, I call ’em as I see them and everything you write is filled with anger. Do you really think people care what you had to say in front of the council that you needed to post it on OIB? Well, people don’t! You just love to see what you write be printed somewhere. And boy can you write and write and write. Or should I say ramble? Again, try taking my advice and write something positive about the Catholic Church and Bridgeport, you’ll feel better. Time will tell.

  8. *** Best of luck to Bob Walsh in his future endeavors, the city council will not realize what a great devil’s advocate they had ’til he’s gone. Looking back at my time on the council, I wish I would have sided more with Bob on certain city council agendas that came our way. Sorry to see him go but at least he’s going on his terms & not the DTC’s terms. *** GOOD LUCK ***


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