The Specimen War, Urine Test Throw Down Pereira Versus Newton–Who’s Drug Clean?

Newton provides results. He comes up negative.

Ya gotta love city politics. Yes, this is definitely an OIB moment. In one corner school board member Maria Pereira, the self-styled piranha of city politics; in the other City Councilman Ernie Newton, the self-proclaimed Moses of his people, who had substance abuse issues decades ago, but says he’s been clean and sober since. Both have accused each other of overindulgence of a foreign substance in one form or another.

We tease on OIB about the medical condition of some posters, but on Monday Pereira issued a drug-test challenge to Newton who responded game on. She even paid for the test.

Newton maroon
Newton’s results come up clean.

Monday afternoon Newton walked into a North End lab testing facility, peed into a sterile container and had his results presto. He came up negative for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, opiates, oxycodone and others, according to the result certificate he provided OIB. See above.

“I’ve been clean 23 years,” said Newton after the results. “I did it to show people how crazy she is … she’s a cuckoo bird. I could sue her for defamation, something she does to everybody. This is a board of education member challenging a black elected official. She wouldn’t have challenged a white person. She’s no different than Donald Trump. I did this to show how crazy she is. I have nothing to prove. I guess the next challenge is I’m not black enough.”

Pereira had her test done on Tuesday. On Friday she produced paperwork showing results negative, as well.

Pereira Harding
Pereira is confident of a thumbs up.

How did this happen? The two political warriors have gone at it for quite some time in edgy comments section barbs over a variety of issues. On Monday Pereira threw down a challenge. Their exchange follows.

You are just all over the place with wild accusations you will never be able to substantiate.

Our BPD officers are carrying around and administering epinephrine???

I’ll tell you what, Ernie. I will gladly pay for both you and I to take a drug test with the understanding the results, whatever they may be, will be released to OIB.

I have absolutely nothing to worry about. Will you agree to take a drug test I pay for on the condition the results are released to OIB?

I will await your answer

Newton response:

Name the TIME and PLACE we Both can take a DRUG T$EST or is that your MEDS talking!

Pereira rejoinder:


Once you agreed, I had to research local drug testing locations, type of tests, costs, payment, protocols and more.

We will be taking our 10 Panel Drug Tests as follows:

AFC Urgent Care
4200 Main Street
No appointment. Walk-in between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
The urination will be observed.

We each need to bring identification and need to sign a release that the results will be emailed to Lennie

My payment information is on file with Erica, Administrative Manager. Just let the employee who checks you in know that the test is being paid for by Maria Pereira and Erica has the information.

I am asking that we take the test by 5:00 PM tomorrow so that it narrows any opportunity to take anything that would hinder the detection of substances in our urine.


Newton response:

New Flash
I sitting at Urgent care I was tested
For A Marijuana Cocaine Amphetamine Methamphetamine Opiates Oxycodone PCP Barbiturates. Benzodiazepines and Methadone.
Final Result Disposition all came back NEGATIVE 👎
Maria I will deal with you Lennie I will take a picture and send it to your phone

Pereira response:


You were supposed to sign a release to have the results emailed directly to Lennie Grimaldi. What do you think you are doing? You weren’t supposed to see the results at all. You could be sending a picture of anything???

You are just unbelievable.

So is city politics.



  1. Wow is all I can say and thank God it is an election season I know who I’m voting for and not voting for. While I do not agree with Newtown majority of the time kudos to him for even taking this which he should not even have to do. Accusing people of stuff they have not done is horrible! Kudos again Ernie.

    1. Donj,

      Are you equally concerned that Ernie Newton has posted over twenty times that I should take my “meds” and that I overdosed on my “meds” as if he would have any knowledge of my medical diagnoses and if I take any “meds?”

      What about his repeated posts that I am “crazy” and ” cuckoo?”

      That is slander, sir.

      If you want to accept slanderous remarks made about you, feel free to do so. I am not going to stand for it

  2. Let be clear.

    Ernie Newton has posted over twenty times in the last two months that I need to take my “meds,” that I “overdosed on my meds and was placed in a psychiatric ward” due to the supposed overdose, yet he is the victim That is slander.

    Ernie Newton is a self proclaimed former drug addict. I have NEVER been a drug addict. In fact, I have never even smoked an entire cigarette in my lifetime.

    Ernie, stop with the “black” this and the “black” that. I am a white woman who called, and paid for, both of us to take a drug test. I am holding myself to the exact same standard

    I am not worried one iota about taking my test In fact, I look forward to it.

    It will settle this once and for all.

  3. In other news, Catholics and Christians , Historians, Architects and all who appreciate arts and culture mourn today for the Notre Dame fire. Thank G-d many parts of the iconic Cathedral are safe as well as Religious objects. Happening during a very Holy week is very very sad. Just a magnificent structure. The entire world is shocked.

    Bridgeporter’s open your eyes, whether the Mayor’s office is taking photo’s or not ( sad if they aren’t). Rhe entire city is in bloom. Daffodils and tulips are blooming in every corner of the city. We are the Park City. People are so busy with their negativity that they are numb to the exciting things happening. No other local city or town has done as amazing a job as The Public Facilities dept. at the direction of the Mayor. Sometimes- Fluff goes a long way to change the perception. Entrances and exits to highways- Park Ave. North Ave and Island Brook. Veterans Park- the entire city! Open your eyes- slow down and smell the flowers.

    Sad reading about Ernie and Maria confrontation on such a personal nature. Very disturbing and not necessary.

    Wishing every a very uplifting week , Happy Passover and Happy Easter. Be kind.

    1. Maria P. I think your diatribe and drug testing with Ernie was downright embarrassing- I did not lecture you. I am shocked and disturbed that Ernie Newton lowered himself to humor you. Everybody is talking about this. Personally, You can all eat each other up with corrosive non productive dialogue.

      Ron Mackey – Write Marilyn Moore a check you cheap bastard and get off your fat ass. Take Donald Day with you. Lets see you perform your magic. I am not working and I do not mix my job and position with anything i contribute to this blog. You can address my job but I will not. My position has nothing to do with my commentary. I put in my 60 hours a week and when I am off , on lunch or break that is my time. Parking Meters? I have no idea what you are talking about.

      1. 60 hours a week? That’s 20 hours overtime. Shit, no wonder why Pete is fighting for his job back. Ron Mackey, honestly, how much did you or are you going to contribute towards your candidate? Did you ever get 20 hours O.T a week?


        1. Mami, they’re my friends also, I agree with you. Ronald and Don are stand-up men who have devoted their geniune concerns and time to Bridgeport for decades. They deserve, and have earned complete respect.

    1. Save it Maria Pires I supported Anthony Musto over Moore and Ron Mackey suffering from obsessive compulsive anal retentive behavior felt I had no right to support anyone other than his candidate. There is very little conversation left on this blog. I actually blame Marilyn Moore for this. She should have told him to shut the fuck up years ago- she didn’t – to bad for the both of them . :-)I no longer loose sleep. If it is not his “unapologetic” black commentary that gave us Donald Trump it is his anti Ganim rant. It sits back like Bob Walsh- They think poor Frank Gyure is going to work to get Moore elected– lololol seriously- I offered him in good will, a beautiful red Moore sweatshirt that I wore for 8 hours in front of Winthrop school. He decided he didn’t want it. I wonder if Ron Mackey stood in front of a school for Marilyn Moore. I’d say no. He probably thinks of himself as a consultantthat delivers the black vote– LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL–That is a joke. Time to live in the present boys.

      Tony Barr and Charles Stallworth , they will get the Black vote that Ganim doesn’t get and it seems that that community loves Joe. Moore- No Moore- not so much..

        1. Drama Queen, you thrive on this. I personally don’t give a ____ Who you support or supported in the past. It’s your prerogative , I agree the city does look beautiful with all the spring flowers in bloom, but it’s not all about the tulips in bloom. It’s about the quality of life in Bridgeport. Let’s reflect on that. Are the residents safe, is it affordable and how educated are our residents.

          Happy Passover/Easter.

          1. the city looks beautiful…are you kidding me…..I lost count of all the mattresses I saw dumbed in parking lots, and when is the city going to finally get tired of these 2 children bickering,fighting acking like fools!!!!!

          2. The vacant lots are PRIVATELY OWNED. My comment was regarding the property maintained by the city.
            Yes, I do agree that some individuals in the city don’t take pride on where they live or on what they own.

            Enjoy your day>

          3. Maria ,why don’t the city have say a monthly bulk pickup? Wouldn’t that help keep the city looking much better and not just the city run properties? How many people in the city have pickup trucks to be able to bring all their junk to the dump? I believe that as of last week ,you can only dump once a day……WHYYYYY………

  4. This is bullshit Lennie. I want them to take a drug test via hair sample. I don’t care what body part the hair comes from, I suggest from the head (no Lennie not that head).

  5. How about we have Ernie&Maria compete in a feats of strength competition?..We can set it up on Mclevy Green. The first part would be who can bench press Joe 10 times, then we can move on to who can carry the most scrap metal the furthest.All proceeds go to charity.Ernie, Maria, you two in?

    1. Harvey, really, compete in a feats of strength competition? That’s the “ole boy” style of physical superiority of men or women is sexist. What if women were physically stronger than men?

  6. Ernie after reading the posts on this subject now you can see why I wrote this comment in an earlier post.

    Donald Day says:
    April 15, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    Ernie and Maria, what the hell are you two doing? What’s up with this one up manship shit that you two are doing? It’s embarrassing to the City, it’s embarrassing to the BBOE, it’s embarrassing to the City Council and it’s members and it’s embarrassing to the residents of Bridgeport to see two of its representatives carry on like damn fools. You both are grown ass adults, but ask yourselves what could I possibly accomplish by continuing to excoriate the other person?

    There is absolutely nothing that you two can say or do to change the hearts and minds of each other, so what is the end game with these shenanigans other than proving to everyone else that you two are damn fools. My hope is that you two look at the person in the mirror and tell that person, I’m better than this.

    1. Don
      You must remember something we live in america. I know i didn’t have to take a drug test. Maria reminds me of Donald Trump when he question Former President Obama’s Birth Rights and even after he proved it. America still didn’t believe him. Sometimes we will always have to prove ourselves. Over and Over again. I have a saying “To thy own self be true!” Don I’m a Man first and i’m not afraid of a challenge. Someone has to stand up against a bully.

      1. Ernie you inject race and God every chance you get.
        A, It’s irrelevant if Obama’s wasn’t born in America his Mother, a white woman, was an American citizen which makes him also an American, gaving him the right to run for president of the United States
        B. God knows if you are telling the truth about being clean you don’t have to prove it to God.

        C. Who are you trying to prove you are telling the truth about being clean? A woman who you called crazy? Here’s challenge for both of you that will prove each of you are clean. It’s all the rage. It’s call the Tide Pod challenge. 🙂

        Day’s on point, embarrassing, yet entertaining. 🙂

        1. Robert
          It’s never about race to you. I already proved I’m Clean its in Black and White. The point is Blacks always have to prove to white america something When others done. weather it Birth Rights Drug Testing being a ex-felon etc. History has proven that.

          1. Please! It’s always about race and God with me when I’m with you. But to your point though, it’s never about race to me because I have no one to point my finger at, not that I do to choose too. Looking at your propensity for your stylish grab. I’ll bet I grow-up more poverished they you have ever experienced. If fact the only time they let me have money was when I was selling drugs. Unfortunately for them I wasn’t the PIRATE OF THAT SHIP. So after I got “CLEAN” I was right back to being imporverished, and that’s the tip I’m sticking in.

            Why I challenge you, not peeing in a cup challenge, is because you fail to see that you are always blaming White America for some of the decision you have made in your life. You boast about being a young council member for the City of Bridgeport who became council president. Who when on to become a Connecticut State Representative and then became a Connecticut State Senator. Yeah “white” American really kept you down. Like former Illinois State Representative, “President of the United States of American” Obama.

            Here’s some history that”s in black and white. The recidivisim rate for drugs addicts can be as high as 70% and re-incarceration is quite high too, pedophilia, forget about it. So please be responsible when preaching for second chances, and where to place them for employment “without them proving themselves”, because at any rate everyone needs employment to make a living or they will be reduced to welfare or criminal activities like selling drugs. Also, I’ll well experienced in knowing drug addicts, and I can tell you most don’t get “clean” without hitting rock bottom, and that floor can be pretty low. JS.


      2. Ernie,

        Why do you always portray yourself as a victim?

        You posted over twenty times that I need to take my “meds,” that I “overdosed ” on my meds which caused me to be placed in a psychiatric ward. You have described me as “crazy” and “cuckoo.” You were clearly trying to portray me in a negative light surrounding my mental health.

        I want to be clear that millions of Americans suffer from mental health issues and live successful and productive lives, therefore I am not judging them. You wouldn’t attack someone for having cancer, therefore you shouldn’t disparage someone for a mental health diagnosis. Both are illnesses.

        It has been well documented that you were addicted to drugs and are a self proclaimed recovered drug addict.

        I proposed a reasonable way of resolving both issues by taking the exact same 10 Panel Test. I even paid for your test so that you would have no excuse not to take it.

        It is your buddy Joe Ganim that Donald Trump is a “good guy.” Joe Ganim attended Donald Trump’s Inaugaration when members of our congressional delegation refused to. It was Joe Ganim that held a gubernatorial fund raiser at Trump Tower.

        I absolutely despise Donald Trump. I am nothing like him because I am known for being well versed on issues and stating factual and accurate information. Trump is a compulsive liar.

        1. Maria
          You know the only reason you ask me to take a drug test is because you believed i was on drugs. I took a drug test to show you and others that people do change. Maria all you do is bring up peoples past. You get joy in showing other peoples mistakes in life.I just wish you could use some of that negative energy by up lifting others that you might not always agree with. Maria i watched you last night and saw all the pain you were in and i began to pray for you. I know i might say somethings on OIB but i have never wished or gone out of my way to hurt them. Maria just because people don’t agree with you on certain issues you should not make then your enemies. Maria No one is perfect in this world not even YOU!

          1. Ernie,

            I am FAR from perfect.

            Please stop referring to your decision to take drugs and solicit bribes as “mistakes.” You made poor “choices” or “decisions”, however you did not make mistakes.

            A honest mistake would be to take a multiple choice test, do your best to answer the questions correctly, and choose some answers mistakenly.

            I was and am in significant back pain, however I gave my word to Mr. Parks that I would attend the City Council Meeting to ensure he was able to address the City Councik regarding Bassick HS on behalf of the Bassick family. My word is very important to me.

            I recommended we BOTH take the drug test to put to bed any further assertions about my “meds” and your “drug use.” If you don’t think I would have done the same for a white person with the same set of circumstances you are sadly mistaken.

            All of our pasts our part of who we are today. It is even more relevant if you are an elected official. You have constantly called me “fire lady, fire bug,” fire this, fire that, yet you have failed to post a single conviction I have for anything related to “fire.”

            Ernie, how can you point to anyone else’s “negative energy?” Would you consider yourself as someone who is a positive and encouraging OIB blogger?

            I am fighting for over 20,400 innocent children who are paying the price for the actions or inactions of adults. There is no population that is more vulnerable than our children. Any adult that makes decisions that hurt our 20,400 students is my enemy.

            And then many of you who vote against funding these 20,400 students education want to take photos at their funerals, hold press conferences when they are injured or murdered, or when students commit crimes against others. The hypocrisy is blatant and flagrant.

          2. Ernie, I’m in agreement with you except for your comment, “I was on drugs. I took a drug test to show you and others that people do change,” Ernie, the only people you owe is God, your family and the voters in the district that you serve, you owe Maria nothing, those of us who know you, who see and talk to you know that you are clean from drugs, all you have done was to empower Maria by doing what you did in taking that drug test. Ernie, there are certain issues that I don’t agree with you but I like you and want nothing but the best for you.

  7. Steve, you work 20 hours a week extra and get paid overtime as a salary City employee then the council needs to an investigation into this because there’s definitely something wrong here.

  8. To be honest people we shouldn’t blame Ernie for this idiotic decision to take a drug test. I’ll bet a white person was behind him saying it’s going to be OK. Because there isn’t a black male living in America who would take a volunteer drug test. Knowing the History of treatment of black males, who knows how that test would have come out, could lose your job over some stupid challenge. 🙂 Ernie you have more faith in White America then every and I mean every black male living in America. Good Job 🙂

  9. Maria
    Thank-you for calling me out. This is why you have no cue. Maria you have hurt yourself the board of education and Our Children. You alone have run many superintendents other board member away but you put no fear in my heart. Maria you asked to to take a Drug test because you though i was on them. My Lawyers are looking into somethings since you like hurting others. Well i can tell you this you have elevated my statics. I gave everyone on the city council a copy of my results. Just wondering why my test was done on the spot and yours had to be sent out. I no way it was sent out. Maria as i’ve said before you are a cancer but your day is coming real soon. Our board of education is suppose to set the example. One thing i do know all the money in the world can’t fix Our Dysfunctional Board of education. So what next that you would have me do since i passed your stupid ass DRUG TEST!

    1. Joel
      They have a picture of my DL with ID SS# Don’t give Maria any Ideas. She may say she need a Birth certificate and pull a Trump move and say i’m not a citizen lol.

  10. Lennie
    Have you heard anything on Maria Drug-Test My results were done the same day I took my Test. Remember she challenged me to a drug test. People that live in Glass Houses should never throw Stones. I know the Answer.


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