The Rev And New Guy–Stallworth Joins Guy Smith For Governor

Charlie Stallworth
Charlie Stallworth at podium for Ganim fundraiser in 2015. Sue Katz photo.

Democratic candidate for governor Guy Smith who is trying to petition his way onto the August primary ballot will name Bridgeport State Rep. Charlie Stallworth as his running mate on Friday. Stallworth is also facing a primary from  Shanté Hanks. Stallworth says he will continue to seek reelection to his State House seat. Smith needs more than 15,000 certified signatures from Democratic electors in Connecticut to make the ballot. Stallworth must do the same, a long, hard slog at this late date, if he cannot secure 15 percent delegate support at the state convention. June 12 is the submission deadline. Stallworth was an early backer of Joe Ganim’s comeback in 2015, but they’ve had a recent on-and-off relationship.

Media alert from Guy Smith

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Guy Smith will announce tomorrow that State Rep., Charlie L. Stallworth (D-126th) of Bridgeport will be his running mate as he continues to successfully collect signatures to petition his way onto the Democratic primary ballot.

Rep. Charlie L. Stallworth is now serving his fourth term as a legislator, is Deputy Majority Leader, Vice-Chair of Banks, and is a member of Higher Education and Employment Advancement and Human Services Committees. Stallworth also serves as Pastor of the East End Baptist Tabernacle Church in Bridgeport, President of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Greater Bridgeport and Vicinity and served as a member of the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Association and a Commissioner on the Bridgeport Board of Police Commissioners.

“My campaign has always been about true Democratic ideals and representing all of the people of this great state–African Americans, Latinos, women, union workers, gun safety advocates, the LGBT community and any and all Progressive Democrats looking for a Governor and lieutenant governor who count the voice of the people as the most important,” said Guy Smith.

WHAT: Guy Smith will announce that State Rep., Charlie L. Stallworth (D-126th) will be his running mate and choice for lieutenant governor.

WHEN: Friday, May 18, 2018 at 11:30 AM

WHERE: Marriott Hartford Downtown – 200 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT
Conference Room 5 (Third Floor)

About Guy Smith:
Democrat Guy Smith, a resident of Greenwich, is running for Governor with a plan to BUILD–GROW–PROTECT Connecticut. The Smith plan will BUILD the infrastructure for Connecticut’s future–GROW our way to financial prosperity–and PROTECT our people from the unconscionable Trump-Republican agenda. Visit to learn about Guy’s vision and plans to build a better Connecticut for us all and stay connected by following @guysmith4ct on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



  1. Stallworth has one of the worst attendance records in the legislature. In six (6) years he has authored less than 12 Bills with not a single one making it to the full body for a vote.

    Andy is 100% correct. Stallworth has not so much as held a community forum in the Thomas Hooker precinct since he was first elected.

    If he makes it on the ballot this will hurt Joe Ganim more than anyone else.

  2. Rev. Stallworth can’t believe that this rich white man from Greenwich has even a small chance to win. He’s obviously pissed at someone and this is his way of saying F U or either getting advice from New Haven? Maria, have you heard that Mayor Ganim or the DTC has endorsed Rev Stallworth in any shape,form or fashion? Hasn’t happened and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

  3. Guy Smith — former Tobacco Industry and Alcohol Industry pitchman and apologist — has 0 political traction, a scant/sketchy political history, and a platform that’s not even skeletal mimicry of the other (all very similar, and lacking in applicable detail) Democrat platforms…

    Charlie is hurting himself (politically, at least) by jumping onto Husker Guy’s Traveling Medicine Show…

    Just one more feature to a cartoon-like, surreal gubernatorial election season in Connecticut…

    It will be interesting to see what ultimately jumps out this Electric Kool Aid gubernatorial mass-gambit in Connecticut this year… It isn’t likely to resemble the mass-scramble cartoon image viewed through the present dust-cloud at this point in time…

    Bizarre show — but at least interesting viewing, if not uplifting, for the fraction of the public paying attention…


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